Distinguish genetic and non-genetic version of Lunatic / Melancholic / Possessed

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Right now, these three traits can be either genetic or non-genetic. This is distinguisable by a faint white glow behind the genetic version of the trait (much like virtues glow green).


This is a suggestion to distinguish these two version by their background : Round for the non-genetic and Losange (like the other congenital traits) for the genetic.
Right now, Lunatic use a heart background for both versions, and Possessed / Melancholic use a round background for both versions.

Albino is an exemple of a congenital trait with a losenge background.

I suggest reverting the non-genetic Lunatic trait to the previous design, with a round in the background instead of a heart. Replace the current genetic background for a losenge.


Melancholic and Possessed would keep their round-background in the non-genetic version, but would also change for a losenge background for the genetic version.

I reckon it would be a simple way to distinguish at a glance if they are inheritable or not.
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