Developer Diary 5 – POPs, Bureaucrats and the Clergy

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termage aside, in the system we create, even if the statuses of laborers and craftsmen are equal, there is still an upgrade barrier to laborers working in factories, whereas there shouldnt be any.

the fundamental base of industrial revolution is unskilled workers' huge production output through machinery. machinery outdid weavers for example, and awarded the world literature the word 'sabotage' in the ensuing riots.

but in vic situation is rather otherwise. its as if every factory in vic is a job shop production line, like producing F16s, or, operating CNC shops, ie requiring skilled workers operating complex machinery.

Laborers work in the field (RGO), Craftsmen work in a factory.

If a laborer gets a job to a factory, he transforms to a craftsman, and vice versa.

You want laborers to be able to work in either. Why? Isn't it much more elegant to have one pop type, one occupation? And from a coding perspective it is too. No need to have "Laborer that works in timber, Laborer that works in paper mill, craftsman that works in paper mill" - essentially 3 pop types to carry around instead of one.

I don't see the problem here. Craftsmen *are* the unskilled workers. Clerks are your skilled workers, managers, etc.. Laborer are rural unskilled workers that aren't farmers. Simple.