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MSGT Maeder

Aug 9, 2020
Copy of game was bought through GOG.

The first wave hasn't started yet but when it does that rover can't be harmed by my turrets while the rover can destroy half of the colony. I would like to know how I can remove this rover from the dome. And also for this to not happen to anyone again. I have tried and am unable to salvage the dome itself even after the dome was cleared of all in and out dome buildings, pipes, cables, and passages.

Mods installed: ChoGGi's Library (Console), Fix mods with nil notifications, Fix rover in dome*, Passages use empty hexes, silva - agidome, silva - dome kit assets, silva - super computer, rusty_wash, andriod spec uniforms, medical sanatorium, fix missing mod buildings, base walls, silva - mega apartment, game rules: breakthroughs, silva - advanced fuel refinary,
automated tourisim, silva - georeactor, change drone type v0.3, oldest profession on earth, cyberneticist, rc tanker v0.1, silva - panoramic restauramt, silva - modular apartment, silva, medium air & water tanks, silva - large universal depot, silva - geothermal power plant, silva - fueled reactor, silva - fuel refinary spire, silva - forest greenhouse, silva - medium apartments, silva - automated extractors, silva - arcology skyline one, silva - essential files, silva - passage hub, expanded cheat menu test**.

* doesn't work because the esocorp rover is never idle.
** disabled.