EU 3 colonise/base tax issue

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Sep 11, 2011
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When I want to colonise it says area is to remote and inhospitable to be permanently settled. I found out it says that because the base tax for that region is 0. So I changed it to more then 0 in the history/provinces folder (apparently you have to change the game folders to play it at all). For some regions though, during the gameplay, the AI changes/decides to alter the base tax to 0 again. I can see it happened in the save game. Where you can find the specific region in that txt file, it gives a date and the alteration "base_tax=0, as if it a province decision.
Can somebody tell me where I can find the decision so I can delete it. I have no clue where to look. And it annoys me to change the save game file everytime I want to colonise.