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So I started to play this game, and I'm asking for for advice from more experienced players. I already used to Ai spamming new units when at war (even EU3 did it), but I'm not familiar with army composition I should use (inf/cav ratio, +art in late game), and how big stacks I should have, because so far more units die on atrittion than in combat in my armies. I didn't notice something like supply limit in game. And finally, third question. After some playing I noticed, than armies don't reinforce. Does it need more time, or have I to build new regiments?
Thanks for the advice, if someone will read this, because I'm aware that the game is very old and not many people are probably watching this forum :D


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Nov 4, 2009
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Hey there. I am by no means an expert, but I actually just completed a grand campaign of EU1 yesterday so I think I can offer a little bit of insight on your questions.

In terms of composition, you can see from the Land tech screen that shock is much more effective than fire in the early game. I began using 66% cavalry composition and saw success with that. As land tech increases, so does the value of fire. Gradually increase your amount of infantry per stack as tech increases.

There is a supply limit in game. If you click a unit while in a province, you'll see a little skull denoting the attrition status. If you mouseover that, the supply limit will be listed in the tooltip. I used this to gauge how big my stacks should be at any given time, as the amount of supply seems to increase as the game goes on.

As far as I can tell, armies don't reinforce. I'll doublecheck in my manual later, but I spent most of the game disbanding and rebuilding units.

Hope this helps.