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Mar 7, 2017
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Hey all, just wanted to drop a line and let you know that we're back in action in Stockholm. Had some people working last week, and we're at full strength now. We're going to get back to updating the stellaris_test beta with new batches of fixes (stand by for a new iteration of that soon), and rolling proven fixes in to the live official version. We've got a local experimental performance improvement branch going and we'll merge those changes in to the beta, and ultimately live build, when we feel they're solid.

MegaCorp was a massive undertaking. The price of changes that sweeping and dramatic is bugs, but part of our basic philosophy is to always be bold with innovating new things. The evolving experience is one of the things that make us different. Your constructive feedback on the betas has been helpful, please keep it up. Thanks for your patience, and remember: we don't just push something out the door and forget about it, we're Paradox, we support games and the people who play them for the long haul. I have a large amount of post launch support time budgeted where we'll be doing nothing but working on fixes for you guys, and we're going to make the most of it.
That's what happens when you try to innovate without having enough time and resources just to meet a deadline for Christmas sales and callously push out a product that was in no way ready to be sold. I appreciate you sticking to the product and fixing it with time, but this was a blatantly greedy and anti-consumer move, and I hope everybody remembers this, and that you're aware of it.

I agree. 2.2 has lead me to rethink my usual approach to Paradox games. Buy first, ask later and wait for the fixes on the fly. Now, I'm going to wait for more polished versions and DLC sales.:(
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Welcome back, may the bug forum trawl be fruitful.

After having spent a solid 40+ hours with Megacorp (and various 2.2.x beta patches), I have to say that I'd have loved for the patch to receive more Pre-Launch support as opposed to Post-Launch support, simply because there were some fairly obvious gameplay issues still present (and still are, as of the christmas beta branch) - personal pet peeves include but aren't limited to: Gaia World resources, Mineral Scarcity (this is more of a design thing, but I feel like, due to the changes to habitats and ringworlds, there are way fewer minerals available for straight extraction for a taller empire that doesn't sprawl out across a quarter of the galaxy), and Sector Assignment (all hail the one-planet sectors killing the outliner's usefulness). (Also, the performance, the performance... heavens forbid there's a war going on past 2350 on anything that isn't a <600 stars galaxy)
Should we be expecting only bug squashing in the near future, or will major game aspects that aren't really working well (pop growth, for example) be revisited too?
I kinda hope you'll rethink your approach in your management model. There is a blatant flaw in releasing such a change just before christmas with so many bugs and TODO left, and I hope someone in your upper management has the balls to do what should be done to not alienate your customer base instead of what appears to be capitalizing on short term profits.

(I understand my post could be somewhat controversial, but I'll not dismiss the pitchfork easily when every other developers would have been flamed to death for doing the same. And if someone think I deserve a nice "on probation" label or worst, so be it).
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I agree. 2.2 has lead me to rethink my usual approach to Paradox games. Buy first, ask later and wait for the fixes on the fly. Now, I'm going to wait for more polished versions and DLC sales.:(

I guess you weren't around when HOI3 shipped if you think 2.2 is bad :D

IMO Paradox did improve much regarding quality since that debacle, but they still could invest more in the QA/AI/Performance category. Especially before the Clausewitz engine becomes the new "Creation Engine" and they release EU 76.
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I'm excited, but please the ai needs to he able to take planets. Last thing I want to do is be negative. However even with the massive changes glavius ai mod makes. Hes struggling to get the ai to land armies/ use armies period.

It's a bit if a dealbreaker for me.

Other then that I do like the changes alot!
I am afraid systems unrelated to new parts of the DLC were damaged by this patch. Why was regression testing not done? Even if not bought, new content weakens the experience.
I'm glad to hear these bugs will be handled promptly. I never really doubted that you guys would be able to fix them.

However the Megacorp DLC will be the last Stellaris DLC I preorder. It launched in an inexcusably rushed state and left a bad taste in my mouth. In the future, I will only be purchasing DLCs if and when they are in a stable post-launch state.
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