Drawing new ally into pre-existing conflict

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Sep 28, 2020
Hi, Are their any methods for drawing a new ally into a pre-existing war? If I ally, they gain alliance CB for my wars, correct?, but that in no ways compels them to join. Apparently using formal diplomatic/economic pressure to seek and gain military support in an ongoing conflict (including.. gasp.. outright asking or demanding) is a integral facet of real life geopolitics, but has no place in arguably the premiere geopolitical game in history?
Sep 28, 2020
I realize you build alliance/coalition in anticipation of conflict more than in response, and the game has semi-robust mechanics for doing so, but post-conflict political maneuvering is also geopolitical reality while in-game mechanics seem to ignore the concept.


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You can call in an ally if you are the war leader. If not, it's purely up to them to launch their own war of Intervention.
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