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Nov 6, 2003
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Gaining inspiration (and much pleasant reading) from existant AARs, I've decided to attempt one of my own. I'm playing as Austria in the regular Grand Campaign (downloading the ICG is on my to-do list, but not done yet) Version 1.09. Having said all this, here goes my first attempt at an AAR

I arrive at the Habsburg court in Vienna on a bright January morning. I'm to take up the post of chief advisor/court historian to our illustrious ruler Maximilian I. After meeting the emperor and my fellow ministers, I take a tour of the provinces, counting a total of 8, the most valuable of which is Styria, home of pleasant little gold-mine. I then inspect the army--not frightfully difficult as we only have one, a regiment of 25,000 men and 15,000 horse stationed at the capital. The plan of action we in the ministries draw up calls for our acquistion of a port, a COT, and more general territory. Examining the state cartography office, I discover that no less than 4 Bohemian provinces bear Austrian shields. A trip to the diplomatic office reveals that we hate the Bohemians (-180 relation) and have a permanent CB against them. I decide the conquest of Bohemia shall be my first task, but many improvements must be made before our nation can live up to its glorious potential. The first improvements I order are the creation of a new regiment of 3/2/0 in Carinola and the expansion of the fortress at Styria. I discover we have a royal marriage with our Hungarian neighbors, so I send them a proposal for a military alliance, which they accept. The only war going on in Europe pits Spain against Granada, it seems an uneven match, and by April word reaches us of Granada's annexation by Spain. Barely a week after Granada falls, a new war erupts between Turkey and the Mamluks, and in July Russia launches an attack on their neighbors Kazan. We send out spies to observe the progress of these wars. We expand our knoweledge of our surroundings by exchanging maps with several countries, among them Persia, Sibir, Sweden, and Spain. On August 26, we welcome Moldavia into our alliance with Hungary. We propose an allaince with Venice, but they reject us, they will regret this decision later. The remainder of the year passes quietly.

We get only 73 ducats in taxes in January, I am now more determined than ever to expand our realm. Good new comes on the first of Febuary, the merchant's guilds have discovered techniques of maintaing long distance trade! 3 of them are promptly bundled off to Venice. Febuary was an interesting month, on the 19th a herald arrives from the Saxon court proposing a royal marriage. We accept and make a counter-proposal that Saxony join our alliance, which they happily agree to. The rest of the year is occupied with the training of new troops in Ostmarch and the appointment of a tax collector for Styria. The year's only other interesting event was a report by one of our spies that Poland had taken advantage of Turkey's proccupation with the Mamluks to attack the Turk's Balkan territories. Poland is large state with aggressive intentions--we will be watching them very closely in future.

I have to run now, but will post more later tonight (there'll be a war--I promise). Let me know what you think.
Cool, another new AAR. I'll be watching this one. You're doing quite well :)
An uneventful year, we send more merchants to Venice and exchange maps with Spain, thereby discovering a nation known as the Aztec Empire. We seek a map exchange from the Aztecs, but they decline, telling our diplomat that they hate us like poison. Investments proceed well until October, when the merchant's guild riots, much of our progress is lost while placating the merchants (random event--unhappiness among the merchants). Our cartological knowledge grows in Febuary, when we exchange maps with England, while in England, our diplomat receives a proposal of royal marriage, which we accept. The only remarkable news from ROTW is that Crimea buys peace with Poland for 38D.

Our diplomats have a busy year--we send introductory letters to the kings of Bavaria (relation -52 to -38) and Saxony (+135 to +155). We exchange maps with the Portuguese, giving us some knowledge of the African coast, we must explore it when we acquire a port. Our thirst for explanation is whetted once more in March, when we receive news that a nation called "China" has acquired a monopoly in a place called Tianjin. Poland is successful in their war with Turkey, claiming Budjak in a peace settlement reached in April.

News from the wars--Turkey gets only 39D in peace with the Mamluks (our spies tell us they could have gotten more). Russia is more successful in her struggle with Kazan--she gains Ryazan and Lipetsk in the peace deal. We enter a royal marriage with Spain in Febuary. The best knews comes in October, when the war minister announces that we have discovered how to cast cannons! Bohemia will be a much easier target now--their king Vladislaw must be an idiot--he doesn't seem to see the significance of our massing troops on the border, as we can see no army building on Bohmeia's part.

We continue to expand our armies an improve our infrastructure, soon all of our provinces will have tax collectors and the Ostmarch unit will be a formidable force. The Bohemians still fail to grasp the threat we pose them--some nations are too stupid to survive. In November Poland, backed by her large alliance, declares war upon Courland. Courland must face the Polish alliance alone, and we fear for the good people of Courland.

Our fears were well justified--Poland annexes Courland in July. We send letters to Saxony(+155 to +162) and Hungary(+180 to +182). We hope to vassilize these nations once relations improve some more. Our military expansion continues with an additional 2,000 infantrymen in Ostmarch.

Tax income remains low (76D). The Kaiser tells me to step up plans for the Bohemian invasion. One of our diplomats brings about an improvement of relations with the Papal States (random event--diplomatic move), we attempt to cement this rapproachment with a royal marriage, but the Pope foolishly refuses. A war breaks out between Persia and Iraq, much too far from our borders to interest us. Of greater interest is the war which erupts between Denmark and the Hanseatic League in August. Russia joins her Danish allies, causing me to view Russia as a solid counterweight to the expansive Poles--we propose a royal marriage, but are turned away from the tsar's court.

A major European war breaks out between France and Spain in May, as it involves our neighbor Milan and the voracious Poles, we decide to keep a close eye on this conflagration. As if this weren't enough, Hannover declares war on Spain in June, Brandenburg joins her allies from Hannover. We are one of a small number of European states at peace in this turbulent year. In September, the Northern War ends with the Danish conquest of Holstein, and at the end of the year Lorraine coughs up 94D to gain respite from Spain.

Hearing of a new Turko-Mamluk war, we decide to order a new round of military expansion. Iraq ends its war with Persia in September, getting Azerbaijan and Hamad in the peace agreement. In Milan, the one-province country is about to fall in a seige led by the Papal States. Espying an opportunity, I call a meeting of the highest officers of the government, where I point out that Prince Ferdinanad could lead the Imperial Guard into Milan, take over the seige, and brings us an easy conquest. The Kaiser loves the idea, and Milan receives our declaration of war in July. Milan buys off the Papal States for 250D at the end of the month, allowing a respite for the beleagured garrison, but French armies maintain the siege. When Ferdinand arrives in September, he finds the garrison depleted and demoralized and orders an assault on the fortress, using the French soliders as cannon fodder. The city capitualtes on October 23. On the 24th, Milan's last act as an independent state is to reach a peace deal with France, giving the French 106D. Our diplomat arrives on the 26th, carrying annexation papers with him--our first conquest is complete!:D
A quiet year. We recruit a new regiment to guard Milan, our spies tell us to expect revolt in the province. Naples grabs Romagna and 116D in a peace deal with the Papal States. The Pope's territories now lack a supply line between them and the Pope's power has been greatly lessened.

We salivate over vulnerable Genoa, our new neighbors, a rich province with a COT, it rightfully belongs to the Habsburg Empire. The minister of geogrpahy crushes our happy dreams when he points out that Genoa posseses the island of Corsica, we cannot annex them until we can build a navy! Our thoughts turn to one-province Parma, another new neighbor with a small army and a 10-ship navy just begging to be stolen. Naval enthusiasm must have seeped into other ministries, as news reaches me in May that our navy has been reformed (random event), I wonder what use naval reformation is to a landlocked country, but I make no complaints. A letter of introduction to the King of Hungary raises relations to +200, a proposal of vassilization follows next month, but the Hungarinas refuse!:( The end of the year brings news of peace in the Franco-Spanish War--France scores a crushing victory, grabbing Luxemborg, Franche-Comte and 250D.

Our tax income has increased to 88D:) Our new Milan garrison gets its first taste of action in November, quelling a revolt by the ungrateful peasants. Spain loses Zeeland and 82D to Brandenburg in a peace signed on Jan 16. The Turks take the province of Nuyssaybin from the Mamluks, ending that war. A spate of status quo peace deals among the German states ends the year.

We set a new record with 94D taxes. We decide to speed the upgrading of our nation's economy by sending Tax Collectors to Odeburg and Pressburg. We sign a white peace with Milan's allies, the war was uneventful as we didn't share borders with any of Milan's former allies. Being landlocked has some advantages!
Originally posted by zacharym87
--their king Vladislaw must be an idiot--he doesn't seem to see the significance of our massing troops on the border, as we can see no army building on Bohmeia's part.

Yeah, AI nations usually don't start expanding armies until they're at war with someone else :rolleyes: Not that smart;)...

Espying an opportunity, I call a meeting of the highest officers of the government, where I point out that Prince Ferdinanad could lead the Imperial Guard into Milan, take over the seige, and brings us an easy conquest.

Wow, that's really smart. Great job!

So when are you going to get Bohemia? :D After that, you should invade Venice and get Mantua, then take advantage of the Papal division and take Emilia :)
102D taxes--Yet another record. We spend the money enlarging the Milan garrison. Our spies in Russia brings news of the latest war with Kazan--despite Kazan's buying off Russia's allies, the Russians still get Vorones. My chief spy in Russia declares Kazan's status as doomed.

We expand our Milan garrison agian and Poland declares on the Teutonic Order.

The Polish-Teuton War ends without any provinces changing hands, we expand Ferdinand's regiment by 6,000 men and 1,000 horse.

New record--103D. All our money is spent on expanding our fortress at Tyrol. Turkey declares war on the Mamluks again.

The Bohemian War approaches--we build cannons in Salzburg. The Hedjaz takes Syria from the Mamluks, my spies tell me that the Mamluks are in dire straits.

More cannons raised in Salzburg and Ferdinand's army increased, the Bohemians are squandering their resources building manufactories. Fools--now their territory is more tempting than ever.

Milan revolts again, but my Milan garrison easily handles the revolt. We enter a royal marriage with Moldavia. Turkey's allies are dismembering the Mamluks--Tunisia takes Nile and Crimea grabs Sinai.

Coming up next--The First Bohemian War (1514-16)
1st Bohemian War (1514-16)

War with Bohemia is at hand. One last round of army buildup is in order as a declaration of War is drafted at the Ministry of boring documents. The Kaiser senses the coming war, and increases our fortifications in Carinola (Random Event). Bohemia gets our DOW on September 30, and our allies in Saxony, Hungary, and Moldavia rally to our cause. While Bohemia's allies Bavaria and Wurtemberg join the Bohemians. Bohemia's allies have actual armies (36K for Bavaria, 10K for Wurtemberg), and these armies immediately march into Tyrol and lay seige to the mountain fortress. Prince Ferdinand brings the Imperial Guard to within striking distance, then decides to wait for the Alpine winter to take its toll upon the invaders.

Meanwhile, The Salzburg seige army takes advantage of the abscence of the Bavarian army to lay seige to Bavaria province (Feb 21) The Ostmarch garrison lays seige to Ansbach in March. Our fearless allies Hungary and Moldavia lead their troops into Tyrol in March, defeating the invaders and sending them scurrying home. The retreating Bavarians are defeated by the Habsburg armies in Bavaria, then in Ansbach, before their pathetic remnants move to join the seige of Saxony (initiated by the 12K Bohemian army). Milan revolts again in August, but the garrison there ends the revolt quickly. The courageous armies of Moldavia lay seige to Wurtemberg in August.

Success on the Bavarian front--Ansbach falls at the end of Febuary and Bavaria capitulates on March 11. I am shocked when the diplomat I send to annex Bavaria returns minus his right hand. It turns out Bavaria still has 11,000 men in the field, who lift their seige of Saxony to rush home, but as they can easily be defeated I will wait for them. Meanwhile, Bavaria fires off three diplomats offering white peaces, hoping I'll be fool enough to accept--maybe if they'd offered Ansbach I'd have more sympathy. We send a second proposal of annexation in April, and this time Bavaria capitulates. The Bavarian army marching towards the homeland now flies an Austrian banner, and I command them to lay seige to Sudeten. In June, the brave men of Moldavia capture Wurtemburg. They empty Wurtmeberg's treasury of 250D and then retire from the field--I can ask no more of my fearless allies. On the Bohemian front, we lay seige to Erz in April while Ferdinand routs Bohemia's green recruits in the capital province in June. The Hungarians now send a historical leader to the Bohemian campaign, taking command of my seiges! Sudeten falls in September, as does Moravia, but both have Hungarian flags :mad: ! Not intending to expand Hungary's territory, I ask for peace with Bohemia in November, demanding the contents of their treasury. They accept and I recieve 173D to replensih my losses. Time to return home.

Checking the diplomatic office, I learn that Wurtemberg has not yet withdrawn its DOW against me:eek: ! This was a foolish decision, as they have no army in the field. After dispatching a revolt in the newly-conquered province of Bavaria, I order my besieging units into Wurtemberg, they pass through Thuringen's territory (being HRE is cool:) ) and arrive in early spring. Wurtemberg is ours by September, and after Bavaria revolts for second time this year, we proceed to peace negotiatians with Wurtemberg. The Elector of Wurtemberg is a broken man, having seen his territory overrun by foreign troops for two years running. We add to his disgrace by informing him that though our Moldavian allies could be bought off, we insist on full annexation of Wurtemberg to our expanding empire. The Elector meekly submits. Tales of our glorious conquests create enthusiasm for the army, and a new regiment of 6,000 infantrymen and 1,200 horse volunteers for imperial service. Elsewhere, war breaks out between Aden and Oman in the Middle East, and between France and England in Europe.
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Ahhhh Habsburgs....this brings back the memories.
A new religion and a new ruler

We take advantage of our expanding economy (114D taxes this year) to promote a chief judge in the capital province. Sad news reaches the court in Febuary, the Habsburg princess we married into the Saxon royal family has died, we promptly renew our royal ties with the Saxons. Poland is up to its old tricks--our spies bring word that the Poles have conquered the province of Kustrin from Brandenburg and stolen 192D from Brandenburg's treasury. Russia's wrath has expanded to include both Kazan and the Golden Horde, the Horde parts with some of their gold to gain peace with Russia. My spies in the Kazan capital tell me the city is under seige by the Russians and that Kazan's days of independece are drawing to a close. News reaches us from the German states that a new religion known as Protestantism has been born. We are deeply shocked by this news. The Minister of religion tells me that the Protestant doctrine is utter claptrap, and we send spies among the peasantry to ensure the heresy does not plague our glorious lands. The Kaiser takes this affront to godly authority more heavily than the rests of us--his health is rapidly failing by the end of the year. Towards the end he is babbling, he orders the conquest of China--we indicate our agreement, not having the stomach to tell him that we have no idea where China is. He dies at the end of the year, and the year is capped with a regal state funeral for an illustrious Kaiser who increased the size of his realm by 4 provinces as well as overseeing internal improvements and military expansion, tears well in eyes and barely manage to finish my eulogy to our great emperor :( .

Karl V ascends to the throne in January, he is capable ruler and determined to live up to his father's glorious reign. We are shocked to discover that the office of the Holy Roman Empire has passed to Spain! We suspect Spanish intrigues behind this outrage and inform the Spanianrds of such. Our relations with Spain have seriously deteriorated since we annexed their ally Milan, when the royal marriage between our countries expires, neither of us makes any attempt to renew it. Unsurprising news arrives from the Russian diplomat, who informs of us that his nation has annexed Kazan. Milan revolts in August. The Kaiser personally involves himself in the police operations that root out the leaders of this treachery--I anticipate good things from this monarch. However, his early forays are a mistake, and we lose investment and stability due to poorly conceived policies (Random Event--Bad Policy). An argument breaks out among the ministers over which department bungled and allowed the bad policies through, I suspect the ministry of roads and bridges myself.

Inter-ministry relations are improved by launching a large group hunt in the Bavarian forest, I now realize that the Minister off Roads and Bridges is a competent fellow and a sure marksman. Our ex-friends in Spain engage in non-stop warmongering, the heretics loot the Pope's treasury in peace with the Papal States--we send a curt letter to the Spanish suspecting them of being behind the Protestant outrage. We hear that Spain has declared War upon the Inca Empire in December, we have never heard of the Incas, but are sure they are the victims of unbridled Spanish aggression. We consider attempting a map exchange with Spain, but Karl won't hear of sending one of the imperial diplomats to Spain's barbarous court. We commission a series of anti-Spanish books by the Propaganda Ministry to cap the year.
the 1520s

We continue sending chief judges to our provinces and slowly building our armies in preparation for the next war. At the start of 1521 our 5-year peace treaty with Bohemia expires. I immediately campaign to resume the conquest of Bohemia, taking the continued independece and territorial integrity of the Bohemian state as a personal insult. Other members of the Council of War disagree. The Minister of Roads and Bridges, whom I now beleive to be a Bohemian spy, argues that we should invade Northern Italy, annex Parma and Tuscany, and grab their seaports. The Minister of Diplomacy suggests we pursue Venice, the Minister of religion argues that we should invade the German states to stamp out the Protestant heresy, and the Minister of the Economy argues that we should invade Hungary. I point out that Hungary is our friend and ally and wonder what has come over the minister until I hear that his wife abandoned him for a Hungarian merchant.

France wins its war with England and takes Calais in the peace treaty. The Turks grab Hamad from Iraq and Lebanon from the Mamluks, Aden captures Dhofar, ending the Arabian War. We contnue sending chief judges to the provinces. A personal gift from Karl improves relations with the Saxons (+150 to +200). We offer them vassalage, but they refuse!The ministry of Agriculture brings about a Revolution in farming techniques (random event--agricultural revolution). Revolts are supressed in Bavaria and Wurtemberg. The chief of the Secret Police informs me that they have nearly crushed the spirit of nationalism in Milan, and we appoint a chief judge for the province. Inflation is eating our country alive, and I request the economic minister to take steps to end the menace.

An eventful year. The minister of religion has coniption fits when a diplomat from Hannover announces that they have converted to Protestantism! The minister of religion persuades Karl to attack Hannover, but the plan is abandoned when the Minister of Geography points out that we share no borders with Hannover. I once again make the case for invading Bohemia. Bavaria revolts yet again and the insatiable Poles gain the province of Connaught in a treaty with England.

The Protestant heresy spreads! Sweden, the Hansa, the Palatinat, Thuringen, and Helvetia abandon the true faith. When a Protestant rabble leads a peasant revolt in Wurtemberg, the Minister of Religion personally commands the police army sent in to defeat them, the rebellion is put down, but the Minister is killed by the Protestant hordes. In 1529, the Merchant's Guild discovers how to gain a monopoly, and we flood Venice with Austrian traders. Our prolonged period of peace leads to alliance expiring in 1527, we get a large relations boost when we recreate it:) . Hungary once again refuses to become our vassals.
A nice little war

Sorry for the rapidity of posts, but I'm trying to bring the AAR up to speed with the game (currently at 1549). My sincerest thanks to any and all who have read this far.

I discoever to my horror that the very qualified General Von Frundsberg has been languishing away in Ferdinand's division. I immediately order von Frundsberg to leave the Imperial Guard with a small detachment of infantry and proceed to Ostmarch to lead the besieging army. I have the Minister of War arrested. As I now have new ties with the Chief of the Secret Police, the other ministers come to agree that attacking Bohemia really is the best plan after all. As plans for the invasion are made, the Economic Minister announces a succesful anti-deflationary program has killed the inflation (Random Event).

We recieve a record 152D in taxes in 1532, we now have a monopoly in Venice and are approaching monopoly status in Genoa. Building troops is much easier now that inflation is back to 0%, and we take advantage to build the imperial armies to their greatest strength yet.

Kasier Karl, relaizing he hasn't had one conquest in 14 years of rule, finally gives the long-awaited go ahead for the 2nd Bohemian War, which begins at the first of the year. We decide not to test our alliance and the Bohemians have no allies to call. They have army of 12,000 men in Moravia, while our seige army under von Frundsberg has 20,000 men and 70 cannon, while Ferdinand's Imperial guard is 46,000 men strong. Ferdinand meets the Bohemians in Pressburg and scores a crushing victory while von Frundsberg lays seige to Sudeten. Sudeten's minimal fortress is a pushover for von Frundsberg, and the province is ours after only a 2 months seige. Von Fundsberg needs 3 months to take Erz, which is ours by June, and in September, Von Frundsberg throws down the Bohemian flag and raises the Imperial standard over Prague itself. I and von Fundsberg both wish to complete the conquest and annexation of Bohemia, but the Kaiser is satisfied with Sudeten and Erz, and takes those 2 provinces in the peace treaty of September 13. Von Frundsberg is furious at having to abandon his conquest, and he and I both mark Septmeber 13, 1538 (the treaty's expiration date) in our calendars.

We set a new record for taxes with 149D. Sudeten and Erz are joyous at their liberation from their Bohemian oppressors (no nationalsim). We send a personal gift to our new neighbors in Brandenburg (relation -200 to -99). Elsewhere, Turkey acquires Aleppo and Judea from the Mamluks, the first Russo-Polish War ends after 14 months with a white peace, a second Franco-Spanish War erupts, France has annexed Spain's ally Cologne by January of 1535, while new wars break out between Poland and the Teutonic Order and between Russia and the Golden Horde.
the interwar years

We promote a chief judge in the newly-conquered province of Erz. The Spanish pagans loot the Papal treasury yet again, while Russia advances upon the Golden Horde, taking Kubyshev and 181D in the peace treaty. 8,000 of our soliders desert the imperial service (random event), we send the secret police after them--traitors! The Protestant heresy spreads to Kleves.

Our hard work improving relations with Brandenburg is undone in January, when Brandenburg accpets the Protestant heresy. The economic ministry reports that we may now declare embargoes--I must remember that if we conquer a COT. France defeats Spain once more, gaining Artois by the Treaty of 1537. Once again, Turkey declares war on the Mamluks.

The Kaiser orders a fortification increase in the capital (random event). We appoint a chief judge for Bavaria, nationalism is beginning to die down in our German possesions. A letter of introduction to the King of Saxony improves relations (+150 to +172), we have not given up our plans of vassilization. War breaks out between Genoa and Denmark, we shall keep an eye on this one. The peasant rabble in Wurtemberg revolts, we suspect Spanish agents, but our military is capable of putting the revolt down anyway.

The Teutonic Order adopts Protestantism! Our peace treaty with Bohemia has expired, and our armies are readied for new action on the Bohemian front. I am embarrased that the clueless Bohemians haven't been annexed yet. The Turk advances yet again in the Middle East, taking Persis and Kurdistan from the Persian shah-an-shah.

We launch a last round of army expansion while our generals prep their troops for the coming glorious victories in Bohemia. Spain attacks the peace-loving Aztecs yet again and we promote a Chief Judge for Ansbach.
Nice AAR this. The Habsburgs are always ncie:D
Nice AAR...i like this one more out of any of the new 1es out now. Bonjour to all those who dont no me, and hellp again to any who remember me from MONTHS ago. I was working a Bohemain AAR when I had serious computer trouble. Couldn't post or even PLAY EU! But now I've got a new computer and I've dove right back into EU. Wokring on a Brandenburg game..taking notes so it might turn into an AAR soon enough. Look out 4 it, and sorry to anyone who was following my Bohemain AAR..
Originally posted by fidel2007
Nice AAR...i like this one more out of any of the new 1es out now.
What, all two of them? :D;) Unless you count Languish and mine's new AARs, but they don't really qualify as NEW new. ;)

Bonjour to all those who dont no me, and hellp again to any who remember me from MONTHS ago. I was working a Bohemain AAR when I had serious computer trouble. Couldn't post or even PLAY EU! But now I've got a new computer and I've dove right back into EU. Wokring on a Brandenburg game..taking notes so it might turn into an AAR soon enough. Look out 4 it, and sorry to anyone who was following my Bohemain AAR..

Well I remember you at least. That sucks about your Bohemian AAR, and I'll be looking forward to the next one. (although the relevance of this point to the AAR at hand is slightly questionable :rolleyes: ;) :p)