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Jan 20, 2018
Am I the only person that was truly disappointed in the absolute lack of choice throughout Tyranny? Especially considering the lengths the Devs went to convince me this game would be different, a revelation in fact. Any actual choices were superficial at best; choosing how you oppose someone is not the same as choosing whether to or not. The sheer number of situations where there were say five possible answers to a question/situation and 4/5 of them would be the same but merely phrased differently, then it turns out that actually all of the 'choices' would have led to the same outcome..

I wanted to love this game so badly and I did play it through and enjoyed various parts of it tremendously, in a year or two when the modding community have had a good crack this will be a truly brilliant game, or of course when official patches are released. But I feel like I am the only person to see the lies peddled by the Devs upon playing - nothing better encompasses the lack of choice than deciding not to realign the nodes and sabotaging the earthshaker's plan to destroy the land and harvest Cairn's power..

Anyway, rant over. I wont even start on the innumerable faults that permeate the game (and game-play) making it seem as though no one actually played it through and gave constructive feedback prior to release..
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