As Designed Different prices of goods in all provinces

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Feb 21, 2013
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I have verified my game files (on Steam)​


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Different prices of goods in all provinces


I noticed that even though I have 100% market access in all of my provinces I have different price for i.e. wood, coal or iron in all of them. What is interesting when rebelion occurred and had Slask, Wielkopolska and Malopolska I checked and they all had the same price.

Steps to reproduce​

Open Slask region info check market access, check i.e. wood price there.
Open Wielkopolska region info check market access, check i.e. wood price there.
Open Mazowsze region info check market access, check i.e. wood price there.
All 3 of the regions will have different price i.e. for wood, coal or iron and all of them have 100% market access.

Game Version​

1.5.0 Open Beta




Bug Type​


Save Game​

View attachment SomethingWentWrong.v3


Player Pain​


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1.5.0 Open Beta
There is a new feature in 1.5 called Market Access Price Impact (MAPI). This means that all states calculate their Local Prices using a mixture of Market Prices (like in 1.4) and local supply-and-demand (like in 1.0 IIRC). MAPI will be between 75% and 95% (or thereabouts) depending on your laws and tech, i.e. local supply-and-demand should always have some affect on prices. See the Features section of the 1.5 Changelog.

Unless you are reporting that MAPI doesn't work when there's been a rebellion. That would be a bug.
Hi! As others already said - this is not a bug.
See the Open Beta dev diary for more details! -
  • The degree to which the Market can influence the price on goods in a State is now capped by the Market Access Price Impact modifier. This means that local production and consumption will now always matter when determining the price of a good in a state, creating the opportunity for local synergies and supply chains.
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