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This is not a bad idea either)))

Still, I believe that Lithuania deserves to have more event lines then the post 1569 sequence. What about Vytautas becoming king and adopting an heir to prevent a civil war? Kazimierz (son of Jagiełło) breaking away from Poland and declaring himself King of Lithuania (thus aberrating all the post-1444 Poland timelines, as well as Czech and Hungarian ones)... Lithuania is just to fun to be left without a "fantasy" timeline :D
a "fantasy" timeline

sounds so typical AGCEEP ;)

Btw: Instead complaining about the lack of events for certain countries, go to the AGCEEP-subforum (or the WATKABAOI-thread ;)) and made some proposals. That way it would be more likely that some events are done.
I still prefer waiting for FtG to be released, crack the new event script and write events myself XD Plus, I'm no expert on non-Polish history, so... Wait a minute... Lithuanian history and Polish history have quite much in common, after all XD

*runs to check for possible non-Jagiellonian kings for the XV century*
Fantasy sequences are indeed usually frowned upon in AGCEEP, but plausible alternative history is perfectly allowed. Unlike what our detractors usually claim, nobody there wants to re-live history in every game as in a book.
There is still room for Fantasy scenarios but nothing else to add.
Yes, I don't like them either, can't see what was wrong with the former icon. :confused:

I think it is better now. The previous one kind of blended in with the similarly dark background. The new icons are more distinctive and I like them. :)
its wednesday already! I want diary!