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Just call me Yoda in private!
Mar 1, 2005
Hello everybody, and welcome to our seventh development diary for ‘For the Glory’ (FTG).

Today's diary is a little short because we're rushing to meet deadlines, but there's still plenty to talk about. I'll start with a sampling of new event commands.

If you followed the suggestions thread in the AGCEEP forum, you already know about the discover command.
command = { type = discover which = <id or -1> } # -1 = random adjacent to a known province

Want to model the historic HRE better? Use the hre command.
command = { type = hre which = <id> value = yes/no }

Another closely related command is electors:
command = { type = electors which = <tag> value = <number> } # leave "which" out for THIS

Stuck on which goods to give a province, because it has changed over time? Use the goods command!
command = { type = goods which = <id> value = <goods> }

The annex command has the exact behavior of the old inherit command, and the inherit command no longer gives provinces to their controller. No more jumping on Aragon and waiting for the event...

And now for a few triggers.
The other-country trigger allows you to check whether conditions are valid for a country other than the one receiving the event. For example, a Spanish event can check whether England is Protestant:
trigger = {
    ENG = {
        OR = {
            religion = protestant
            religion = reformed

Check whether this country is a vassal or an overlord:
isvassal = yes/no
isoverlord = yes/no

Check whether there is a trading post, a colony or a colonial city in a certain province:
tradingpost = <id>
colony = <id>
colonialcity = <id>
Note that because of the other-country trigger, all of the new province-based triggers check for the current country.

There are many more triggers and commands, but they'll have to wait for later. Now it's time for some eye candy!

BeBro and thrashing mad have been hard at work making new sprites. Here's a sampling of their handiwork:







Birger has been busy, too, but his project will remain a secret for now. Stay tuned!
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Great sprites! These new sprites on the new map will look great!

Edit: The new event commands looks great as well. Not as sexy as new sprites though.
Very good! :D
Great sprites, nice new commands...overall a good DD!
looks great, just noticed that the game is listed on GG with a "coming soon" sticker on it

Today's diary is a little short because we're rushing to meet deadlines, but there's still plenty to talk about. I'll start with a sampling of new event commands.

GamersGate even gives the release date : 10th november.
Which explains Yoda's comment about the deadline. These are hectic times. :D

I like the sprites : they show a great attention to details.
[censored], those sprites just blew me away, AWSOMEO3000

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but please try to keep it clean. Thanks! --MichaelM
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There are no words to describe how much I want this game. :cool:

EDIT: I hope there are some cool new sprites for the 15th and 17th centuries!

Those land sprites are from 15th century, but there will be sprites for later eras as well. :)