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Hello all!
Since I find the game tricks you (in a good way ;) and until the end doesn't tell you that you have just a few moves before the hell breaks loose, I've create a small guide to help you search all the areas in Act 2 and explore all the beautiful landscapes and quest the developers put so much effort into. So follow the steps below and have fun!

Note: every time you have to enter a code I've wrote below you have to press the ` key on the keyboard and then enter

1. Enable Cheats:

2. Which alliance you forged last: (so we can close the quest line accordingly):
  • Burning Library? --> setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_BurningLibrary 4
  • Stone Sea? --> setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_StoneSea 4
  • Blade Grave? --> setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_BladeGrave 4

3. Bring back the number of allied forces joined:
setglobalvalue FQ_RB_FactionsInAlliance 2

4. Set & start the last quest remaining:
Burning Library?

  • setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_BurningLibrary 1
  • setglobalvalue FQ_BD_State 1
  • startquest fq_rb_qst_burninglibrary
Stone Sea (EarthShaker)?
  • setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_SeaStone 1
  • setglobalvalue FQ_ES_State 1
  • startquest fq_rb_qst_stonesea
Stone Sea (StoneStalker)?
  • setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_SeaStone 1
  • setglobalvalue FQ_SS_State 1
  • startquest fq_rb_qst_stonesea
Blade Grave?
  • setglobalvalue FQ_RB_MainQuest_Stage_BladeGrave 1
  • setglobalvalue FQ_UB_State 1
  • startquest 01_qst_duskwatch_main

5. Move the party to the right area:
  • Burning Library? -->areatransition AR_0302_Effigy South1
  • Stone Sea? --> areatransition AR_0502_Halfgate South1
  • Blade Grave? --> areatransition AR_0114_SentinelStand_Intro South1

Enjoy the quest! :)

6. if you want to reset the flag that "you're a cheater", enabling the achievement, follow this simple rules:

  1. save your game
  2. open your save game folder and locate the file
  3. open the save you have just done with 7zip (or similar program)
  4. extract the file called MobileObjects.save
  5. open the MobileObjects.save file with Notepad++ (or similar program)
  6. search fo the string: m_disableAchievements
  7. in the line that follow change the value: value="True" --> value="False"
  8. save the MobileObjects.save file
  9. put it into the save game from where you extracted
  10. save/update the archive (done automatically if using 7zip)
  11. reload the save game