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Lars, you never watch Star Trek?

Betazoids are an empathic bunch that are allied with the Federation... Councellor Deanna Troy is half betazoid in "The Next Generation".
ROFLOLUIADOS = "Rolled on floor laughed out loud until I almost died of starvation."
Originally posted by PatMaster
What does "RPM" means? I am thinking of buying a new harddrive and it sayes it got 7200 RPM. My guess is that it's "SomethingbeginningwithanR Per Minute"
RPM means Revolutions per minute... "Varv per minut" would be a Swedish translation. (See you speak Swedish).
Although it's been awhile, doesn't i.e. stand for iam est (not id est) and doesn't e.g. stand for examplia gratia (not exampli gratiae, meaning a pleasing example or for the sake of an example)?

Like I said, it's been a bit since I played with the Old Tongue ...

While I'm debating Latin abbreviations (would they be acronyms if we wrote IE instead of i.e.?), what is the use in abbreviating et alia with et al.? By my count, that saves exactly 1 (one) character. Hardly seems worth it.

Originally posted by Lucidor

RPM means Revolutions per minute... "Varv per minut" would be a Swedish translation. (See you speak Swedish).

Ops... I thought it means "Rapid Permanent Megbytes" so you never run out of disk space... Guess that explains why Seagate never answered my complaints after installing EU......:confused:
I hope noneone have post this yet
TO= Teutonic Order

one i just learned: pidoma
pulled it directly out of my...

btw, ijptpmr

driftwood, wrong about id est, half-right about exampli gratia
(no one uses a dictionary anymore? i must be getting old...)


p.s. i shouldn't have brought this up, but let's leave out the politics. just for sag (sh*ts and giggles) i asked my cousin about the tensions in greece the last time i was there. he asked me wtf i was talking about. the situation isn't wwltbh (what we're led to believe here). true, sometimes governments do things that we regret, we can't use a government to act as a stereotype for the people living there. twjbw (that would just be wrong). besides, wipjubocss (what if people judged us based on clinton's sex scandal)?
Originally posted by Achinz
It seems I was the only one not knowing what CRT means until I read DeathMaur's FAQ:

CRT=Combat Resolution Table
No you weren't the only 1. The only abbreviation 4 CRT's I knew was CRT=Cathode Ray Tube.:p
OE : Ottoman empire
TO : Teutonic order
TE : Timurid empire

Anything describing something that seems to grow gigantically somewhere in central Europa without suffering any BB war, religious tolerance revolts, and also claim to have a military access without any treaty throughout Germany: AUSTRIA