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The Present.

The old man entered his master's study casually, though the one he served might strike terror into the hearts of nations and shake the very pillars of the world with his iron gauntlets, his faithful old servant had knew his master's moods well enough to not dread... Any more than was neccesary.
"Master, the preparations are ready.... Temporal displacers has been placed near the temporal nodes as you ordered... All we need is your command and the operation will proceed."

His master slowly turned towards his servant, the voice emanating from the iron mask, the mask he had forged himself in a tibetan monastery and he never removed in another's presence, was strong and commanding. The voice of a man so filled with confidence that it seemed he would (and indeed he had) challenge the very gods themselves.

"Excellent, Boris. Sadly the nature of this jaunt requires extreme precision, we will be unable to make use of our full resources where we are headed.... Though I have ways to make up for that... now Doom waits for our guest... The build-up in energy is sure to draw his attention."

Suddenly the entire castle, nay, the very Latverian mountains themselves shook violently, meteors streaked from the sky, smashing through the advanced defences of the castle with ease. One of the rocks came to a halt in the very study of the Latverian Monarch, hovering in the air twenty feet above the monarch. Upon the unnatural asteroid stood a being unlike anything born on earth, it's huge muscled arms wielded an axe many times greater than could be wielded by mortal men. Yet it was but a fraction of the power that dwelt inside the purple-skinned being.
"So, little human, what is the purpose of this? Such build-up of energy could well destroy the entire planet..." The sinister strange smiled. "Not that I would mind that.... What are you up to Von Doom?"
Doctor Doom remained unnaffected:
"The build-up was not for YOUR benefit Terrax. Doom seeks to snare another, and even that would be a simple bonus...." Behind their metallic slits his eyes narrowed. "Although your presence here could further ease the task I have in mind."
"What? You seek to use me as a pawn AGAIN von Doom?! I will not stand for it!"
"What you "will" matters little. It will be as I have said.... Now where is our guest, Boris! Anything on the sensors?"
The servant replies: "Oh yes, he is coming, moving slower than he could of course, I suspect he does not want to harm any innocents by exceeding safe speeds in an atmosphere."
"Yes, such weakness was ever his... No matter, he will come, and when he does there will be no one to stop me.... Not you Tyros, not the Silver Surfer, and not that damnable imbecile Reed Richards!"

At those very words there was movement, out of the sky like a silver flash came the Sky-Rider of the Spaceways!

"I was soaring through the stratosphere of this tragedy-stricken world when my cosmic senses detected an energy discharge of such enormous proportions that I cannot help but wonder at it's cause! And as my Silver Board brings me to this mountainous country who do I find at the core of this cosmic portent but the vile Victor von Doom himself! Know that whatever plans you lay they will be smashed! Know that so Vows the SILVER SURFER!"
"Ah.... I have been waiting for your Norrin Radd." Doom replied, without so much as flinching at the awesome sight of the Sentinel of the Spaceways.
"A trick! You lured me here for some nefarious purpose!"
"FOOL! Of course it is a trick! Do you think I would reveal my schemes without some purpose behind it! Boris! Throw the switch! Their Cosmic Energy will fuel the machinery! We go! LET THE MISTS OF TIME BE UNRAVELLED! Let the WORLD tremble before the might of DOCTOR DOOM!"
"Yes master." Was Boris only reply as he threw the switch. suddenly lightning arched throughout the castle, pulsing from the two former Heralds of Galactus, surging, draining, stealing their energy, in a blinding flash the web of lightning spread out, touched ever temporal displacer in Latveria, growing brighter and brighter the electricity crackled, becoming at last too bright for the human mind to find accurate words....

And then there was silence.

"Boris." Said the doctor "Status report?"
"Of what industry survived the transit much is inoperable at this time, it will take a few days to make them fully operational.... Stores of steel, oil, rare materials and such are here. Much of our arms except the very old ones were rendered unusable by the transit, a single division of Doombots, the oldest model, made the transit intact. We will have to face the denizens with little more than what they possess I suspect."
"Doom has no need for such things, all he needs is his keen mind."
"What.... Did you do accursed villain?" Said Norrin Radd as he staggered to his feet.
"A simple case of temporal transition, Herald. Easy for one with a mind of my own caliber. My problem was power, I required much of it, yours and Tyros' was deemed most efficient..."
"My Power Cosmic!" The Surfer Exclaimed "It is...."
"Not Gone, at least not permanently." The doctor interjected. "I suspect you will have to keep some of your more incredible displays to yourself, although even with the fraction of cosmic power you and the Tamer retain you are forces to be reckoned with.... Although I would not advise you to fight without support. No matter, we have much to do..."
"Do you believe I should join *you*?" The Surfer exclaimed "Your villainy is greater than any man of our time!"
"Perhaps...." said the Doctor. "But this is *Not* our time, Surfer! My genius intellect has transported us through time itself! Latveria might remain in part as it was in the 21st century! But the world outside our borders are those of 1936!... In order to return to your own timeline you will need power.... Power that only *I* can give you, and only at *my* sufferance! For here, at this time, I will fight, and I will RULE! DOOM'S DAY BEGINS NOW!"

The laughter of the Latverian monarch echoed through his mountains and it is said that it could be heard as far as Hungary and Yugoslavia.... A new timeline had been created, a timeline utterly belonging to DOOM!
OOC: I've modded the game (with some help :p) Using the Doomsday editor, no new events, but Latveria has leaders, tech teams, ministers, etc. etc. (though most of the leaders are doombots :p) I start with a bunch of crappy divisions and a single '51 infantry division (representing tech Doom brought from the future) Latveria has only a single province but lays claim to most of the Balkans (excluding Greece) Ideally I was thinking of giving Latveria cores on the entire world (it all belongs to DOOM after all) but that was actually too annoying to do :p


"Master, I notice that you are working very hard at the moment, may I inquire as to your orders?"

The Good Doctor Rules ALL of Latveria. Personally.

"While Latveria has a decent industrial base Doom's plans cannot succeed without additional resources... We will need to go on the offensive. Although My first task will be to prepare a set of military doctrines suited to these primitive times...."
Latveria does not start with any land doctrines and has not yet chosen a naval tech tree. Which direction should the forces of Dr. Doom pursue?


Latveria borders Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia.
Pablo Sanchez said:
What are the qualities of the different Dr. Doom ministers? And I can only assume that he's like a level nine researcher with every specialty :D

Not quite, but most of them :p I can give you a tech team screenshot next update perhaps :p

The Dr. Doom ministers were chosen pretty much of what sounded good:
He is:
HoS: Autocratic Charmer
HoG: Flamboyant Tough Guy
Foreign Minister: Cloak n' Dagger Schemer
Armaments Minister: Theoretical Scientist
Minister of Security: Prince of Terror
Head of Military Intelligence: Technical Specialist
Chief of Staff: School of Psychology.
Chief of Army: Decisive Battle Doctrine
Chief of Navy: Power Projection Doctrine
Chief of Air Force: Vertical Envelopment Doctrine.
A great beginning, and as for tech - carriers and through to operational stages (evil geniuses can plan!)
I can understand the other territory claims ...but honduras ...??? :rofl:
Spitfire_Pilot said:
I can understand the other territory claims ...but honduras ...??? :rofl:

You have to understand, this is as much a "Test out the Doomsday Editor" as anything else :p

And Doom likes Honduras.

Though I was actually considering giving Latveria cores on Tibet...
"Lord Doom, as leader of our planned conquest of this puny world, we must organize. To underestimate a world covered in humans is suicidal to your doombots. Of course you will be unharmed, but we would be lost in the battle. We must act like humans and build... what was it they called them :confused: ... Oh yes, armoured fighting vehicles. Plus air ships to blow theirs in the sky. Oh yeah, more doombots for the core and crush all before us... I mean you Lord. "

Good Luck
elbasto said:
Add the whole world as your cores... after all Doom would be capable of disabling the human desires of *resistance* now wouldn't he?

10 IC isn't much... waht about resources?

mj. general doombot #14 :rofl:

Actually it's 20 IC, but half of them aren't "constructed" yet.

Latveria has "enough" resources to fuel it's industry.

So.... Should I give Latveria cores on the entire world? Yes/No? :p
I would think cores throughout the world are indeed appropiate for Dr. Doom. Also, are all the Doombot commanders the same? If so, what are their skills and traits?

Anyway, great beginning!
AOK. 11 said:
I would think cores throughout the world are indeed appropiate for Dr. Doom. Also, are all the Doombot commanders the same? If so, what are their skills and traits?

Anyway, great beginning!

Nope, I've essentially assigned them random stats (Doom himself of course has much higher stats)

Also, Terrax the Tamer, Silver Surfer and a third personage approporiate to the times are all leaders as well....
I'd say no to entire cores. Evil geniuses need to have some rebellions to keep their malevolence in practice.
stnylan said:
I'd say no to entire cores. Evil geniuses need to have some rebellions to keep their malevolence in practice.

I just spent 30 minutes clicking the "add to national provinces" for every province in the game, I won't bother removing them :p

Besides, i'll have an explanation later on :p