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Jun 6, 2019
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Two Vanguard operatives investigating a known tomb world of Piz'za to confirm the rumors of es'teq's return to power. (Team 1)

Two Syndicates who learned of immortality at expense of lesser beings aka, everyone else that is beneath them. (Team 2)

Two Dvars who wants to strip mine Piz'za for all of its minerals for market share. (Team 3)

Six people who willingly take up the cause of heritors to bring Es'teq back to power in exchange for immorality. (Team 4)

Me and Adam lands, I suddenly find traces of emergency signal being sent. I boost it and attract the reapers to the location.

The reapers did their grim but necessary work of eliminating the parasites from the galaxy. The questline is over already and I gain a culler unit + helmet accessory the end. Well that was boring. It doesn't allow me to start recruiting all of the reapers' units to start using them to eliminate the heritors with. I am so very disappointed as usual. ;_; Back to the killing everyone else! Not you Adam, you're in my team you're ok.

Exploration is slow, for it is a frozen world with tons of mountains. Clearly we landed in a really high place, seems like the es'teq liked their lofty heights.

A lot of angry roaming marauders, they're very angry because they're stuck on a terrible icy tomb and they want to go to a tropical paradise with alot of beaches instead. They attack me trying to steal my spaceship. The monsters. I need it so i can head off to the tropical paradise instead of them! After I'm done with my work on Piz'za of course.

After exploring and investigating plus interrogating the beaten up marauders until they confess to what they know.

I learn of whole bunch of factions taking up the mantle of heritors and using the technology of es'teq to steal of other people's lives and use it for their own selfish gain. And the rumors of syndicate who wants the technology of es'teq to themselves.

There is a massive icy river of doom between two frozen mountain ranges. I shall name it Icy Doom River.

We sight the syndicates from across the Icy Doom River. The syndicates see us Vanguards too. The Syndicates, angry that we are here.. open fire! Tell us that we aren't welcome and should go back to where we came from.

Here, Me and Adam have a small disagreement about what to send over the Icy Doom River. He wants to attack immediately with his T1 horde. I want to wait til I had at least five Laser tanks with a single engineer for support at minimum.

Icy Doom River crossed, three of Adam's Vanguard cities aka bases has been established.
Syndicate's response is to throw everything they had. Adam gets kicked off the beachhead. They brought T3s to support. It was inevitable!

Laser tanks now built and prepped. They move in concert with my landing forces + Supporting Hero + Troopers + Therian and Forgotten Allies.

I seize one of formerly Adam's forward cities and use it as launching pad. Adam chose its location pretty well.

I heard news of two Heritor worshippers getting eliminated all of suddenly!

They was Zosime the Wondrous and Ergaster the Houseless well, that's what the marauders tell me anyways. And I meet the heritors, they have also sent forces to fight the syndicates and in the process, discovering me and Adam. Clearly this means there is some other people on the planet fighting them too but I wonder who they are....

Across frozen wastelands and blasted volcanoes, Polina and Angela sent their land forces to attack me from the side while Adam reclaimed his lost forward cities by bringing the laser tanks this time around. Seems like Adam learned how foolish it was to send a T1 horde without support. The t1 horde got shredded by the wraiths who was properly backed up by t1/t2s of syndicates.

Between me and Adam pressing onto the syndicate and Polina/Angela pressing from west, the poor syndicate Rebas was caught in the middle of it all, his capital city taken. His greed got him killed. He couldn't fight off four factions pressing on at once.

All those battles resulted in Fungal Spores exploding and turning parts of land very very warm enough to establish excellent lvl 5 farms but that is only if their fungal spores hazard is dealt with first so that's for the future and should solve the food shortage in a excellent way.

Then Polina and Angela of the heritors called off the bulk of their forces to deal with other unknown party. Leaving behind only residual forces to prevent me from rolling over them easily and engaging me in skirmish battles. Most of my forces is busy securing Reba's cities and skirmishing with Polina/Angela while keeping a eye on Adam who is struggling because Marklov of the syndicate is very well developed somehow.

He's fielding alot of good well built wraith tanks and with occasional t4 here and there.

One of the skirmishes.

I made a foolish mistake, seeing a opportunity to pounce on Marklov because Marklov killed a portion of Adam's armies and then destroyed it and took the city only to find myself facing Marklov's reinforcements. I went, well, I shouldn't have done that.... This is what happens when you send in t1/t2 without proper support/firepower XD

The tragic results.


At least marklov paid for his win. He lost a valuable wraith tank that was fully modded + good t2 support units plus a indentured that I took with me to the grave before I got wiped out in entirety.

My bad decision was influenced by getting energy drain chained on me back to back every single turn without stopping for like 20+ turns. A eternity. My invasion force was slowly shrinking from attrition without being able to build new units. I believe next group of pictures will explain it well enough.

lulz 1.png
lulz 2.png

If you are curious, the picture is from movie named Airplane! Its very good funny movie, however if you are a fragile snowflake or a sjw of some kind, you are forbidden from watching the movie until you are a mature adult.

I was so hungry for action, I got my three of my stacks killed because of the nonstop energy drain. >_>

Then next turn, the energy drain stopped happening every single turn and I now had like over 800 cosmite and some energy for once. What happens when you have alot of cosmite? Expensive powerful units get built. Like 70 cosmite laser tanks. And T4 units. Gotta keep those energy reserves empty somehow!!!

To illustrate how powerful Energy Drain Operation is, It drains about 1200-1400 energy per drain from a player if you have less than that amount, you lose all your energy. Its only a nuisance when its lategame with alot of energy sectors built. That's why its very crippling earlygame. On top of AIs having Infinite influence cheat I heard XD Thus AI don't feel bad about spamming it every turn. Only saving grace is that Operation points is limited and only can be increased through research (finite) and relay bases (as much as map can support and you can hold).

The moment the nonstop energy drain ended, I was able to start building new laser tanks and t4s, it doesn't matter which city builds them as long as they are built!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need them on field! Forget the wellbuilt bonus! The gun must be present on field!

While I was building my counterattack force, I sensed that heritors got put under pressure from unknown party which redirected their operations efforts towards them instead of me. This permitted me to send all my newly built laser tanks, drone carrier and troopers to retake my city from marlkov.

The situation as it stands.

Four heritors fighting against the unknown party + me and adam.

The syndicate on its ropes fighting against the heritors and me/adam.

Polina of Heritors became hated by the Therians because I eliminated their quest stacks causing their standings to fall from grace with therians. I lost some units but it brought another party into the war to my advantage, the therians started to eliminate Polina's sectors and setting him/her back. Can't tell which gender it is. I can't use goku's check technique because of all the armor in the way. :(


The war isn't over yet.
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10 Badges
Jun 6, 2019
  • Warlock: Master of the Arcane
  • Age of Wonders III
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe edition
  • Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations
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  • Europa Universalis III: Chronicles
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You've heard of Reconnaissance in force? Well, allow me show you Colonization in force!

Yes, those are unmodded werewolves and a colonizer going up against the reapers whom claims of existence has been dismissed by the senate hundreds of years ago. On top of that, there is two hazards as well, nuclear fallout and fungal spores. :p The werewolf that perished in the attack was already at less than 50% health and he died from poisoning.

With a mighty roar, after opening with a mass driver shot that removed one sniper from field and then the rest of the reapers saw the colonizer accompanying the werewolves' charge and firing at the rest of reapers. Their logic network seized and had fatal error from being unable to compute why they're being shot at by people they are supposed to reap and raid.

tl;dr version, they got charged and wrecked. Colonizer also charged and capped a couple of robots. Reaper sniper paired up together and set up sniping position only to get staggered by operation. Bad mistake. xD

Shortly afterwards. I start to skirmish more with Angela and took a city she defended lightly then decided to advance further and take avamill only to find out it was a bad idea, Angela started to move alot of troops onto my border because I started to attack her lots.

I beat a hasty retreat like a filthy coward i am.

I decide to keep my troops against western forces of polina and angela in position and continue to reinforce them. Then understood that for me to make good progress against the vile parasites of heritors I have to remove the offending syndicate in the south.

I mobilize everything I had and moved towards Marklov and got practically annihilated. Wait. That's not how its supposed to work like that. I only had less than one stack left. :p


I had six stacks. Three of them crossed the mountains and took the sector from his capital. And other two took a city and its defenders in it removed by force and then moved to reinforce the three stacks and my sixth stack was trailing behind the three stacks. The city is hidden by battle results screen. Whoops.

How did I get annihilated? Well. I got hit by mass insanity for the first time. I was confused. Never saw it before. Until now.

It happened in that 3 stack vs 4 stack battle a respectable showing despite losing control of more than half of my army for a turn.

And the surviving syndicate stacks went and attacked my two stacks and killed it. I lost despite having five laser tanks and a engineer Plus six golems. The golems was unmodded.

At this point, me and marklov has effectively beaten each other to death with Marklov having more units left in field than I did. Then Adam moved in and finished Marklov's remnants off.


I conceded control of the field to Adam. His units is of poor quality but they are alive while mine isn't and that makes a world of difference. But first. Revenge for my stacks must be done, my Hero led stack assaulted his capital and took it but I lost yet other two laser tanks in the process.

This is just not my day at all.


I should mention that there's a supernova going on right now so my units is much more weaker than they normally are. XD

+5 damage from arc in total now I believe on top of +3 psi weakness.

As adam annex the rest of the Marklov's cities, he makes contact with the mysterious party. Discovering one of their cities on a small isthmus at same time, we see Heritors combined allies in the process of subjugating the dvar's city there. Heritor forces won. Now none of the dvar cities is visible to the Vanguards once again.

Back on my hometurf, I resume the colonization process of the rest of the continent I'm on. Werewolves with jetpacks go pew pew pew ahaha
For some reason, this amuses me so much.


Back on Vanguards vs Heritors vs Dvars frontline.

It seems that Dvar has overextended themselves on that isthmus.

Both Polina and Angela is setting up forces to protect themselves from attacks of me and Adam.

Adam started to skirmish with Angela who wants Marklov's ex-cities. Adam won. Angela took two of Marklov's cities, Adam took the rest.

And I advance against mostly Angela with one isolated Polina coastal city taken.

Here's the frontline.


The opening act of syndicates now done. Begun the war has.