Emperor voting fails

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gen. Martinelli

Aug 19, 2015
I play Austria and I am an Emperor with Authority = 100. I try to pass 'Call for Reichsreform' reform. It fails every time. What do I have to do to make it go through?


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May 13, 2003
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How are your Relations with the majority of the HRE states? Each and every one of them gets a vote, not just the Electors.

In a couple of campaigns (Burgundy, Austria, Hungary as an "outsider" Emperor, and Brandenburg), I managed to stay on the good side of the member states by repelling foreign invaders, liberating conquered states from their conquerors, and so on. Relations were usually +100 in most, and higher in quite a few, with no more than a handful still resenting the last time I pounded them, plus high levels of trust for honoring treaties and putting down rebels in other countries. Never had a reform fail.