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Dec 11, 2020
Empire of Sin offers an abundance of missions throughout your time in Chicago. Missions add depth to the world and its characters and provide ways for you to accumulate items, weapons, or extra money. With the potential for several mission paths to run simultaneously or progress only when certain circumstances are met, it can be a lot just to keep on top of them all. As the Make It Count DLC brings even more variety to the Mission Journal, things are getting even busier. So, we’re here to shed a little light on what’s going on behind the scenes in large missions and what is required in-game for them to progress. That way, every mission can be followed to its conclusion without you having to worry about neglecting any mission paths, or stories dropping off before they have been fulfilled.

There are many different factors that affect how a story progresses in the game. One simple element is time. It may take NPCs time to gather information for you or you may have to wait for certain dates to elapse before the mission can progress. Depending on the mission, wait times can vary from days, weeks, or months. Currently, we are looking into condensing these wait times in a future update. The information below is likely to change when that update comes out, but for now, this information should help while we work toward those changes! Below is a list of missions that require a passage of time to elapse before they trigger:

Mission NameTime Requirement
Capone - It's All Irish to me1 month after “Hit ’Em Where It Hurts”
Capone - Red Handed1 month after “It’s all Irish to me”
Follow the Money - Dime A Dozen2 weeks after “Loose Threads”
Donovan - A Letter From Home1 month after “The First Step”
Donovan - Lost & Found1 week after “Tommy Gone”
Duarte - Mama’s Here2 weeks after “The Son I Never Had”
Duarte - Blood For Blood2 weeks after “Mama’s Here”
Duarte - The Good Son1 week after “Blood For Blood”
Duarte - Blood Relatives5 days after “The Good Son”
Duarte - Life Goes On7 months after “Breaking even”
Garneau - Gone But Not Forgotten2 weeks after “All That Glitters”
Garneau - Paid In Gold2 weeks after “Gone But Not Forgotten”
Garneau - Closer to Home2 weeks after “Paid In Gold”
Garneau - Blood Is Thicker Than Water2 weeks after “Closer To Home”
Genna - Go With God2 weeks after “All Business”
Genna - Home Again, Home Again1 week after “Go With God”
Genna - My Brother’s Keeper1 month after “Home Again, Home Again”
Genna - Love Hurts3 weeks after “My Brother’s Keeper”
Genna - Dearly Departed1 month after “Love Hurts”
Genna (Part 7B) - Goodbye Gabriel1 month after “Round the World And Home Again”
Genna (Part 7C) - Bon Fortuna 1 week after “Dearly Departed”
Genna (Part 7C) - You Can Go Home1 month after “Bon Fortuna”
Jackson - For Kaiser and Country1 week after “Downhearted Blues”
Loose Threads1 week after “Follow The Money”
Ragen - Same Game, Different Team2 weeks after “Prohibition Agent Number 1”
Ragen - Same Game, Different Team II2 weeks after “Same Game Different Team”
Ragen - The Reports of My Death2 days after “Same Game Different Team II”
Ragen - The Word On The Street2 weeks after “The Reports Of My Death…”
Ragen - Taking the Bait2 weeks after “The Word On The Street”
Ragen - The Cost of Einstein’s Theory2 weeks after “Taking The Bait”
Saltis - Bedlam In The Loop1 week after “Beer Baron”
Saltis - This Must Be the Place1 week after “Bedlam in The Loop”
Saltis - Out On Good Behavior 1 year after “This Must Be The Place”
St Clair - Better To Have Loved And Lost2 weeks after “Queenie Says”

Other factors that determine when a mission triggers are rackets and precincts. As some missions are based around certain environments within your empire, they won’t trigger until you acquire the racket type where the story unfolds. That’s why it can be beneficial to open a wide variety of rackets during your game. Also, as a method of spacing missions out so that they don’t all trigger at once, some mission steps are gated behind the progress of your empire and won’t trigger until you own a certain combination of rackets or Precincts. Here is a list of Boss missions that require rackets to trigger:

Mission NameRacket Requirement
Capone - A Warm ReunionRequires a brothel
Zelnick - Every SuitRequires a casino
Zelnick - Jack Of All TradesRequires a Precinct to border a Minor Faction Precinct

As mission stories progress, conditions for their triggers can rely on a combination of both time and acquiring rackets. Also, as it may be a requirement for the story, mission triggers may be gated by AI factions having rackets or NPCs being in certain places. These missions are stated below:

Mission NameRacket & Time Requirement
Zelnick - Every SuitRequires a casino
1 month after “Aces Wild”
Zelnick - Jack of All TradesRequires your Precinct to touch a Minor Faction Precinct
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 2 - Stolen Syrup1 month after the end of Fair Warning
Thugs have a racket
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 3 - Brew Be Gone1 month after the end of Stolen Syrup
A known faction has a brewery
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 4 - They’re Onto Us1 week after “Brew Be Gone”
You have a racket
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 6 - A Sticky Situation1 week after “Whoa Nellie”
Another faction has a brothel
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 71 Week after “A Sticky Situation”
You have 3 rackets
Thugs have a large racket
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 81 Week after “Jacques Attack”
You have a brewery
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 91 Week after “Hidey Holes”
You have a brewery in the same precinct as your Safehouse
Canadian Maple Association (Alternate) Part 101 day after “Whatcha Gonna Do”
You have a brewery

Missions triggers also take into account how you decide to navigate the storyline. They will only fire if you chose to perform a certain action during a previous mission step. For example, when given the opportunity, did you Shoot or Spare one of the mission NPCs? Some mission paths are gated behind your choices as a player, adding another way to make the city and the game feel all the more receptive to your gameplay. Below is the list of missions that trigger only after certain actions have been performed by you.

WARNING: there are heavy mission spoilers ahead so beware if you have yet to start any of these missions!

Mission NameTime & Action Requirement
Capone Part 6 - The Thing About Darla1 week after “Red Handed”
IF Yale killed Darla
Capone Part 7 - A Warm Reunion Redux1 year later
IF you didn’t kill Yale
Donovan Part 5 - Boys And Their Toys1 week after “Lost & Found”
IF you sold Yale the guns
Donovan Part - Oh Brother1 week after “Lost & Found”
IF you did not sell Yale the guns
Garneau Part 8 - This Is How the Song Ends Reprise2 weeks after “How This Song Ends”
IF you killed Marnie
Zelnick - Joker In The Pack 1 month after “Jack Of All Trades”
You chose “Tell Reuben The Truth”
Zelnick - Suicide King1 month after “Jack Of All Trades”
You chose “Lie To Reuben”
Zelnick - Long Live The King1 month after “Jack Of All Trades” or “Suicide King” (depending on your choice to lie or tell the truth to Reuben)

Hopefully, this information helps you in navigating your way through the Mission Journal and reaching each story’s satisfying end.

Our aim with this post is to provide you with a good reference point for keeping track of where you are on each mission and when you can expect the next mission path to trigger. If there is anything that you think could do with further telegraphing for you and other players, let us know in the comments below. As always, if you encounter a mission path that does not appear to be functioning as it should, let us know in our bug report forums here, and our team can investigate it with you. Now, you better get going, there’s a bunch of missions to get through!

Until next time, keep Sinning!
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