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Echoes of A New Tomorrow charts the history of the British Commonwealth over its first forty years, as told by those who made it happen – and those who had to live with it. Collected into four books:
  1. Class Against Class – From the last days of the United Kingdom to the birth of the Commonwealth. (1925–29)
  2. Popular Front – While the Revolution spreads beyond Britain, bringing Europe to the brink of war, enemies within try to seize the new state for their own gain. (1929–45)
  3. Revision – Clandestine political battles put the Revolution on a dangerous new course, while troubles abroad threaten to overturn the world order. (1945–56)
  4. New Left – In the shadow of global crisis, hardliners and reformists battle for the future of the Commonwealth. There is a world to win – so long as no one presses the nuclear button. (1956–69)

A sequel (After the Echo: Crisis and Renewal in the Commonwealth of Britain) is currently in development, taking the timeline from 1969 into the 1980s and beyond. Current ETA: 2023.