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[post=17222946]England EU1 by Range (playing England) year 1492-1792



Entry 1

3 May 1471


Upon Range’s arrival in the tavern, he was met by a longtime friend…Jacomo.



Jacomo knew where the kids were, and he had sort of a plan to rescue them.

“Where are they?” Range asked, his eyes beaming with anger as more questions rapidly fired out. “Are they all right…have they been harmed?”

“They’re as fine as they can be,” replied Jacomo, “…frightened…but, unharmed. “A Yorkist Lord’s son, named David, is holding them with three knights about a mile away from we are.”

“Who gave him the orders?”

“No one,” said Jacomo. “The best I can surmise, he did it for personal gain and recognition.”

“But, how did he know how to get to me?”

“There’s only one way.”

“No, no, it can’t be.”

“Range, it has to be…Someone from your world is in this timeline, and he told him.”

“You said you had a plan…”

“Hold onto your hat, Range.”

The plan hinged on the strength of a man that stood over seven feet tall, and twelve orphans that had no love for either the House of York, or the House of Lancaster.





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I smell a nefarious plot which needs to be defeated. Let's hope this 7 foot tall man can help Range save the day.

It's a terrible thing...a crime...villainous in fact. Rest assured...The Giant and Lonnie will help to save the day...along with their friends.



Entry 2

4 May 1471

Early on the morning of 4 May 1471, some brush is heard to move outside the ruins of a small stone chapel. A squire (knight trainee) sword in hand, carefully moves to investigate. Staring down at the ground, he sees what he believes is a rabbit sneaking back under the brush. As he bends over to get a closer look, a crack is heard as a broken off branch is landed on the back of his neck rendering him unconscious.

A second squire joins David and a sergeant of arms in front of a campfire. David is upset in seeing the squire. “Get back on guard,” he snaps. “I have been told that we’ll have a visitor tonight.”

The squire complies immediately with only giving a slight glare of dissatisfaction. No sooner does the knight turn a corner around a wall, leaving the eyesight of the others he comes head to chest with Tiny. The squire is immediately dispatched without making a sound.

Sitting in a far corner of the ruins, Range’s twins stare at one another showing no concern. It’s as if they know what’s already taking place.

“You don’t really think our father is going to help your cause,” Erin asked David.

“Silence...we have word from the witch.”



Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Lanchester (the witch) appears. She’s dressed in a princess gown. “I’m afraid the young woman is stating the truth. In fact, neither of you will survive the hour.”

An arrow suddenly cut through the night air, striking the sergeant at Arms with David in the heart.

A moment later, Range stepped into the ruins and began to stare down David, his long sword drawn. Seeing the knight on the ground, he looked up into the tree behind the ruins, and said, “Nice shot, Lonnie.”

Lonnie sitting up on a branch in the tree, waved, and smiled.

Turning his attention back to David, he gave warning. “Don’t move.” Then, looking to his Richard and Erin, he told them to join his friends. Tiny had already come to stand in what had been a doorway.

The twins immediately stopped dead in tracks, their eyes held open wide in seeing Tiny.
“Don’t mind me,” said Tiny, smiling broadly. “I’m on your side.”

“You,” said Range, “I should have known.”

“Range, let me explain.”

“Not now,” snapped Range. “As you, David...prepare to die.”

Although David was dressed in armor, down to his gauntlets, he was without a helmet.

He stared at his helmet sitting on a stone, knowing he’d have to fight without it. He then drew his sword, soon beginning to sword fight with Range.

Not fair, you might say, a knight in armor against a regular clothed man. However, Range appeared to be up to the task ahead of him…at least, at first.

They exchanged sword blows, until David took the advantage by pushing Range back. As
Range stumbled back, keeping his feet, David raised his long sword over his head with both hands before leveling it in a down attack which Range blocked with an up blow. However, this move sent Range back even more.

The knight then took further advantage when he hooked Range’s feet, tripping him with the cross of his sword.

With Range, falling to the ground, the knight moved to his left hand from the handle and grabbed the sword blade with it (half-swording the weapon), all the while the gauntlet protecting his hand, as he prepared to guide the sword down into Range.

As Range fell, his sword flew from his hand knocking into and stopping at the base of the stone wall behind him. As for Range, he barely touched the ground before he tucked into and rolled up to a standing position beyond the David’s reach.

Noticing a metal mace lying on the ground beside the fallen Sergeant of Arms, Range grabbed hold of it.

David began to lunge at Range, hoping to skewer him. However, Range continued to knock his attempts away with the mace. Soon, Range was on the attack, and he landed a blow on the center of the David’s breastplate. Again and again, Range continued to hit the same spot in the armor. Although they were mere glancing blows they were crushing the breastplate into the knight’s body...soon causing a slit in the armor.

David then fell to the ground, face first.

Now, Range had the advantage, but he did press it. Instead, he turned to retrieve his sword.

No matter what you have been told, the weight of the armor does necessarily keep the knight from getting off the ground. David gets up and begins to move toward Range with his long sword.

Range, watch out,” Lonnie, cried out.

Range, holding the sword in both hands, turned and thrusts it into the slit in the breastplate that had been made by the mace.

David fell to the ground, never to rise again.

With David laying on the ground, dying, Range turned his attention to Lanchester.

“Range, believe me,” said Lanchester, “I meant no harm to your children. In fact, I protected them.”

“Well, you wouldn’t had to protect them if you hadn’t told them about about my children.”

“Except for one small problem, like you, your children don’t age. They had become outcasts, suspected as being witches. I had to step in to protect them. Naturally, I told them who their father was.”

Which was?”

“That you were a wizard...a descendant of Merlin the magician.”

“That does it…Richard, Erin...we’re leaving!”

“Range, you can’t go...you must save the future king of England”

“History can take care of itself.”

“Then the young Henry Tudor will be murdered by Yorkists.”

“As it’s supposed to be.”

“No, Range...history must not be allowed to remain the same. Henry Tudor must survive to unite England once and for all.”

“I have enough problems with the Regents thank you.”

“This day, 4th March 1471, King Henry VI will lose his crown to Edward IV. Edward of Westminster, the son of Henry VI will die this day in battle. On the 21st of this month Henry VI will be murdered by the York brothers, leaving the young Henry Tudor next in line for the throne.”

“Save me from the English history lesson...”

“So, you know the future of England...there will be no peace, as the Nobles will continue to fight each other until England is torn to pieces...by the forces that fought against the French in the hundred year war, to become a criminal element now terrorizing the countryside...until the nation is torn asunder... Eventually, half belonging to Scotland the other half belonging to France...leaving only the single borough of London free of foreign control.” Lanchester, then stood silent for a moment before asking, “Tell me Range; wouldn’t you like to see what England could become if they are given a proper chance?”

“You do know, the young man that you propose to be the future king of England, has no proper training of becoming a king.”

“That’s where you come in Range.”

“I’m not a nurse-maid...besides I have my own kids to think about. Not to mention that’s a very tall order for anyone to succeed at. He’ll have to put the nobles in their place once
and for all times. Build a standing army...construct a major fleet to fight off Scotland and France, put money into trade...build a strong economy...and, pay off England’s debt, that takes time.”

didn’t say another word. She just grinned.

Range paused as if thinking about what had to be done. Then, he went to say, “Do me a favor Lanchester...take my children to Alina in the future. Tell her, I’ll be home directly when I’m finished here.”

“Then, you’ll do it?”

“I guess it means... I’ll try, against my better judgment...no promises. At the first sign that I see that I’m beating my head against a wall, I’m bailing.” Range then turned away, mumbling to himself, “No sooner you think you’re all through with time-traveling someone comes along and pulls you back in.”

“I’ll send my daughter, Marium.”

“It figures, she'd be your daughter?”
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Which witch should we trust more, Lanchester or Marium?

Exciting little fight. Too bad the squires weren't sufficiently doing their duty to their liege; should have noticed the intruders sooner.

Lanchester...or, Marium...Marium...she likes Range.

As for the squires...maybe they had some wine to keep warm. They certainly didn't trust the water



Entry 3



After listening to Lanchester, Range gathered everyone together. “I want to thank every one of you in helping to free my kids, Erin and Richard. Without your help, I may not have been able to pull it off by myself. In saying that, I have another favor to ask, that’s involves everyone on this island, at least to the south of Scotland.”

Range hemmed and hawed for a moment, before gathering the rights words to say. “I want each and every one of you to think and good hard on one word...that word is nationalism. That’s something France has, Burgundy, and a lot of other European countries have...as for England nationalist doesn’t exist here, nor will it until we unite under one king.”

“But, we already have a king,” Lonnie, so aptly pointed out, before pausing. “Don’t we,” he then asked, as if not sure.

“Yes, we do, but the country is divided,” said Range, “with the Lords and nobles vying for position and filling their pockets on the blood and sweat of the common man.”

“But, that’s the way things have always been,” said Tiny.

“And, it won’t change until your allegiance for England comes first, before the nobles and Lords.”

“That’s pretty much what everyone in the country did,” said Tiny. “Now, look at us...me, and twelve orphans traveling about with nowhere to call our home.”

“There, you’re wrong...we’re still tied to the lords and nobles and not the country.

“That might be true,” said Tiny. “The only connection to the country is the dirt beneath our feet.”

Most everyone laughed.

“That there Tiny is the problem. And, this is where the word nationalism comes into play.

“Nationalism,” said Tiny, marveling at it’s sound, “that’s a big word.

“And, if it’s planted well and allowed to grow,” said Range, before tapping his chest over his heart, deep inside things begin to change. Right now, none of you have a lot to be thankful for. But, one day the nobles and the Lords will take a back seat to the nation, and the king will truly rule fairly for all his people. That’s when Nationalism takes hold...”

Landchester stepped forward to add, “Range is right…it begins with a sacred trust in the government that you grow to identify with, if you will becoming attached to one’s nation, and it’s identity.”

“Well, where’s this king that can change all this?” Asked Lonnie, demanding an answer, and angry over the thought that no hope seemed to exist. That’s what I want to know!”

“He’s right here,” said Lanchester, her arm resting around a young-fourteen year old Henry Tudor as he brings him to the others.”

“What him?’ Lonnie shouted out.

“That’s right,” said Lanchester, “in a few days he will be the rightful heir to throne of England.”

“Well, God save England,” said Lonnie, “is all I have to say, cause no one else will.”

“I’m confused,” said Tiny. “How many kings can there be? Henri IV is being held prisoner in the tower of London, and his son who’s next in line prepares to fight King Edward IV this very day.

“Things are going to get very clear pretty quick. Edward of Westminster, the Prince of Wales, the son of Henry the VI will die in battle this day. Henry VI will be murdered by the York brothers in a few days...leaving this young lad the rightful king of England.”

Lonnie was taking a very close look at the future king.

“If that’s so,” said Tiny, “he’ll be needing some protection.”

Lonnie overhearing Tiny begins to act tough, broadening his chest, throwing back his shoulders. “Do you mean they want to do harm to this kid...well, they’ll have to get through me first,” he said tugging on his pants up high.

“Range…we must hurry to the coast,” said Lanchester.

“Where to sister,” said Range, “…France…no, Brittany.”

“Henry is drawing closer to France…they would turn Henry over to the Yorkist,” she said.

“That’s right,” agreed Range, “We’ll take him to Brittany.” As Elsa moved past, Range added one last thought. “I’ll escort him, his uncle Jasper, and you to Brittany, but as far as I’ll go. Me and the kids are heading home after that.”

Range kept his promise and escorted Henry, and the rest to Brittany. Even Tiny and the twelve orphans tagged along.

Henry would remain in Brittany for fourteen years. However, there were attempts by Edward to have him returned to England. One time, Henry faked being sick so he couldn’t travel. After Edward IV died, all attempts to have him returned ceased.

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Yes, let's plant those pretenders in the ground and grow up some good patriotic support for young Tudor out of the field we plant them in.

That would be a good to plant them in the ground, unless it hurts the good crops. It might be better to hide their bones where no one will be sure to find them.


Entry 4



Henry Tudor (Henry VII)

Fourteen years had come and gone, and Henry was about to return in hopes of claiming the throne of England.



Landchester worried and prayed for victory. She had great cause for fretting the outcome. The history she knew Henry failed, and was executed. Then, suddenly a welcome voice gave her great relief.

“How’s it going Lanchester,” said Range.

“You came back.”

“I always wondered what would happen if Henry Tudor gained the throne.”

“Well, here’s your chance.”

“If he does claim the throne, what happens to Richard III.”

“He would have to die, in order for Henry to take the throne.”

“If I decide to stay I want Marium to stop chasing me.”

“I have already spoken to my daughter…she understands now that she and you can never be…”

“That’s fine…”

“Seeing she’s your sister.”

Range stared, nearly unable to speak, “Mom?”

Range knew that in order for Henry to be successful, he would have to land in Southern Wales and march through his birthplace, gathering forces as he moved. Even when he faced Richard’s forces he would be outnumbered, but if he didn’t take the day before Richard was reinforced his life would come to an end.

“There’s no other way,” Range told Henry. You’ll have to move fast, and strike before Richard has a chance to rally all his loyal nobles against you.”

Richard did land in a remote area named Milford Haven in Southern Wales as Range had suggested, with a small French force. And, on 22 August 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth (Ambien Hill) Henry won his throne.


Battle of Bosworth (Ambien Hill)


Richard III

Richard outnumbered Henry forces more than 2 to 1. However, about a third of Richard’s army belonged to Sir William Stanley, who at the crucial part of the battle turned against him.

Richard died in the midst of the thickest fighting. Truthfully, all Richard had to do was to survive the battle and he would have retained his throne. I will save you the gruesome details of his death. Oh, all right, his helmet was crushed with his head still in it. His naked body was thrown over a horse and showed off for a time, by the new king.


Lord Stanley Crowning King Henry VII at the end of the battle of Bosworth.​

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Hmm, the death scene might be as shocking, if we were to see it, as the news about sisterhood and parenthood appears to be to Range. What would be another interesting twist would be if they were only half siblings and Lanchester was not Range's mother; instead, Lanchester's twin sister is his mother. :eek:hmy: Glad to see the political/military machinations are going well so far, though.
Hmm, the death scene might be as shocking, if we were to see it, as the news about sisterhood and parenthood appears to be to Range. What would be another interesting twist would be if they were only half siblings and Lanchester was not Range's mother; instead, Lanchester's twin sister is his mother. :eek:hmy: Glad to see the political/military machinations are going well so far, though.

Wow...I never thought about a twin sister of Lanchester plot...so, she could be only the mother of Marium. Great...thought. Now, I just to figure who the father of both is.
A good dose of paranoia is always good to help think of these things, and paranoia is also good in fighting Range's enemies, I'm sure. So I'm looking forward to finding out about who dad is, even if my paranoid thoughts about mom end up being delusions.
A good dose of paranoia is always good to help think of these things, and paranoia is also good in fighting Range's enemies, I'm sure. So I'm looking forward to finding out about who dad is, even if my paranoid thoughts about mom end up being delusions.

Even though I never thought of it, you had to know there was a mom of Range. I can't wait to find who dad is, too.

I'm on the road right now. But, when I return I'll start posting at quicker pace.


Entry V



King Henry VII – 1485-1509 AD

King Henry VII was innovative in his outmaneuvering the nobles. He had to be. He didn’t trust them. Too many of them took their time before joining a side (staying neutral almost to the very end) in the War of the Roses.

To make certain that order was maintained in the country (after 85 years of civil war), he married Elizabeth of York to bring two factions, Lancaster and York in line with the Tudors.

To increase royal involvement in civil and criminal cases he established the Court of the Star Chamber.

With England being deeply in debt, he encouraged trade. He also imposed forced loans and grants on the nobility, instead of a revenue tax disbursement from the Parliament.

He also created a sort of cabinet (executive advisory board), called the Committee of the Privy Council.

As for his connection with is people, he was closer to his servants as he seldom ventured out.

There were two threats against his reign…pretenders…one was named Lambert Simmel who posed as the Earl of Warwick. His army was defeated, and he was pardoned to work in the king’s kitchen. The other was a Perkin Warbeck who said he was Richard of York, Edward V’s younger brother (and cellmate in the tower of London). Perkin was captured and executed.

As for the army, England would no longer rely solely on Nobles to supply. England would build a national army.

On the 1st of January 1492, Range had a visitor…Marium.

“Hello, brother dear.”

“Don’t think for one instance I believe you’re my sister.”

“Why, don’t you believe mother?”

“I can’t…unless I hear it from father…who ever he might be.”


“Right at the start, Range knew England had two enemies, France and Scotland.” Even Scotland alone had more troops than England.


With limited funds, England could only offer four additional regiments (Bringing the national army up to 21,000 men). None of which were defending Ireland.


As you see by the storm cloud over Scottish shield, the Scots are not very friendly to England.


France isn’t friendly either. The want something they think belongs to them on their side of the strait (which Range had no intention on trying to hold onto).


“That figures…”
Range probably can bring a sound defense against France but I hope he is also checking Simmel's cooking for poison. Marium and Simmel could team up for some evil purpose.

Well, I'm ready to go to war. As for Marium, I fear, she's a nut case...