Discussion: cultural disturbances

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Nov 30, 2017
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This is a discussion thread about if and why such mechanic could potentially be introduced into the game or not.
Nothing here is a suggestion, nothing here is a stated rule. If one finds something good on this topic, they may expand upon it and forget about anything else. But please, do not stick to details.

So. For every species apart founder species the colony is suffering -4 stability (or happiness) which is reduced to -3 for charismatic species and increased for -5 for repugnant species.
Xenophobe ethic increase this maulus x2 and x4 if fanatic xenophobe. Xenophiles have this maulus reduced by 50%, and f.xenophiles have no mauluses.
Of course other ethic bonusses have to be chnaged. Lets leave xenophobe ability to enslave and purge, and disallow xenophiles from purges whatsoever, tho, let allow xenophiles to have slaves, and this feature should be main theme od egalitarians.
Basic principle is that xenophobes dont want to be near xenos while xenophiles loves. And multicultural society can be less stable.
New policy:
- closed borders - no imigration.
- open borders - no restriction for immigration.
- visa - restriction over how many xeno species can live in empire (maybe 8) and how many xeno species can live in single planet (3) if those numbers are reached, any other species is blocked from immigration.