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Jan 30, 2013
  • Dungeonland

I've been doing some testing and found a number of possible bugs and or issues.

Reduced by 3
-Possessed Monster Death when no longer possessing a monster. I can possess a Dire Duck and undo it. Well after I've done it, say 5-10 seconds later it's killed. It still counts as a Possessed Monster Death and a loss of 3 Points of Evil. Another example is when I quickly used possession on an Idle Orc and undid it to have it start Auto-moving towards Heroes. I did this 3-4 times and once the Orcs died it came up as me dying as a Possessed Monster.

Unclear numbers
-Evil Counter (the thing at the top of the screen) does not correctly display Evil Gained or Lost.
I can lose -3 Evil but gain +1 and it will only show that I gained +1. Quite often it doesn't display correct when you have gained and changes the amount of Evil.

No cooldown for you!
-Energy Banner doesn't start reducing cooldowns until the one who placed it walks out of range and back into range. Sometimes it fails to register that you have used your Weapon Skill and require a fast cooldown.

Mystery Icon
-Evil Freeze DLC Possession Ability's Icon is not correctly displayed when controlling a possessed monster.

-For one reason or another the game tries to input console commands. Anything said after a ">" will often spawn a "TEXT_NOT_FOUND" which will then result in all text henceforth will no longer be seen(it can still be seen on local play). It's quite annoying since I like to be able to talk to the DM or my fellow Dungeoners. This is also problematic since people often use text based emoticons such as >.> or other similar ones.

We're here to stay!
-Freeze Trap after being sprung, does not fade away well after 40 seconds to a minute. [Confirmed problem on Local & Online play]
-Curse Trap after being sprung, does not fade away well after 40 seconds. [Confirmed on Online play]
-Teleport trap after being sprung, does not fade away well after 40 seconds. [Confirmed on Online play]

That's a nice path you got there, it'd be a shame if...
-Mana Mimic blocks AI Pathing for both Bots & enemy Monsters. (Enough of them that are well placed can also block players as well)
-Healing Supplies Potion Skill Barrel blocks AI Pathing for both Bots & enemy Monsters. (used one in a Boss fight with the Elder Dragon and watched as it aimlessly walked forward for a while, doing no harm)

One just wasn't enough
-The Rogues Healing Supplies Potion Skill places a barrel of potions on the ground. The potions can be consumed even if the player is already at full health. This means your allies can run over and click until all the potions are used up leaving you none. I do not believe health potions should be consumed if you are already AT FULL HEALTH, that is simply ridiculous.

-Multiple Beer Towers can be placed directly on top of each other. Interestingly enough they all will take damage around the same time.

Close Enough
-Achievement Crowded Control unlocked when 2 Bots broke open and walked into the 4 sided walls.

Bomb Up! uhh Down?
-The Rogue's heavy damage dealing bomb and Heal Bomb often falls through the stage if thrown out too far. Instead of hitting gamelimits or an object it will simply fall through the floor and never explode.

Attempting the Impossible
-The game tries to connect you to a match that is either Full or almost full. Often if another player joins just before you the game still connects you in, sees that there is too many people then boots everyone out to the main menu.

You. Shall. Not. Join!
-You attempt to somehow join a game which is actually at the End Screen and replace a bot. Instead of replacing the bot the game boots you out to the main

Instant Danger Event
-The match just started, we walked forward and right into a Danger Event where we didn't have enough time or space to react against it. We lost all lives and it was on the lowest difficulty, Hard. Cannibal Kingdom. No challenges.

Instant Boss
-Started the match, everything was normal as we moved forward a Danger Event started. It spawned the Mind Squid directly off screen. He wiped out the bots I was playing with ease which caused me to lose all lives. Again lowest difficulty, Hard. Arcane Kingdom. No challenges.

No Electric Synergy
-I cannot figure out what the Electric Combos are. Normally you take an elemental Weapon Skill (Example Fire Wall) and have someone else attack through it. I've tried to have another player or bot attack through the only Electric based Weapon Skill I know, Electric Orb. It has no effect. Also unlike other Weapon Skills with Elemental effect, it shows no element when being casted (Again, think Fire Wall). Attacking enemies that were stunned because of the Electric Mage's Critical Regular Attack, have no effect and show no signs of an element. Also, nothing tells me that this is NOT within the game yet, if that is actually the case.

No Poison Element
-The Synergies tip area in the tutorial menu shows a number of Elements and Icons to create combos with. No attack in the game so far has the Poison Icon marking. The only attack that says it's poison related is for the Ninja Ratman but I haven't seen any reactions.

Strange Habits
-The AFK Mode only AFK's the player with the controller and not the one who selects it, in local play. If the person on the Keyboard is actually AFK and pauses to select it in the menu, the other local player will gain the AFK Tag and NOT the Keyboard player.

You can Drop in, Just Drop Out
-If playing with a friend in a local or private game, a friend using the controller hooked up to your PC cannot drop out of the game. You HAVE TO quit out back to the Lobby or Main Menu. If your friend pauses the game and selects Quit thinking it will drop it out of the game like it does in the lobby, you will find out you just quit out for both of you.

Standard Game Connectivity Issues.
-You attempt to connect to a game with 0/3 players and it simply fails to connect to the server. I've noticed the tip at the bottom of the screen that says something like "can't connect to your silly friends game? open port blah blah blah on your router". Well, not everyone uses a router let alone is able to change things with it. Face it, a lot of people playing this game are young kids or teens that don't know how to fiddle with the router, much less want to in case they mess up.

This also still has an issue with people with a perfect ping still failing.
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Jan 30, 2013
  • Dungeonland
Just made an update to the bugs list here. I'm beginning to wonder exactly what is a bug and what is intended gameplay.


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Jan 30, 2013
  • Dungeonland
DM Infinite Super Armor
-During the fight of the Beerholder one of the Yellow Minions that give Super Armor got stuck in the wall. We couldn't kill it and that resulted in a loss that we could do nothing about. I think it might've happened because the Beerholder pushed the minion back during one of his attacks. That or the Warrior's Shield Push Skill knocked it into the wall.