Electorate of Trier - National Ideas

Electorate of Trier - National Ideas

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Jun 25, 2013
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I made a national-idea-set for the Bishopric of Trier.


-15% Core-creation cost
+5% Discipline

(Trier fought many wars and aquired much land through conquest in the 14th and 15th century)


1. German Crusaders
In 1217 many brave men left our country as crusaders to join the fifth crusade. This event is deeply rooted in our bishopric. Our coat of arms red cross on whuite ground is designend in honour of these crusaders. Let all our soldiers remember the fifth crusade and they will show that the fire of these times is still in them.
+0.5 Yearly army tradition

2. Archicancellarius per Galliam
As the Archchancellor of Arles, Burgundy and all of France it is our right and duty to bring these lost lands back in to the empire. Our title will surely help us to justify big conquests in these regions.
-10% Aggresive expansion impact

3. University of Trier
The pope granted us the right to build an university. Establishing this university will provide us the much needed priests and administrators for our bishopric. Furthermore we should promote law and medicine in order to attract even more students to our bishopric.
-10% Administrative technology cost

4. Landesburgen
Several castles called "Landesburgen" are spread over our secular territory. We can use them as outposts in order to scout incoming invasions. Furthermore some of these castles can be incorporated into our cities and further push the size of the garrison. Other castles can be used to protect trade routes ans to collect tolls.
+10% Garrison size
+10% Provincial trade power modifier

5. Holy Robe
Helena, mother of the roman emperor Constantine the Great, sent the Holy Robe of Jesus into our bishopric after she discovered it in Jerusalem. Emperor Maximilian I wished to see the Holy Robe and after the people of Trier heard about that, they also demanded to see the relic. This was the beginning of a great pilgrimage to our bishopric.
+1 Tolerance of the true faith
+1 Yearly Papal influence

6. Prüm Abbey
Prüm was the favourite monastery of the Carolingians and therefore received many privileges and land. Furthermore it is very rich and is a treasure of literature. In 1574 the pope issued the incorporation of the monastery in our bishopric. If we bring the abbey into order again, it will soon flourish in all fields of literature and theology. On top of that we can use the knowledge of the monks in order to cultivate the harsh lands in our Bishopric allowing us to grow even further.
-5% Idea cost
-5% Development cost

7. Electoral Palace of Coblence
In order to show the greatness of our bishopric and the roots of our noble bishops, we need a prestigious palace. Coblence as the new residency of our bishop is the perfect place to build such a great building. It will bring glory and wealth into our bishopric.
+1 Yearly prestige

+10% National tax modifier
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