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Yes. I know that populations in space might be small compared to planet/space-building centers of living, but I feel a large enough empire should have some hint of their space-born and spacer populations.

An example would be if a species is wiped out in an empire or the galaxy, or grows wide-spread, there could be a chance for a pop or two to appear on one of your worlds or elsewhere, to make the galaxy feel more lived-in once everyone is bumping into each other.

Or if an extermination against a space-faring species is going on, a rare chance for an enemy army to appear one of your worlds, or a last-gasp attack event. To help sell the idea that you or the AI has pushed a species to the breaking point. Even more so against Forgotten Empires.

On the more economic or political side of things, I am sure migration routes or space-lanes used for centuries or thousands of years could easily influence economics, migrations, and the political power of parties. I am talking about more than just the migratory fleets that sell stuff.
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