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Hi. How stabl is the mod without the hotfix mentioned to arrive in the future? Can I play the game without any serious issues?


I have some play with CHI (1940, Jan 15th as I speak), nothing special to say; only one bug causing a CTD so far, easy to avoid, just check here:


Besides C.O.R.E. is an old and very polished mod, there won't be any problem. It's a great mod and a great addition to the excellent AoD.
can I still play this on the latest beta AOD?

I believe that this will not work… There are some important changes in the latest beta, so CORE will have to bring a new update that works with it... - BUT i did not try it...
How does one use this? I have more than one AoD install. Is it just a matter of putting it in the desired AoD directory and run?
It´s been quite a while since I´ve installed this, so I hope I don´t mix things up; I´ve made a copy of AoD vanilla and then applied the CORE-exe file to that copy: it´s self extracting, just asking where to put it. That should be all. If you want to, you can add the graphics pack (which I do recommand).
Regarding 1.11 compatibility: misc.txt, boostertext.csv and text.csv were easily amended but there seem to by quite a few graphics problems.

To the wise men of 1.11: are there any fundamental changes to the way gfx are handled in mod-dir in 1.11?