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As a (very) latecommer I though I should get this link in here at the beginning anyway =).
It's the link to My and Jeremy McGuinn's joint linkspage, which has (almost) every link regarding EU since, um, basicly my site opened 6-months ago.

Direct link is

and a low(er) bandwith version for modem users:

Europa Universalis

General Info
--> Info on leaders, tech trees and host to the Leader Editor
--> Additional graphics, a must check-out !!!
--> Excellent site containing the KICKASS leader generator (lots of links to others)
--> The famous site of Huszics. Great FAQ
--> The famous site of General Suvorov. Great scenario editing FAQ
and possibility to upload pics
--> Great FAQ, also check out his Holland AAR on main page
--> Can we say IGC??? :D (Roma Universalis Project)
--> Excellent mod, some flaws, but very enjoyable
New EU spy link.
--> Three great AAR's, check out the Thuringen one
--> Hochmeister Chamber. Check the excellent starting stats page
--> The Benzo MP players list
--> You better get that Polish dictionary at hand :D
--> Great site, knowledge of German is advised
--> Nice site, well structured
--> One of the better info sites
--> In Spanish
--> Home of the autosave tool Country Economy.jpg
--> A nice & informative diagram on how economy is done in EU
--> Download link of the Later Roman Empire scenario
--> EU board smilies by Licou
--> New Swedish/English Fan Site by Swedenboy & Co. :)
--> Birger Jarl's site, full with shields and other flag stuff.


Prussian Grand Duchy AAR RPG
--> Council of Prussia

All pictures used are property of their legitimate owners, be it Paradox Entertainment or any other company

IRC Chat Room

A call for your attention - Creation of a IRC community

If you do not know what IRC is, it's a chat client. You can download mIRC at or It's not a very big program, and it demands hardly any memory. When you have downloaded and installed, add this server: Call it whatever you want, I just call it Barry. Then fill out the information about your name (you don't have to write autenthic stuff, mine just has an URL in it) E-mail and nickname. The nickname is the name which you will be seen as when you connect. Now press connect. When connected, write /join #europauniversalis . Then you should be connected. For now there are not many people in the room, so please do not give the room up, because there are not many people in it.
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