Empire of Sin AMA with Brenda and John Romero on reddit, Thursday July 23rd, 19:00 CEST!

Empire of Sin AMA with Brenda and John Romero on reddit, Thursday July 23rd, 19:00 CEST!

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning

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Keen on knowing more about Empire of Sin? Ever wanted to ask Brenda and John Romero anything? Don your fedora, bust out the giggle juice and join us and Romero Games for a real swell AMA on Reddit!

♠ When: July 23rd, 19:00 CEST
♠ Where: reddit.com/r/iama

We will reply to this thread with a direct link for the AMA once it goes live, so if you don't wanna miss it go live, make sure to watch this thread!
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Aug 25, 2020
Interested in this product. It is exactly what I was looking for , but Unfortunately, it is too late