Feb 25, 2007
I'll buy it if it does. And I don't want a dev just saying yes.. :rolleyes:

I love the ACW. I'll play any scenario, as any country I can. (Just usually the South)


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Aug 2, 2004
This game does not have a campaign mode per se, but you can play a linked series of battles in which what you do in one turn affects what you can do in the next. For example, soldiers lost in the first battle are not available in round two.

It is played on three main maps which cover different parts of the sprawling 2nd Manassas battle. Each is probably a little larger than the typical single-battle map.

This is an extraordinarily immersive game. At the end, you feel as if you have just fought a real Civil War battle. I cannot imagine any fan of the Civil War regretting buying it.

Check out the forum at Mad Minute Games and see what others are saying. And try the demo.


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I believe that their next title based on this engine will have a campaign map. You'll need to check whether this is still the case over at madminute's site.