Enlightened Primitives Should Name Their Homeworlds

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Dec 25, 2009
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Presently, if you enlighten a species, it has a generic homeworld name like Sol III or Trappist IV.

I suggest that if you enlighten a species, it generates a new homeworld name from that species' namelist. For example, if you enlighten reptilian primitives on Trappist IV, they would change the planet name from Trappist IV to something from their namelist.

Exceptions include if the planet already has a unique name (such as the Ketling planets) and an exception for Sol III, which should be renamed to Earth if owned by enlightened humans.

Bonus Suggestion: Primitives should reroll every planet/moon name in their home system upon enlightenment. For example, if humans are enlightened, they'd not only change Sol III to Earth but they'd also change Sol II to Venus, Sol IV to Mars, etc.
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primitive homeworlds once had proper names. i'm not sure why that stopped
Looks like they changed it recently.

IIRC, the way it used to work was that Industrial Age primitives and beyond would name their homeworlds whereas the earlier stage primitives would have generic names. Not sure why they changed it so that all primitives have generic names, but it'd be nice if they reverted that.
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