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So here is the new version:


Checksum is YJDF. Version 0.70.8 requires AoD patch 1.10 to run!

B/W gfx pack dated Jul. 28, 2015:


Upgraded to AoD patch 1.10 (now mandatory), based on Zsar's fixpack
Updated TT imagery for GER, USA, NOR, ENG, CAN, FRA, ITA, HOL, SWE, NZL
Added TT Logo switch images, in preparation of new functionality in patch 1.10 (Renault, Audi, Opel, Boeing, Consolidated, Ericsson, Fiat, Shell, Norsk Hydro)
*Note: actual logo switch is not incorporated as of yet
New event imagery for naval construction event chains
Added 5 new event images for 1.10 compatibility
minor modification to province file (no data change)
naval brigade file has upgrade time/cost changed so one would actually be able to upgrade them in a reasonable time (was an IC sink before due to abnormal multipliers)
Dummy AI and AI switch files removed (as they're no longer needed according to Zsar)
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My bad... I forgot to apply patch 1.10 myself. :oops: It should indeed be YJDF.
I have a few issues with Norway. I don't think Norway and Denmark are pre-industrialised nation in 36. I would go for semi like with Sweden.
Hydro have no industrial engineering? And Kongsberg should have the artillery component.
1930 4000t armoured ship? The CAs of Norway are from the previous century.
Norway should start with 1932 AA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7.5_cm_L/45_M/32_anti_aircraft_gun
The Bofors from Sweden were ahead of its time. It may be suitable for the 1942 blueprint and the 38 Naval Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Norway used the purchased bofors AA on the new TBs.
I think the cautious military doctrine suits Norway better.
The starting fleet of Norway is too modern. Norway starts with 4 Sleipner class units even though none were finished yet.
No tranport ships available at start.
Norway is missing its land forts. You can read more about them here: http://hem.fyristorg.com/robertm/norge/Norw_fortifications.html
I think choosing to ban a political party makes you less democratic, not change your left or right leaning.
I find the mobilization and war preparation events a bit silly. They are alright if the right party is in charge. Nygaardsvold did fund the military more in the later years of the 30's, but it was too little, too late. Perhaps Norway's AI could be set to have little army funding until it's too late as well if it takes time for the organisation to kick in from funding.
Does the game support the letter Ø on the map?
Finland gives me 0% in letting me ally them during the winter war. You'd think they'd love allies at that point.
I'll include some files. Kudos to All in One mod.
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Downloading seems to be working fine from my end... What country are you trying to download from?
Recompiled and reuploaded... Download link is in the first post. I have Avast myself as well, downloaded and ran the new file without a hitch.
As EranShahr already asked - so how do I install this mod if I have the game on Steam?
I have a link to the mod - but I can't find any description of how to install it?
Thank you for the reply, but as luck would have it I just found another way.

I installed the mod to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arsenal of Democracy and that seems to work too.

But I have a really annoying bug immediately noticeable - every single time I click the mouse I get a sound error. It's not a clicking sound, it's like static or crackling. English isn't my first language so I'm not sure exactly how to describe it properly, but I guess this is a know issue so maybe people already know what I'm talking about?

Anything I can do about this - other then cutting the sound completely?

And also - can I keep the mod installed like I did and launch it from the Start menu and just ignore starting through Steam, or do I have to set the launch option in Steam and start through it as described in the link you posted to make everything work properly?
You should run the game from the exe in the installation directory. The sound issue isn't anything I've heard of before. Maybe a problem between your audio device drivers and the old windows 32 program.
I actually deleted and re-installed everything from scratch just to be sure I had a clean install.
And I followed Hagar's advice in the OP in the thread Denniss linked to above:

"The best approach is to copy the AoD install to another directory to use with CORE."

So I made a copy of the complete Arsenal of Democracy-folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common, named it "Arsenal of Democracy - copy with CORE mod" and then directed the install of the latest versions of the mod and the gfx pack into that folder.
And then I start the game from the shortcut in the Start menu, not through Steam.

Didn't fix the sound error though, but I just cut all sound as I'm not dependent on that anyway.
If that's an unknown issue to other, you're probably right it's something local in my setup that conflicts somehow but I don't care that much - I can live without sound in the game. ;)

I am currently playing AoD with C.O.R.E and I was wondering whether you still have a color graphics pack or not ?

Thank you !

Oh, just another question: it seems to me that you don't have terranova website any longer. May I ask what happened ? Your forum over there was exceptional in the old days.
Great, thank you for your quick reply Denniss; BTW, is it possible to use last version available of the color gfx pack ? I suppose this should be 0.61 ? I don't have it either anyway, I think the last version I have is the one you gave with 0.50
Hi. How stabl is the mod without the hotfix mentioned to arrive in the future? Can I play the game without any serious issues?