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Jul 17, 2011
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第7章: The Great War Ends

One Year Later, Marching to Hizen Province​

Takahashi: The land is almost fully under your control, Michiyo-sama.
Muneshige: Yes, the only place left is Hizen, Where the entire Minamoto army resides.
Motochika: He seems too terrified to move.
Michiyo: We just took the Entire Island of Kyushu back from them in less then a year. I would be scared too.

All men laughed.

Michiyo: Hurry men. Im ready to finish this and go home. I havent seen my son in who knows how long. This war is overdo. My Wife is going to hate me when I get home. I might even have another child soon.

They all laughed again.

Motochika: I too am getting the fever between my legs. When I get home, Im renting a Geisha.
Michiyo: Why would you do that? You have a loving wife at home waiting for you.
Motochika: I dont think my wife can handle all that I am about to unleash.
Takahashi: If you can release anything at all. All talk and no play makes Chinko(Look It Up) a dull toy.

All men laughed except Motochika how let out a smirking fake laugh.

Michiyo: Take that and use it on your wife. She misses you as much as you miss her. I see how many letter you send!!
Motochika: My Lord!! You werent supposed to see that. Oh the Shame!!

They all laugh again.

Muneshige: I cannot wait to see my wife. I dont have any Male heirs. I have 7 years worth of aggression to let off.
Michiyo: Has it really been that long since the start of the Taira wars??
Takahashi: It has my lord. I can only wonder how big your son has gotten.
Michiyo: I hope the little chichikurin( Pipsqueak) hasnt gotten to big for me. Ive only seen him once, and he was only a few months..... I miss my family.

The men looked at Michiyo.

Motochika: Then I guess there is only one Solution.
Muneshige: Kill every man that lay before us.
Takahashi: Make them fear the name Tachibana.

The men all nodded in agreement, as they looked down the valley to see the Capital of Hizen, Surrounded by thousands of Minamoto soldiers. As we grew closer, we seen the Famine on their faces and the lack of sleep in their eyes. Ten men, including The Shogun himself, stood at the front of the army with a white flag waving in his arms. Michiyo couldnt take himself to fight men that had already given up. He ordered The leader Norimichi Minamoto, to come to him for a meeting of Peace.


Hakozaki Shrine, Fukuoka City(Capital of Hizen Provence)​

Michiyo: I see that you are not willing to fight any longer.
Norimichi: No, please, find it in your heart to forgive me and let me go. You can have my women and the men in this army. But let me return to my castle, to my bed.
Michiyo: I cant believe your thought process. You Dishonour your ancestors with words like that. There is only one way I will allow this peace.
Norimichi: Anything, anything you ask.

Michiyo pulled out a very small blade. and set it on the ground in front of the begging Norimichi.

Michiyo: End your life right here and now, with what little honour you have left.

Norimichi looked at the blade and looked up at Michiyo with disgust.

Norimichi: I, the Shogun, have begged you for my life!! And this is how you repay me!!
Michiyo: You set my land ablaze, you threatened the life of my Wife and son that I havent seen in 7 years due with your worthless, Ignorant ambition. A man like you does not deserve to live.
Norimichi: Oh is it dishonourable to beg for ones life?
Michiyo: No, but it is to offer another mans life in homage to save yourself.

Norimichi fell silent.

Michiyo: Plus, now I know without a doubt you will undoubtedly take revenge against me if you arent killed here.
Norimichi: Thats absurd, that is not how I repay kindness. I will allow you to live in peace till the end of your days.
Michiyo: So that the cycle can begin anew? So your son can attack my Family like you did today? You have no heir!! Your bloodline ends with you.
Norimichi: That is why you should allow me to live!! I do have an heir. He waits for me at home in Nagato!! Have you no heart? I just want to see my son!!

Norimichi lowers his head and bows to Michiyo. Michiyo Begins to laugh. Norimichi looks at him with a snarling face.

Michiyo: You dont have a child.
Norimichi: Yes, I-I do.
Michiyo: Whats her name?
Norimichi: Her name is Noriko.

Michiyo turned and looked at his men. Then back at Norimichi.

Michiyo: I could of sworn you said you had a son.

Norimichi eyes got wide. then the anger filled his mind. He snapped He stood up, yelling at Michiyo.

Michiyo: Your lies will not save you here.
Norimichi: You ungrateful Lowlife!! I should have caused Genocide against your people. Burned your lands to the ground!!
Michiyo: Men should be either treated generously or destroyed, because they take revenge for slight injuries - for heavy ones they cannot.

Norimichi fell to his knees.

Michiyo: Now pick up the tantō(name of the sword used for Seppuku), and end this futile struggle.
Muneshige: May I be his kaishakunin Michiyo-sama.

Michiyo Nods

(Fun Fact: A seppuku is a ritual of when a Samurai or person of importance either A) Doesnt want his enemy to kill him, B) Commit Serious offenses, or C) have brought an unsurmountable amount of Shame upon themselves jab a Tanto intoi their Stomachs and Disembowel themselves. In other words, they rip out their stomach with a small blade. The role of the kaishakunin is that one the blade is shoved in their stomach, they behead them before they die.)

Muneshige draws out his sword and steps behind Norimichi. Norimichi grabs and unsheaths the Tanto. He stares at it, then looks up at Michiyo. He Jumps up and attempts to stab Michiyo with the Blade, but is Cut down by Muneshige before he has a chance to reach him. Norimichi's body fell to the ground lifeless....


Thus, the war ended.
Peace now falls over Japan.
But it will not last​

This, was the end of the Minamoto Line. There was no one left of the main family to take the throne. Usurpers now attempted to seize the throne for themselves. The Minamoto lands Fell into Chaos. Clan wide revolt. There money was gone, The food was destroyed, crime rose to an all time high.

Pure Turmoil​

This was when Michiyo knew, that the Divine Wind blew in his favor, and that he was destined for greatness. This was the Beginning of the Tachibana's quest for control of Japan.

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Jul 10, 2012
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Excellent ending to the war. This is by far my most favourite AAR. I thank you for it.

Now comes the quest of becoming Shogun.


First Lieutenant
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Mar 25, 2013
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This AAR has been a joy to read, and the character-based narration adds a lot compared to your other AARs.

I have been very close to deliver you the Best Character Writer of the Week Award, it has really been a tight choice. Anyway, I wanted to encourage you to keep going in this path, as I'm sure it is only a matter of weeks before you are rewarded for this AAR!

I'll be watching you :)


Man Of The Highlands
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Jul 17, 2011
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Well, unfortunately, this AAR must come to an end. I have a knack for playing very far ahead in my games to get a feel for the story and what I should write. But my house was hit in a thunderstorm, fried my laptops motherboard, got the computer fixed and I lost all my screenshots. Sorry to any who were reading, but This wont be the last Japanese AAR I do. It should be coming up soon, and I thank you all for taking the Time to read this AAR.


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Sep 26, 2011
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