Mar 7, 2008
Ack please help..

So, I bought Europa Universalis, having remembered it through the fug of years, for 1 euro from gamer's gate..

Alas, I have little luck getting it to function.

Admittedly it will work with the sound disabled, but, with no sound and with a flickering screen. It also crashes every time on start up, and I have to exit to windows, close a window about a missing string, and then jump back in some time later...

I tried using dosbox, but I am completely confuzzled by it..
It doesn't recognise folders with spaces in the names, and when I move the files to a folder with a shortened name it claims the europa.exe cannot be run from within dos..

Could you give a short runthrough on how to start the game from within it?
Or is there, perhaps, another emulator you know of that may prove more functional?

If I don't sort this out then I guess I'll just have to wait until I have funds enough for EU2, 3 or R, or HoI1 or 2... But, *looks at empty wallet and sighs* that may not be for some time :(

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Screen flicker is often caused by other programs running in the background, especially such that like to throw up small informational windows or otherwise play even outside their own window/allotted area.

I haven't used Doxbox for a while, but unless someone else walks past in here to help I guess I might have to find the time to try it out..