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Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Oct 26, 2003
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This is a little mod for a MP game in the spanish forum that allows some nations to unify long before they really did. Starting like a little country (one prov Wallachia, two provs Holland, Brandemburg, three provs Papal States, five provs Aldajazir) if you met some prerequisites you will convert in a new nation. brandemburg can become Germany, the papals Italy, Aldajazir, the muslim kingdom of North Africa. With new core's and some inheritement, the first path to total unification is done. This mod includes events for the new nations, and some for Holland before the historic independence, plus two monarchs between Jacqueline and Williem of Oranje. Aiming for a more balanced game, the predefinied nations are, in order of quality: BRA-GER, PAP-ITA, HOL, WAL-SLO/BIZ, HAB, FRA, POL, CAS-SPA, ENG, ALD-NAF, POR.

Finally, in a pretty moddir

The discussion forum is in the spanish forum:


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