Espionage Operation Ideas (16)

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Lazy Name

Second Lieutenant
Apr 26, 2020
Assorted ideas for potential new espionage operations. Since espionage should preferably not lead to dozens of AI empires dogpiling the player, I tried to solve this by locking more powerful operations behind civics and fanatic ethics. Feedback on ways they could be improved is very much appreciated.

Regular Operations
Leak Intelligence
Manipulation, Diplomacy
Spreads Intel on the target empire. The spy empire can choose to leak intelligence only to their federation, or to all empires which have a low opinion of the target. Increases the chosen empires Intel level on the target empire, but cannot increase it higher then what the spy empires already possesses.​

Create Diplomatic Opportunity
Manipulation, Diplomacy
Creates a diplomatic opportunity the spy empire can exploit to affect relations with the target empire. When the operation finishes, the spy empire gains a choice to be helpful or harmful in the situation provided, gaining or losing opinion respectively.​

Insert Asset
Subterfuge, Government
Boosts the effectiveness of one of your Assets, and inserts them into the target empires leader pool depending on their traits. (Technology Assets enter Scientist leader pool, Military Assets enter Admiral leader pool, etc.) Increases their effectiveness further if they are chosen as a leader, and greatly increases their effectiveness if they're elected as ruler.​

Discreet Aid
Manipulation, Diplomacy
Secretly provides aid to the target, without affecting opinion with other empires. Can choose between providing research aid (one way Research Agreement), economic aid (one way Commercial pact), or military aid (gives a percentage of your naval capacity). Can only be used if you do not have the corresponding agreements with the target empire (Research Agreements, Commercial Pacts, and Defensive Pacts respectively).​

Ethics/Government-Based Operations
Seed Ideology
Manipulation, Government
Must have a Fanatic Ethic. Creates ethics attraction towards the spy empires fanatic ethic. Effect is significantly greater for pops with low happiness in the target empire.​

Encourage Resistance
Subterfuge, Government
Must have a Fanatic Ethic. Slightly reduces stability on the target world, and significantly increases political power of all pops with the spy empires fanatic ethic. Increases chance of rebellion.​

Abduct Population
Sabotage, Government
Must be Fanatic Authoritarian, Fanatic Xenophobe, or a Barbaric Despoiler. Steals a number of pops from the target world, and moves them to the spy empires worlds. Is more effective when used on worlds with low stability or high crime. Effectiveness is greatly increased if your empire has Nihilistic Acquisition or is a Barbaric Despoiler.​

Enable Freedom
Sabotage, Government
Must be Fanatic Egalitarian, Fanatic Xenophile, or have Free Haven. Pops which have low happiness in the target empire have a chance of fleeing to the spy empires capital world. Pops are more likely to flee if they share ethics with the spy empire. Cannot receive pops from species which would retain better or equal Living Standards in the target empire.​

Convert Followers
Manipulation, Government
Must be Fanatic Spiritualist. Creates the "Converted Populations" modifier on the target world, causing increased Spiritualist ethics attraction. While the modifier is active, Spiritualist pops with low happiness may request to migrate to the spy empire, and if the request is refused grants the spy empire Influence. Replaces the "Seed Ideology" Operation.​
Expunge Infiltrators
Sabotage, Government
Must be Fanatic Xenophobe, Gestalt Consciousness, or Inwards Perfection. Targets the spy networks of other empires, and will always fail if the target empire is not using espionage on the spy empire. Has a chance of either temporally decreasing the target empires Infiltration, or destroying the target empires Assets.​

Manipulate Economy
Subterfuge, Economy
Requires Megacorp Authority. Reduces Trade Value from all worlds in the target empire which the spy empire does not have Branch Offices on. If multiple Megacorps use this operation on a single empire, the lowered Trade Value does not stack.​

Civic-Based Operations
Assassinate Ruler
Provocation, Government
Requires Cutthroat Politics or Ruthless Competition. Lowers the stability of worlds in the target empire, and has a chance of either killing the current ruler or giving the ruler the Maimed trait.​

Organize Crime
Sabotage, Economy
Requires Criminal Heritage. Increases crime on the target empires worlds, and has a random secondary effect. Secondary effects can include setting up a crime-related planetary modifier, stealing a random resource, or gaining increased output from Branch Offices for a period of time.​

Mass Murder
Provocation, Military
Requires Fanatic Purifier. Instantly kills a large number of pops on the target world, creates significant planetary devastation, and grants a large sum of Unity to the spy empire. World gains the "Atmosphere of Fear" modifier, which significantly decreases happiness and stability and creates Xenophobic ethics attraction. Creates "Smoking Rubble" blockers. Operation effectiveness decreases significantly based on the target worlds distance from the spy empires borders.​

Seed Infestation
Provocation, Military

Requires Devouring Swarm. Instantly kills a moderate number of pops on the target world, and spawns a number of Assault Armies. World gains the "Festering Infestation" modifier, which periodically spawns more Assault Armies and greatly increases collateral damage from armies. While the modifier is active, the spy empire gains food for every organic pop killed from the initial operation or from devastation. If the invasion succeeds, produces a few Hive Mind pops on the target world. Operation effectiveness decreases significantly based on the target worlds distance from the spy empires borders.​

Embed Machine Virus
Provocation, Technology
Requires Determined Exterminator. Spawns Robotic Assault Armies on the target world, and transforms a number of mechanical pops into more Robotic Assault Armies. World gains the "Machine Virus" modifier, which increases collateral damage from armies and periodically has a chance of turning mechanical pops on the world into Robotic Assault Armies. If the modifier expires and the world has not been overtaken, remaining Robotic Assault Armies are converted into Gestalt pops and moved to the spy empires worlds. Operation effectiveness decreases significantly based on the target worlds distance from the spy empires borders.​
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