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Empire Strikes Back
Long Road to London​

After the British exiles arrived to Canada and Georg V was put up as the new Head of State of Canada the idea and vision of retaking the British Isles back from the syndicalists, has grown stronger.

Though the exiles doesn't have much power in the goverment they are still listened but the prime minister fears that giving too much power to the british would mark the end of Canadas sovreignity. The kings health has been declining and the designated heir, Prince Edward has shown that he is a supporter of the war with the Union of Britain and the rebuilding of the British Empire to it's former glory. Being the leader of the Entente Canada has kept close relations to it's allies and dominions which are scattered around the globe.

Carribbean Federation

The smallest of Entente members controlling the former british holdings in the carribbean.

Fourth French Republic


One of the biggest allies of Canada situated in the deserst of Africa, National France has for long wanted to return to mainland France and defeated the Syndicalists.



Ruling the remaining lands of British India, Delhi has kept a close partnership with Canada and it's goverment is a mix of british and indian ministers, all with their own agendas. Prince Edward has shown his sympathies towards Delhi and is encouragin them to recounguer India.

Australasian Confederation

One of the dominions of Canada, Australasian Confederation is keeping the australasian lands safe but there is tension in the goverment.

What will happen, is king George going to die? What will Prince Edward do with the goverment if he is crowned as the King-Emperor? Will Delhi reconguer the lost Indian lands? Is National France going to defeat the syndicalist and return to Paris? Are nationalist going to take over Australasian Confederation? What about European powers? Will the Syndicalists rise in America? All this will be revealed soon.

Let's hope that there is no Wallis Simpson affaire... :D
this looks interesting..so the british empire is practically nonexistent except in name? lets hope germany doesnt get to the isles first:rofl:
Worried about Quebekers? Is there an event where we actually do something? The games I played didn't had one, except for a complain of Duplessis (ahistorical since he was nothing in 1936 lol)
quebecers aren't a challenge, they're french:D
orry if it's an old joke:(
The king is dead, long live the king! Long live the new king!


In January 19th at 11:55 pm King Georg V passed away. He had for long been plagued by high fever and illiness and now it had taken him away. The goverment and the people of Canada were informed about the kings death on January 20th.


Not soon after his fathers death Prince Edward, the soon to be coronated king-emperor of British empire approached the goverment. Some thought that the prince was there just to meet with the goverment officially but none of them knew that the king would change the goverment so radically by bringing R.B. Bennet and the exiles to the goverment.


In February the king was crowned in the First Anglican Church of Ottawa. The coronation went on peacefully while the people celebrated in cities all over the nation.


Few days after his coronation King Edward electrified the nation with his radio speech. Preaching about the evilness of the syndicalists, the Union of Britain and all of its allies. Promising to liberate the home isles he was able to gain the support of the people but some people in the goverment were not happy.​
With new king comes a new ways of running things


In March 9th news come from Carribbean that Haiti had declared war on Dominican Republic.


The king knew that a new field marshall needed to be appointed but didn't want to make the decision himself even though he had allready a canditate in mind but instead he put preasure on the prime minister to do the honor of picking a new field marshall. Knowing that the king was in favor of Georges Vanier the prime minister Bennet had no choice than to pick him. Bennet thought that the king must have his reason for this choice.


After the putting preasure on the prime minister the king came up with new ideas, as he was eager to start the preparations for the war with Union of Britain and the socialists, he started to demand that Royak Command Staff would be used. Bennet agreed to this.


In April the Haitian-Dominican war came to an end when Dominican Republic annexed Haiti.


In May 2nd the bill known as Bill C-7 was proposed in the House of Lords. This bill would determine the course of actions Canada would take in the next couple of years including vast changes to foreing and domestic policies as well as the armed forces.​
Bill C-7


In May 5th the Goverment decided to follow C.D. Howe's plan on how to build up the Canadian industry to best suit the gearing operations to the war.


Five days later Panama joined the United Provinces.


The Army question rised lots of arguments in the House of Lords and many were against the conscription of every able man in to the army. But the goverment decided to add the conscription in to the Bill C-7.


In Quebec Maurice Duplesisis denouced the conscription plan and vowed to use all tools necessary to prevent this from happening.


The goverment came to an agreement that the domestic security of Canada was more important and that the civil liberties were to be uphold at any cost.​
When the new visions rise the old must die


In May 23th the Bill C-7 was passed in the House of Lords, this marked the begining of new era of democracy in Canada and in the British Empire.


In June 15th the british writer Gilbert K. Charleston died in Ottawa.


In June 1936 the Carribbean Federation asked assistance from Canada to help them with harvesting the large deposits of rare materials found in Jamaica. Realizing that this could greatly benefit Canada too they allowed funding to help the federation.


When Royal Navy received old ships that had been converted into civilian use the House of Lords decided to offer them to Delhi in order to strenghten the naval forces in the Asian seas. Delhi was more than happy to buy the ships.


In September 30th retired general Edmund Allenby died in Ottawa. Wanting to show his desire for revenge King Edward VIII gave him a state funeral where he was present himself.


Even though many had lost their faith on the vision of retaking Britain the king and the House of Lords were still in favor of continuing the arming of the nation towards the day of liberation.​
Of course. Britain's first!