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Oo, interesting concept, will follow.

BTW, here is the 1910 census:
* 1,582,133 (100.00%) Total Population
* 592,049 (37.42%) Romanians
* 387,545 (24.50%) Germans
* 284,329 (17.97%) Serbs
* 242,152 (15.31%) Hungarians
* a smaller numbers of other ethnic groups such as the Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Rusyns, Bulgarians, etc.

And here's a very good map, superimposed on modern borders:


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Jan 2, 2009
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East of Temeschwar, Steierdorf, 14th to 17th April​
A map of the Banat, look up Steierlak-Anina (Hungarian name of the town)in the SE from Temesvár

. Since Operation Lumberjack, there weren't any major engagements between entente troops and the Volksarmee, the Army of the Republic. This was going to change, since Romanian troops (around 3 understrenght divisions) crossed the border on the east. They advanced through the first chain of mountains, when they first met resistance by local militia of armed miners from nearby coalmines. The militia functioned as a "meatshield” against the French-equipped Romanian divisions, until the real army arrived. The first line of defence was around the mining centre of Steierdorf, this German-populated settler-town. After I got out of hospital, I. was sent to the front immediately. The group of men that I lead was part of the stoßtruppen, so our equipment consisted of 5 trucks and a dozen of bicycles. We were ordered to hold a hill called Kleinkahlkopf (Small bald head), 1 km away from the central entrance of the mines. Besides of holding the hill, we were asked to do some small counterattacks against the vulnerable points of the defence, to capture machineguns and lighter artillery, which we still lacked.

. Per radio we got the information that the Romanian attack against the main defence line outside the city defending the mines had started. I immediately gave the order to attack the Romanian outpost guarding the bridge over the small river (in summer it wasn't larger than a mountain creek, but now in the middle of April it was flooding so some parts of the valley were under water). Our attack was a complete success, we surprised them, and took every 10 of them besides one man (we shot him because he was causing so much trouble, playing the hero) as prisoners. What’s even better, they had a local advisor who spoke their language. I bribed him so he would translate all the orders they got per radio to me, this way I didn’t had to wait for the information considering Romanian moves.

. This proved to be one of the worst decisions in my life. Our local Romanian, Iancu, was acting as an agent, providing false information about entente moves to us when our radio communication was not working. The defence of Steierdorf valley was going on nicely, but one time it appeared that the radio wires were cut behind the lines, or something happened what I can't explain, because I still can't reconstruct the happenings. It was all happening too fast. First it was a very dark night, so I couldn't see much. I trusted Iancu too much, because he was half German, and this was - as said before - an error. So long story short, he suggested a tactical withdrawal because the main force of the Romanians - around 4000 men – were going to attack this hill in the night, to create an artillery position in reach of the inner city and the mines on the other side. This was reasonable, so we retreated on a favourable position, to another hill, which was already fortified by our engineers. On the way to the fortification, we heard Romanian artillery fire, but it sounded different, not like they were attacking our former position. Still, we continued our retreat on a small road, which was crossing a forest. But in the forest, we got ambushed. Romanian militias from the mountains, armed with ancient to modern infantry weapons, charged our convoy. Some of my men panicked and tried to flee on the trucks - but who tried to flee, was killed, except 1 truck and 6 of my men, who were very lucky. I wasn't one of them, so those barbarians took me as an officer as prisoner, but all the others were shot.


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