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Good Evening,

So it's been a while since I last played Elder Kings, so I thought I'd come back to it whilst waiting for Elder Kings II. I know that support has ended, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand. I noticed that Elves are rarely living past 70-90 years old (and children are rarely born), and those over 100 die instantly unless immortal (like Orgnum) once I hit play. Is there any way to fix this? I've taken a look in the files and there should be a trait swap that gives elves an invisible "immortality" racial trait. Does this apply later on whilst playing and all these Elves dying on a fluke, or is this a constant issue? I'm seeing Direnni and Arana die out within a few years of the game.

Any help would be grand.

Many thanks,
I have never seen that. What version are you using?
Can I have a save file? Preferably at game start, then a second one a few days/week/months/years later where a significant enough amount is dead.
Have you checked the race trait (altmer)? It should have a line: x is considered young/adult/old
What are the death descriptions? the elves are supposed to (when dieing of old age) die due an event ekmerhealth.1 which should put the death reason as natural causes.
It is sound like bug "Touching the Sky - Falmer Expansion".
I actually don't have that enabled. It wasn't working properly.

And after the first cull, it looks like the Elves that survive live on to have long lives. Guess I won't cry over it, but it does wipe out some families.

I also will sort out file information when I get the chance. :)