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Sep 26, 2008
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11 September 1937 Berlin

The generals is sitting in the Fuhrer room.

Hitler: After the bombings i got the idea to make a bunker under Berlin.
Himmler: But, what about german worlddomination?
Hitler: Take it easy Himmler, start to build bunkers (landfortresses) here in Berlin (he points at Himmler).
Himmler: Yes mein Fuhrer.
Göring: I am relly sorry but i diden't now that they should attack.

Himmler looks on Göring.

Himmler: (whispers) Yummy!

Hitler: Now we shall continue to make the german world.
My generals, you now that we stand on our biggest assult now.
Guderian: Who will lead the panzar forces?
Hitler: WAIT! We will attack Denmark, Belgium and France.
Göring: What country shall we attack first.
Hitler: No, we will attack all three on same day.

Himmler comes back to the room.

Hitler: Are they building?
Himmler: Yes mein Funhrer.
Hitler: Excellent! Now to Denmark.
You Himmler will attack Denmark with a 5 division from Koln.
Himmler: Thank you mein Fuhrer.
Hitler: And you Rommel will defend Lubeck from be assulting of Denmark.
Rommel: Yes mein Fuhrer.
Hitler: You other will attack Belgium and go around the Maginot Line.
von Leeb: You are clever!
Hitler: Thank you Leeb.
Guderian: Will i lead the 5 division panzar army?
Hitler: Yes, you will try to attack Metz when you attack Beligium.
List: What will happend to Luxemburg?
Hitler: What is that?
List: It is a country.
Hitler: Is it big?
List: No
Hitler: Let is be, and after we have captured hole France attack Luxemburg.
Reader: Will I do something?
Hitler: Yes, you will help Himmler to attack Denmark.
Reader: I will pound Copenhagen every hour with the biggest german sea cannons.
Hitler: Good! You can go now.

When all generals have gone out from the room, Hitler starts to laugh.



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Nov 29, 2008
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Reading your AAR has made me want to go back and play the original HoI! Great too see a HoI AAR again, I forgot how *amazing* the graphics are.

btw, very entertaining AAR; suprised by such success in the early years (easy to take on France) but all the others at once. Very good!


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Sep 26, 2008
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13 September 1937 Berlin

Himmler goes out from his car.
He goes inside the Reichstag.
He hears classic music.

Himmler: Oh Noo!

He opens the door and goes inside the Fuhrer's room.
Hitler is listening on Beethoven and Mozart.

Hitler: Ahh this music is so relaxing.
Himmler: Yes mein Fuhrer.
Hitler: Why have you come here?
Himmler: You said that i will controll the assult forces for Denmark.
Hitler: Oh yes, i forgott that.
Himmler: Yeah, but i have made a plane how to conquer Belgium, France and Denmark.
Hitler: Show me!
Himmler: Yes Fuhrer!

Himmler: First you see how i have planed toconqer Denmark with my 5 divion army.

Hitler: Nice idea!
Himmler: Thank you Fuhrer.
Hitler: Yes you can do so if you want.
Himmler: Yes thank you Fuhrer i will do that.
Hitler: Now show me the plane for France and Belgium.
Himmler: Yes mein Fuhrer!

Himmler: Here is the plane:

From Koln they will attack Belgium and then they will attack France.

Hitler: 1 Question, What will they do after they have taken Belgium?
Himmler: They will attack France, push them back to the spanish border.
Hitler: Good! Excellent!
Himmler: Thank you!
Hitler: I will say this to our generals and they will follow it.
Himmler: I will do my best!
Hitler: Good! You can go now, i must listen all this good music.

Hitler see a paper that Himmler forgott, he takes it up and looks on it.

Hitler: Hmm, Soviet Union will not attack us.