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Feb 4, 2013
  • Dungeonland
I recently found some glitches in the game that hopefully can be fixed. I made a video to make it more clear.

Video: http://dungeonland.ludoruisch.nl/dungeonland-20130203-180636_696.mp4

Stage 1 - Worm glitch: When you enter the arena the gate closes and there comes a little wall in the way. When you move very slowly you stay behind that wall,... and you can walk throught the gate. You can be stuck over there. And when your team mates die they can also be stuck. If your teammates doesnt die and finish the worm, this gate and wall will be removed and you are free. One thing strange about this problem is that the worm is sometimes goes through walls. (watch the video on 9:40)

Stage 2 - Rhino glitch: When you are near the end of this stage you must walk through a small path to a lower spot. When you stay on top and your teammates goeds down a rhino will block your way and you are stuck over there. The are again two posebilities. Your teammates die and the respawn over there to and eventualy they are also been stuck. The other way is that they kill the monsters and finish the stage.
The evil thing about this glitch is that you can make people stuck over there, I recently done that to my friends to let them get the feeling they cant do anything.(just for fun) (watch the video on 33:20)

Stage 3 - Disable the Saw: When you enter this stage you can disable the saw that they cant follow you and you can clear the stage without having stess to get yourself killed. This glitch worked on both saws in this stage. (watch the video on 39:30)

I hope you will clear these issues and make it more fun to play this game.