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then let's hope the AoD devs fixed the partially broken moddir support of 1.11 with AoD 1.12.
They did fix it. So will my favourite mod for AoD see the day of light on the 1.12 platform and will it be fully converted to not be as a mere vessel but a fully organic part of the 1.12 platform? Do you guys still have the stammina to make it happen or is it simply too much work?

Thank you for alll the past and possibly future time investments in this labour of love.
I'm still working on an initial conversion which is 75% complete but will need to be revamped as it currently uses very high modifiers for desired techs. Those will not be required if the AI tech class weighting is still working
I'm still working on an initial conversion which is 75% complete but will need to be revamped as it currently uses very high modifiers for desired techs. Those will not be required if the AI tech class weighting is still working
75% is a lot, great! I know the last 10 to 15% ussually take the most time in code development so it must be quite a while away still but thank you for the continious support. Will be trying out the vanilla until the core rebirth. :)
not really code development, just conversion from old data (tech list) to new data (weighted Tech list). Losts of AI files to redo, a hell of textwork
Thank you for the clarification. Am not envying you at all. Do you maybe know what the AoD devs have planned - is 1.12 gonna be the final patch for AoD when released? What are the biggest remaining issues left that the game still has? Reading the changelog I've seen 1.11 patch managed to solve most of the dire issues previously reported with the game and 1.12 seems to be much smaller in scope and intent.
Great News that Denniss has taken up the AI work! I took a quick look at it (and managed to get 1.12 to run without a proper AI, but this is no fun) and it is a HUGE amount of work!

If you finish it, I have a couple of bug fixes to submit - I tinkered with the mod on and off for the last couple of years.

Some small stuff you might want to include. It involves things that go wrong only if you play a-historically.

A fix for USSR, the militia Mobilisation events used to fire also if the USSR no longer held the cities the militas were from (i.e. in a second USSR-GER war after bitte Peace).
A fix for Mongol Military Government where the event chain fired even if Japan had started a very early war with China, leading to a lot of nonsense.
Some fixes for cored_hoi2.txt that you notice only in a very long game. Formation of Cambodia did not work, relasing only one Province. Some changes to the formation of the Middle-East countries (Israel, Jordan etc.). Not yet enough to make it work, but better than what we had. India now releases Burma, instead of ENG, which did not work in a CORE set-up.
An attempt to have Egypt get back the provinces ceded to ENG at the start of the war after the war is over. Have not yet considered how to solve the Sinai Question.

Kind regards



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have a problem/bug with the core mod:
it seems that the calculation of the max_supply_stock and the max_oil_stock are didn't work correctly.
as an example: if you start a game as Germany and look at the Admiral Graf Spee (heavy cruiser) you will notice, that the max_oil_stock is at 2.5 .
if you remove the commerce raider brigade from this ship, the oil stock jumps to 6.1 (the normal (without brigades) max_oil_stock for this ship type).
that's confusing in two ways: 1. the brigade itself doesn't change the max_oil_stock, cause this value (brigade b_u3 - model 6) is set 0, so, has no effect.
2. the brigade should indeed give an advantage to the ships possibility to go on long range missions, but now, with this brigade it has a huge advantage in range, but can't use this advantage, cause it will run out of oil, much before it can use it's range advantage. this makes no sense. further i observed this strange behavior at all max_supply_stock and max_oil_stock calculations at all divisions with brigades (naval and army, didn't looked at Air Wings until now, but there it should be the same). if you look at the brigade stats and at the actual stats if they are attached to divisions, there is no way to comprehend the way the new supply and oil stocks are calculated. it's just confusing. it seems that the whole calculation is messed up. at some point i understand, that the brigade values for max_oil & max_supply are not to be intended to just simply added to the divisions base values, but rather be multiplied to be a customized/relative addition to the divisions base values (so the brigade values have to be seen as +/- xx%). but this doesn't work. something with the calculation is messed up.

Reinstalling CORE 'cause is such a good mod :) , but bug in the launcher which doesn't gives the ability to set screen resolution.
Any Idea ?

AoD 1.10
Core2 0.70.8

EDIT: solved in settings.cfg
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