Elective succession and "heir" for the player character

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Jan 16, 2022
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I am not sure how to properly address this... But I find it annoying that I am forced to play a character I did not elect. For example, I have a direct heir (son), and there's my brother in the realm ,who is a count, and who is being voted to be my heir. But, in that case I'd like to still play as my son, losing the kingdom title and staying as a duke.

I guess if I could only play as elected character if that character is my child would be fine. And as a sibling if there are no children.
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I will say that I do wish that on Succession you at least had the option to play as a secondary Heir, and there could be legit RP reasons for doing so. Having this as an option in the case of some Elective Succession even more so.
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You can switch to playing another character if you want. But the game just isn't designed around playing non-primary heirs (other than letting you pick directly who you next play as, it would get hairy quickly). I don't personally think it's a big deal and I enjoy having to try to manipulate things so that my player heir is someone interesting.
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I think most people play on ironman as default tbh. I know I do.
And being unable to fix, the Game's broken Events, No, never, at least not until the Devs have fixed the Game finally.
Given that the most common achievement is "marry someone" and only 41.5% have it, I'd say it's a safe bet to say that no, most people don't.
Well, Ironman is no longer needed for Achievements, but you can not switch Characters(fun thing, it blocks Achievements, as soon you click the Button, instead of, when you actually change the Character) or use Console Commands or being in Debug Mode.
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