Does slaver guilds not increase output?

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Aug 9, 2021
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I added slaver guilds as third civic, but can't see an actual increase in output. Meaning no visible bonus when hovering over the output of the slaves,, where you see the other bonuses from stability, traits etc., and no difference in output number between slaves and non-slaves from the same race doing the same job on the same planet. Tried again, and notice no output before and after switching. New game with SG from the start, same.

Am I missing something?


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Aug 9, 2019
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It doesn't change the output of individual slaves, it will only adjust the number of slaves on your planet by enslaving main species pops if the percentage of slaves is too low. (below 35%). This may not always happen instantly, however.

Note that you get the most use out of this at the start of the game, unless you start with an origin that grants you a second, enslaved species.

[edit]sorry, I was misremembering this or confusing with something else.[/edit]


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Aug 9, 2019
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But after that the civic says clearly "Slave Pop Resource Output: +10%". And I'm certain it used to do so previously as well, but now I can't find any sign of it.
Yes indeed, I misremembered.

I can only imagine that maybe it will take a few days before the tool tip is updated. Otherwise I have no idea either.