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The EU2 WATKABAOI to VIP:R Convertor files

These files will make the normal Eu2 to Vicky:Rev convertor work for WATKABAOI to VIP:R. :)

1. First you need to download the normal EU2toVicky:Rev convertor:

2. Then please download this add-on: (Updated link)

3. Now overwrite the old Data folder with this one. :) And then it should work.

(4.) If you want your VIP:R events to work then when you're done converting then remove this string in the bottom of the file:

include = "db\events.txt"

and add these two instead:

include = "scenarios/VIPscen/events/events.txt"
include = "scenarios/VIPscen/events/events_flavor.txt"

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Dec 4, 2005
Yeah bump, really want this converter :O


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Hey guys. I repaired an old HD suffering of Seagate BSY error and I found out the whole pack inside;

Uploaded eu2 to Revs, ck to watkabaoi, eu2watktovicky and, eu2 watkabaoi.

Do not forget to use the later 2 you need to wrap in a folder the normal converter and overwrite the couple .txt files there.

Enjoy, I suffered looking for this everywhere without finding it :)