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May 15, 2007
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I have problem with my pesistent pesky event 1081.
It have to be turned off by event & need to be persistent (depended on user action if click A: need this event or B: don't need it).
And this event need a certain date... date = { day = 1 month = january year = 21 }
I can't turn it off by command i.e. (it's not working):

    action = {
        name = "No, we don't need them."
        command = { type = sleepevent which = 1081 }

Any ideas ?

What about flags:
flag = flag name
Checks if the country flag with the specified name is set.

Set flag to avoiding event from starting up ?

It looks like it's working with flags (I was inspired by "And G" and his "ai_sliders").
These flags working like a labels. Does anyone else used them in an event ?
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This is one of the best reasons that the "flag" command and trigger exists. Think of it like a variable in a program.