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Mar 9, 2007
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What determines who wins the USA elections?

I'm playing a basically historical DH game as USA and the popup doesn't offer any choice of the winner. It's only FDR winning.

Are there game factors influencing this like dissent, or is it more or less railroaded to force a more historical game?

I also notice the sliders can't be moved until 1942. Is this for a similar reason?


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May 31, 2020
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The election of 1936 event reads:
event = {
    id = 2049035
    random = no
    country = USA
    one_action = yes

The one_action line means that the player don't get to choose.
Then the action section reads:
    action = {
        ai_chance = 90
        name = "elec_ROO"
    action = { trigger = { dissent = 5 }
        ai_chance = 10
        name = "elec_LAN"
The first outcome (FDR wins) has no condition, and has a randomness weight of 90. The second outcome has a weight of 10, and also a condition that USA must have at least 5 dissent. So if your dissent value is less than 5, FDR is guaranteed to win because it's the only valid outcome. When your dissent value is 5 or higher, FDR has a 90 / ( 90+10 ) = 90% chance to win.

Similarly, the election of 1940 requires 10 dissent to enable alternative outcome.

Don't know about the sliders. Not an American :p