Dreadnought Class & Hero in PBEM Balance Mod

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Oct 4, 2018
  • Age of Wonders III
  • Majesty 2 Collection
A lot of proposals but I think we need to focuse on the "real" problems DN has. As I said in the core group imo pace of units is not the problem. The problem is a weak unit (engineer) which is nearly the only option to repair your machines. If you lose the engineer in a machine stack you lose everything. Therefore giving repair machine earlier AND making engineers a t2 with better stats in def and HP is the best idea so far.

Another option can be giving them evolve into "Dipl. engineer" (insider for germans ^^). If engineers remain a t1 evolving them into a t2 or t3 can solve the problem too. But I think it's way harder to mod than boosting their stats.

I don't like the idea removing advanced logistics from all other classes. That will make DN crazy OP in the late game. The ultimate research gives +8 MP to machines. Once DN has reached that machines can move 18 hexes on roads.

I support the proposal that advance logistics did not give +3 MP for flying units.
Juggernaut-APC sounds nice but no idea if it's moddable.
Reducing the cost for mana fuel cells to 15 will boost DN as well. In most cases mana fuel cells are used to one turn t1 or t2 units. 20 mana per turn is really a lot at the beginning of the game.