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Dec 6, 2020
HI! What does encyrption and decryption tech do? Also what is attrition and trickleback modifier? Thanks


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Sep 15, 2008
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Encryption and decryption are somewhat useless against AI, but to explain it:

Encryption lets you hide your real number of forces from the enemy and decryption lets you know how many units the enemy has. If you have high decryption (combined with open/closed society sliders and ministers that increase army intelligence) you can hover over an enemy army and it will tell you their numbers. Without high decryption you're left to either guess, use aerial recon or attack it for a bit to wage their strength. Encryption is the opposite, the AI or human will not know what units you have in your army. As mentioned, against the AI its pretty useless as they seem to know how many men you have instantly. Dont worry yourself with it too much, i mostly research it for the added research bonus.

Attrition is a specific percentage of losses that your division will suffer every 24 hours out of its total strength due to different factors: if they are adjacent to an enemy division, poor infrastructure, lack of supplies, overstretched TC are some of them. If you have a division in your capital with 100% infra, well supplied or with offensive supplies, not next to your enemy you will be fine. The effect applies to the enemy as well though; potentially, you can inflict constant losses on your enemy if they are holding a low infra province next to a high infra one (such as german infantry camping next to soviet infantry in the pripyat marshes with low infra). If i recall correctly, marshes used to affect attrition but im almost certain that's not the case anymore.

Trickleback is how many men you get back during battles. If you research trickleback modifiers that means that every total percent of the men lost during a fight will be 'healed' and sent back to your manpower pool. For example, say you have a trickleback modifier of 10% and one german and one soviet division fight each other. German div wins the fight but loses 50 strength. Of that 50 strength lost, 5 strength will be sent back to your manpower pool instantly, to represent units that suffered non fatal casualties and can return to the frontline.
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