[Dev Team] 3.0.3 Patch Released (Checksum d281)

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Hello everyone!

The 3.0.3 has now been in beta for quite a while and we finally feel like it's ready to push live on all platforms.

For those of you that have been playing on the beta, there are a couple more fixes in this live version than what you've been playing with. So here are the full patch notes:

######################### VERSION 3.0.3 ###########################

# Balance

* Increased the minimum growth of planets near the top of the logistic growth curve to 10% from 1%.
* Significantly reduced the effect of empire pops on the required growth of new pops to 0.25 from 0.5.
* Reduced the number of pops required to upgrade capital buildings to 10/25/50 from 10/40/80.
* Hive Worlds now also have +1 Spawning Drone job.
* Machine Worlds now also have +1 Replicator job. Resource Consolidation homeworlds begin with a blocker negating this extra job until removed.
* The Constructobot civic now also grants +1 Building Slot.
* Slave Processing Plants now also enable automatic resettlement for slaves on their planet, but reduce the rate at which the planet does so. (Which can be offset by Transit Hubs or other modifiers.)
* Ceramo-Steel Infrastructure and Durasteel Infrastructure technologies now also grant +25% Colony Development Speed.
* Increased the duration of the Prosperous Unification planet modifier to 20 years.
* Espionage related edicts that lowered operation difficulty now instead increase Codebreaking (which will still reduce difficulty, but will also have other benefits.)
* Replaced +10 Maximum Infiltration on Ruthless Competition and Shadow Council with +1 Codebreaking.
* The Criminal Syndicate civic now also grants +1 Codebreaking.
* Reduced the alloy discount of GDF ships to 25% but added an extra 10% discount to the resolution that expands the GDF.
* You can now no longer permanently lose your Aetherophasic Engine. However, losing control of it will wipe out all progress you had made in upgrading it.
* Slowed down purging by about 50%, as we have significantly fewer pops in the game now. The exception is Neutering, which has increased in speed from 500 months per pop to 10 months per pop.
* You now get four months' worth of their purge output every time a pop is purged via Forced Labor, Processing or Chemical Processing.
* Slowed down First Contact investigation times by about 50%.
* Ion Cannons, Perdition Beams, and Titan Lasers are now considered energy weapons and benefit from repeatable technologies.
* Reduced Criminal job effect on trade to -5 from -10.
* Rogue Servitor bio-trophy buildings now also increase Planet Capacity to compensate for the trophies within.
* Bio-Trophies now provide 1 Unity instead of 2, and 1% Complex Drone Output instead of 0.25%, but only provide any benefits when at or above 50% happiness.
* Increased the effect of the Rogue Servitor Expanded Breeding Program to 20% from 10%.
* Terminal Egress is now a black hole (which cannot be cracked)
* Resolution Extra Dimensional Exploration is now again a dangerous resolution (which lets you get the Unbidden a bit early)
* Medical Workers now also increase Organic Pop Assembly by 5%, and increase habitability by 2.5%
* Significantly reduced the up front energy cost of espionage operations.
* Increased the power of starbase reactors. Fully upgraded bastions should be better at actually using all their weapon slots.
* Espionage edicts unlocked by Quantum Hacking now also grant +10 Maximum Infiltration Level.
* Pops will not automatically resettle away from newly founded colonies until 5 years have passed, so your habitats will no longer have one worker flee before you can give them something to do.
* The Gather Information operation now also grants +5 Maximum Infiltration Level for 10 years, stacking with itself up to +20. (Continuing to perform the operation will restart the 10 year timer if it's at +20 Maximum Infiltration Level.)
* Espionage operations no longer gain 1 Insight no matter how bad the roll, contrary to what is stated on the UI. They now need a score of at least 2 to gain an insight. If the die rolls 10 and the score is below 2, an insight will still be gained to prevent operations from freezing entirely.
* Made Menace Rewards scale with the number of empires in game.
* Reverted the behavior that shipyards in occupied stations could be used to upgrade and build ships.
* Reduced the number of Clerk jobs provided by buildings and districts by 40%.
* Clerk trade value has been increased to 4.
* Crime Lord Deal now also adds criminal jobs.
* Manufacturing focus buildings (factories and foundries) are no longer exclusive from one another, and no longer add jobs to Industrial Districts. They instead increase the base production of alloy or consumer goods producing jobs by 1 or 2, with a corresponding increase in upkeep.
* Buildings that increased basic resource production and added jobs to basic resource producing buildings or districts (Energy Grids, Mineral Purification Plants, etc.) now increase the base production of the relevant jobs by 1 or 2 based on tier instead of their previous modifiers. Machine empires still gain the extra resource district slots as before. Yes, things like "livestock" counts as a "relevant job".
* Reduced base automatic resettlement chance to 5% per month (46% chance per planet to resettle per year).
* Reduced logistic growth ceiling from 2.0 to 1.5.
* Sliders have been added in Galaxy Generation for the planetary Logistic Growth cap and Empire-wide Growth Required scaling values. Please note that adjusting these can have significant effects on game balance and performance.

# Performance and Stability

* Optimised spawning the L-Gate to not freeze the game.
* Fixed CTD in opengl that might happen when kicked from an MP while empire selection screen is open.
* Further optimised yearly tick from assimilation.
* Slightly reduced the performance burden of the auto-migration system.
* Fixed crash on sector colony development update.

# UI

* The Necrophage Chamber of Elevation description now explains why the jobs provided by that building may vary.
* Added a tooltip in diplomacy view for civics when you do not have sufficient intel to see them.
* Fixed some instances of text and UI overlap in the (become the) Crisis view for some languages.
* Appended assign and unassign tooltip to espionage asset in create espionage operation view.
* Added right click to unassign espionage asset in Espionage Operation view.
* The best species for a habitable planet is now shown in the galaxy view tooltip and not only in the system view tooltip.
* Added tooltips and hidden/disabled some UI elements to show that an occupied shipyards cannot be used.

# AI

* Fixed Lithoid Tree of Life AI not ever colonising or using the decision to transplant the Tree of Life to conquered planets
* Fixed AI reserving food for planetary decisions even though no decisions require food
* AI now cares more about energy & alloys. Added a building limit define.
* AI now waits 10 years to fully take over players.
* Improved AI human takeover behavior
** bWasHumanRecently added to weighting stuff in CalcBuildingWeight
** "HandlePlanets" now checks for AI_FREE_JOBS_BUILDING_BUILD_CAP in order to build misc buildings
** Removed the Upkeep check for approximation because of locking itself out of building certain stuff in deficit
** AI stops building armies after takeover
** AI stops building starbases & starbase modules after takeover
** AI stops buying & selling pops after takeover
** Added some comments to pop.h and pop.cpp

** Reduced amount of jobs allowed to build new stuff
** Increased scores for deficit, focus & amnetie building weights
** Reduced weight for pop buildings
** Increased AI takeover timer to 10 years
** Updated economic plans to not change as much through the game time
** Economic plans now favor less research and more stability and economic balance
** Added a job weight for low income for artisan jobs
** Increased job weight for technicians for low income situations
** Reduced low income threshold for miner jobs
* Economic plan fix for hive & gestalt
* Fixed case where AI logic was countering itself. This also solves the single largest AI performance drain

# Modding

* Trigger has_population_control and has_migration_control are now no longer simple booleans, but follow the format of has_colonization_control instead.
* Added intel_effects_surveyed attribute to country type for handling intel system toggle surveyed/unsurveyed planet status, was previously handled by the primitives attribute.
* has_intel trigger now works.
* Added dissolve_alliance effect.
* Fixed on_first_contact_stage_1_no_path using the wrong scope.
* Fixed a crash if you used an invalid starbase design in create_starbase; added error logging instead.
* join_war and join_war_on_side effects no longer allows you to join a war if you're already at war against one of the war participants and will log an error if it is attempted.
* "From" in the "active" trigger of resolutions now refers to the target, if valid.
* Added galactic_emperor and galactic_custodian scope changes.
* Added an "effect" field to declare_war effect.
* Menace rewards can now have modifiers to scale the reward.
* Added should_remove_response_message_when_not_possible property for diplomatic actions, to remove response messages of the diplo action type if the possible check fails.
* LOGISTIC_POP_GROWTH_CEILING, REQUIRED_POP_GROWTH_SCALE, and REQUIRED_POP_ASSEMBLY_SCALE defines have been removed as they have been replaced by sliders in galaxy generation.

# Bugfixes

* Organic Pop Assembly now respects population controls.
* Fixed cases where destroying an empire through war would not grant you the Menace from Destroy Empires.
* Fixed various error log messages relating to Crisis Objectives, along with several edge cases where the rewards were not granted when they should have been.
* Fixed an issue where Galactic Community resolution categories would not be hidden if they contain targeted resolutions that there are no valid targets for.
* Fixed an issue where the acceptance breakdown for diplomatic actions was available even if you didn't have sufficient intel.
* Fixed an issue where an already proposed Galactic Community resolution could be passed even if not all of its conditions were fulfilled.
* Fixed scripted trigger scope validation.
* Fixed scripted effect scope validation.
* Fixed an issue where it was not possible to invite others to a federation if you were a Custodian while a crisis was ongoing.
* Systems previously made visible no longer become unknown when your intel on a country is too low.
* Fixed tooltip of active operation in spy network view to show the operations modifiers and not only the spy networks.
* Fixed an issue where the capital location of special empires, such as the caravaneers, would not be revealed after establishing communication.
* Fixed long tooltip for war goal to close branch offices if they have multiple branch offices in your borders.
* Increased chance for Auto-Research to pick certain strategic techs.
* Fixed it being possible for the Caravaneers to request one of your systems when they lost theirs even if you have never met the Caravaneers.
* Fixed an issue where tooltips mentioning joining a war would sometimes be missing empire names and be oddly formatted.
* Fixed it being impossible to repeal the Pax Galactica.
* Fixed an issue where the name of your ally wouldn't be displayed in a notification when joining a war as the Galactic Imperium ruler.
* Made ketling country intel not affecting their planets surveyed status for other empires.
* Fixed so aggressive stance does not trigger the wrong animation state to be set on ships.
* Fixed edge cases where the event to prompt you to consider first contact protocols happened quite late.
* Fixed cases where event rewards granting progress in a technology would not save that as a permanent research option.
* Fixed an issue in the diplomacy view where the Closed Borders icon would also appear when you were the one that had closed borders to the other empire.
* Fixed some scripted localization functions in German.
* Fixed some minor intel leaks when finding out why you cannot make a pact with an Inwards Perfectionist country, and similar.
* Fixed base value for upkeep/production/cost sometimes missing in tooltip.
* Fixed excessive and unhelpful messages upon completion of a Galactic Rebellion (whether it fails or succeeds).
* Fixed an issue where the Fleet Manager showed that Federation and Galactic Defense Force fleets had command limits.
* Fixed an instance of a broken event title when an Aetherophasic Engine has been destroyed.
* Unemployed Lithoids will no longer move back to a Doomed homeworld through auto-migration, even if there *are* plenty of good jobs and housing available. (can_planet_receive_auto_migration added to Game Rules.)
* Purging a pop now gives Menace even if the pop runs away to another empire.
* Updated Cradle of Life event text to account for intel levels.
* Fixed an issue where Galactic Defense Force ship sizes would just be shown as '(GDF) Name' when adding a design to a fleet in the Fleet Manager.
* Corrected an event option which follows a successful completion of Operation Sabotage Starbase. If an opportunity to also destroy a Defense Platform arises, this action will no longer consume (or attempt to consume) a Military Asset on the relevant Spy Network. Also corrected a minor grammatical error.
* Aggressive stance set on a transport fleet is now reapplied to it after an invasion is completed.
* Fixed it being impossible to abduct pops to Necrophage purge them once their species is already set to Undesirables who are to be Necrophaged.
* Winning a Crisis vassalisation war no longer gives an additional notification that the war ended because the opponent was vassalized.
* Fixed strange occurrences when a starbase is reconstructed on the monthly tick when fighting a Wipe them Out war and the system has multiple colonies of which the assailant only controls some.
* Changing species rights of a cyborg/psionic species now works properly, instead of using the species rights requirements of the base species.
* Added scrollbar to victory view summary to avoid text overflow.
* Fixed First Colony event firing (with inappropriate text) when settling Tomb and Relic worlds.
* Modifiers from Crisis perks now show up with names.
* Further fixes to Finders Keepers event.
* Planet colonizations that can never be finished will now be properly aborted on a monthly basis.
* Fixed a broken First Contact notification in Brazilian Portuguese
* Fixed an integer overflow in border distances where if two countries had no possible connections they would have 1000 reasons to be your vassal (mainly happening in modded games)
* Modifiers from Relics should show up properly.
* Fixed a bug where if you captured the Aetherophasic Engine in a Total War, it would not be destroyed (and would carry on any in-progress upgrade)
* Fixed ownerless megastructures not cancelling upgrades
* The area of the envoy portrait in the envoy selection view should be correctly clickable.
* Determined Exterminators, Fanatic Purifiers and Devouring Swarms now remain true to their purity ideology, and may no longer adopt lost Space Amoebae.
* Fixed the event for establishing communications with Caravaneers inappropriately referring to them by their pre-comms code name.
* Fixed excessive rounding on species rights indicator for speed of purging.
* Fixed an error which would prevent Operation Arm Privateers from successfully spawning a Privateer fleet inside a valid target empire.
* Fixed a typo in the purging code that meant that you could have negative progress in purging the month after a pop is purged.
* Fixed Contingency worlds wiped out by Star Eaters not counting as destroyed.
* Fixed a large number of events, particularly in espionage, where failing to account for gender-neutral Plantoids and Fungoids would cause mistakes in English grammar. In other words, occurrences of "they is" are now correctly rendered "they are".
* Grammar fixes for descriptions of the "Master's Teachings" edicts.
* Fixed oddities when a Machine Uprising is given a planet that is under colonisation.
* Fixed Hive Worlds not getting the full benefit from Food Processing Centers.
* Fixed some typos in German.
* Acceptance breakdown is now hidden when proposing diplomatic actions if intel level is not high enough.
* Fixed it being possible to pass most of the Custodian and Imperial Resolutions multiple times when they were already active.
* Fix for crash on destruction of the last planet of the Galactic Custodian.
* Fixed the Unbidden Crisis' dimensional portals and anchors being destroyed by Star Eaters.
* Fixed a bug with being unable to survey an anomaly in foreign territory.
* The Imperial Crusade resolution can no longer be proposed against Fallen Empires or Awakened Empires.
* If two countries reach crisis level 5, the Galactic Community will now correctly declare war on both.
* The very first pop colonizing a planet will no longer feel strangely compelled to abandon their duties to go work in that... Odd Factory.
* Fixed the final event in the Cybrex precursor chain firing at the wrong time.
* Fixed typo in Nemesis Main Theme name in the music player.
* Fixed bug when fleet icon appears far away from ships.
* Removed some event script that was deprecated four years ago.
* Robots can no longer be acquired as assets unless the targeted empire has unlocked droids
* Megastructure icon is now shown on the galaxy map for L-gate systems.
* Fixed bug when fleet icon appears far away from ships.
* Fixed scopes in "Caravaneers: Local Franchise" event so that the event text correctly refers to the country rather than the species.
* Fixed an issue where brain slugs would not impact colony stability as intended
* If the initiator fails to win an Imperial Crusade, the resolution is no longer left active into perpetuity
* Fixed cases where the Galactic Community would fail to declare war on the empire Becoming the Crisis because the potential war leader was already at war with them. The crisis is now removed from all wars with Galactic Community members, and a new war is created.
* Fixed various oddities where passing the resolution to Declare a Crisis by vote would lead to federation members of the newly-declared crisis fighting against them (despite remaining federation members). They will now support the Crisis in this case (note: countries reaching Crisis Level 5 will continue to not keep their federation allies).
* Fixed an issue where if the galactic community declared war on one country as the Crisis, and then passed the resolution to declare a subsequent country the Crisis, various issues would ensure e.g. the war ending immediately, or the Galactic Community's leader having to face the crisis alone without the members to back it up.
* Fixed tooltip for why you can't replace a building saying there were too few pops.
* Fixed the confirmation message for commercial pacts and research agreements showing the information on their benefits reversed.
* Fixed an issue where Extradimensional Exploration would not let Gestalts learn about Zro.
* The Superconductive robot trait no longer requires Droid technology since Robots can now work Technician jobs.
* Fixed certain First Contact stages getting stuck and never progressing
* Neutronium Armor will now properly upgrade to Dragonscale Armor.
* Fixed it being possible to target Genocidal empires with the Imperial Crusade. Better just Declare Crisis on them...
* Sapient robots like Synthetics (including those created Synthetic Ascension) can now utilize the auto-migration system. AI Servitude policies will restrict their migration as if they were slaves (in which case they will relocate if a Slave Processing Plant exists on the planet).
* Fixed Mistaken for Food espionage random event permanently stopping the operation's progress
* Envoy Substance Abuse events can now no longer happen for gestalts either as the source of the envoy or the source of the substances)
* Fixed the confirmation message for commercial pacts and research agreements showing the information on their benefits reversed (simplified statement)
* Fixed Menacing ships not displaying weapon models properly.
* Spawned Star-Eaters now use correctly-dimensioned thruster components.
* A Galactic Custodian or Galactic Emperor will now always be able to propose Council resolutions, even if the Council has been abolished.
* Replaced references to 'Spy Power' in trigger localisation, instead referring to a spy network's 'Infiltration Level'.
* Fixed Mercantile diplomatic stance being visible to Gestalt Consciousness empires, taunting them with the tantalizing yet impossible promise of internal trade.
* Wrong advisor voice is removed from available ones for the case when a planet is successfully invaded.
* Vassals created by the Galactic Sovereign no longer get the Galactic Sovereign civic
* Espionage operation asset category icons now show tooltips with category names.
* The Pax Galactica is now correctly binding on the Emperor
* Notifications for refused peace offers are now properly removed when a war has ended.
* Some country modifiers that were removed much too slowly should now be removed faster.
* Updated numbers in espionage operation roll tooltip to show correct information
* Fixed a too-long string cutting off invader power values in ground combat view in French
* Fixed an issue where destroying the Contingency's final world with a Star-Eater would not not properly end the Contingency Crisis
* Further fixes to the end of the Cybrex precursor chain
* The tooltip when you can't reinforce a fleet shouldn't duplicate the cause.
* Fleets can be reinforced even if one ship type in the fleet can't be built.
* Fixed a crash upon mousing over a system with planets in as an observer
* Fixed a couple of Edicts having wrong deactivation cost
* Thought Enforcement tech is now researchable with Utopia.
* Fixed an issue where Nomads would keep asking for a Planet over and over, before establishing communications
* You can no longer invite someone you are at war against to join your side in a new war
* Corrected opinion text placement in the Declare War view.
* The Manifesti faction should no longer reform after it has disbanded, either through suppression or lack of popularity.
* Fixed the Research Institute building not properly converting to Planetary Supercomputer when conquered by Gestalt empires, and vice versa.
* Fixed auto-resettlement for Void Dweller habitats and certain other planets (needs a new save, though).
* Fixed an issue where Branch Office value tooltips could be displayed based on the wrong Branch Office owner.
* Branch Office value generated from Criminal jobs for Criminal Syndicates is now properly shown in the tooltip for Branch Office value.
* Fix for planetary designation icons being offset.

This will most likely be the last patch we release for 3.0 and we'd like to thank all of you for the feedback you've given us and we hope that the changes that we've made reflect our determination to make Stellaris the best game it can be, for everyone! This expansion and its following patches has been the biggest we've made so far, the total size of the changelog from 3.0.0 -> 3.0.3 is roughly 36 pages long. So just for the sake of perspective, here are all the change logs in one place!

######################### VERSION 3.0.2 ###########################

# Bugfixes

* Fixed an issue with the Big Red Button achievement not triggering before the game ended.
* Fixed an issue where players couldn't play as the pre-scripted Human Empires.
* Fixed an issue with Criminal Syndicates branch offices producing super negative trade due to crime, then multiplying it because of crime.
######################### VERSION 3.0.1 ###########################

# Features

* Added several new diplomatic messages for Becoming the Crisis empires

# Balance

* A wormhole now connects Scions to their Fallen Empire overlords.
* Aetherophasic Engine now grants increasing amounts of energy, minerals and Naval Capacity with each upgrade.
* Scaled down the Unity rewards of various espionage events which now award a value based on existing, monthly Unity income.
* Imperial Security Directorate updated such that it now offers the Emperor +2 to Decryption and +4 to Encryption only.
* Reverted change to special resource edicts' one-time costs: their costs now increase with empire sprawl as well as overextension, as opposed to just overextension. Also clarified the tooltip a bit.
* The new Special Projects for the final step in the base game Precursor event chains now take 30 days to research.
* The Indentured Servitude slavery type no longer applies Slavery based production modifiers if the pop is working in a Specialist job. Other slavery based modifiers such as reduced Housing and Amenity usage continue to apply.
* Lowered chance of Unbidden spawning as they can spawn early, so were appearing a lot more often than other crises
* Reintroduced Slave Processing Facility requirement to recruiting Slave Armies.

# Performance and Stability

* Fixed potential CTD when partial failure to connect to host in MP view.
* Stopped research_all_technologies console command from crashing the game.
* Right click unassigning a spymaster envoy no longer desyncs the game in MP.
* Improved efficiency of the code for picking what to build via planetary automation scripts.
* Reduced the “destroy galaxy” performance impact by not destroying each pop individually.
* Remade destroy colony so it is destroying any pops before changing owner/controller to no country just to reduce the amount of per pop calculations.
* Removed ai_weight fields from buildings, as the AI was periodically evaluating whether they added up to less than -1 (which they never did) to see if they should be destroyed. (Note: ai_weights were replaced by economic_plans so were not used for evaluating which building to build; note 2: if for some reason as a modder you really want to use them, you can still do so by disabling economic_plans)
* Fixed crash on Linux when joining a game through steam friends while the game was running.

# UI

* Filter out ill suited empires from the top right target Empire drop down in the Diplomacy view. E.g. The Shroud and Curator Enclaves.
* Galactic focus selection window is now hidden when changing tab in the galactic community.
* Rename Build ship and Build Defensive Platforms buttons on Starbases and Megastructures to Open catalog, which better describes the actual action.
* Disable newly renamed Open catalog buttons in Starbase and Megastructure ship builder UI when they have no effect.
* The Special Deposit tooltip now lists the effects that the special deposits have.
* UX rehaul of the MP Game Lobby making it clearer what to do and who's ready.
* Excavation sites are now greyed out when fully excavated.
* Remade planet view locked building slot tooltip to refer to actual capital building name and district with highest building slot add modifier
* Details for fleet, pops, economy, and technology are now hidden in the breakdown of diplomatic weight if you don't have enough intel
* Tidied up the tooltip for a planet's habitability in the planet's interface to clearly state what each number is.
* Intel value text should now be displayed better in all languages.
* The espionage operation categories filter is now hidden if there are less than 2 operations available.
* Only showing espionage operation category filters for potential and/or ongoing operations
* You can now use "go to capital" on Marauders in the Contacts menu (it will take you to their home system).
* If you have sufficient intel, hovering over the button to form or cancel a research agreement will now tell you how many technologies you and the other country may learn from it.
* Hovering over the button to form or cancel a commercial agreement now tells you how many credits you will gain from it (rather than you having to propose the agreement to find out).
* When you are offered a commercial agreement, you will now hear about the energy credit benefits.
* Removed superfluous "Are you the baddie?" tooltip for the Crisis tab, only displayed when not Becoming the Crisis.
* Improved consistency of Diplomatic Stance policy options being hidden or unavailable; visibility is now determined by government type and DLC ownership, while other factors determine availability.
* Changed tooltip for starbase buildings/modules in starbase view buildables to show calculated value and hide base if value is not affected by modifier.
* The tooltip for Crisis Objectives now contains information for how much Menace you have gained from this Objective.
* Added variety to the "unknown species" cardboard cutout in the first contact interface.
* Fixed inappropriate line breaks in "Intel" labels for some languages,
* Show diplomatic pacts an Empire has even if they're only known via a second hand Intel source. E.g. You having high Intel on A and thereby knowing it has a Commercial Pact with B will now show that Commercial Pact in the diplomacy view of B even if you don't have full Intel on all of B's diplomatic pacts.
* Cost/upkeep/production breakdown tooltip should not show mult modifiers for "empty" resources.
* Opinion map mode now properly hides opinion breakdowns unless enough Intel is gained.

# AI

* AI war strategies are now recalculated more often to make it respond better to changes in ally fleets.
* The AI now better accounts for the value of different resources when deciding what to buy on the market.
* Allow the AI to trade with Living Metal, Dark Matter, and Zro on the market.
* Added cooldown before AI considers responding to a proposal, set in define DIPLOMACY_RESPONSE_COOLDOWN_DAYS
* Increased randomness when AI responds to proposals, will still do a daily roll if it should but chance for responding starts at none and then rapidly increases each day until proposal expiration date.
* The AI now better take into consideration that Federation and GDF ships have no upkeep when deciding which ships to build.
* The independent GDF AI will now remember which capital systems it has visited upon reloading a save file.

# Modding

* Added on_army_killed_in_combat / no_combat on_actions.
* Using "pop" scope change in army scope now takes you to the pop that spawned the army.
* Added export_resource_income_to_variable effect.
* Added export_trigger_value_to_variable_effect.
* Added trigger is_current_first_contact_stage.
* Fixed various issues with setting species archetype restrictions for government elements (civics, authorities) so that it is now checked in every case and can be used safely.
* Enabled triggered descriptions and gametext ([ ] commands) in espionage operation descriptions.
* Fixed a bug in scripted effects/triggers that meant that you'd get weird startup errors if you ever used more than one "[" in a scripted effect/trigger.
* Added is_total_war trigger.
* Fixed issue where owned_species and enslaved_species scope script lists would not always work in planet events.
* Added abort trigger on espionage operation type for killing of an active operation.
* Added has_active_building trigger (checks if a planet has the building in a non-ruined and non-disabled state).
* Added effect for postponing modifier calculations, useful when executing a lot of effects where individual result of them is not important.
* Fixed cases of missing modifier names (where a modifier would show up as "<blank>: +X") in pop jobs (triggered modifiers) and deposits (country modifiers).
* Fixed any_owned_species so it also works on day 1 of a new game now.
* Added remove_invalid_civics option to change_government effect to force incompatible civics to be removed from the government.
* Made is_majority_species make sense.
* Fixed some minor documentation issues brought to our attention by eagle-eyed modders.

# Bugfixes

* Fixed rare case of frontend background not covering the entire screen.
* Fix occasional fullscreen flickering when running with the -dx11 flag.
* Zro Distillation now always becomes a tech option if Extradimensional Experimentation resolution is enacted.
* Removed superfluous information about default country types in the tooltip for forming a research agreement.
* Event "The Fumes Lie Thick" now tells you about the scientist's new trait.
* Fixed an issue where habitat auto-designation would not pick energy specialisation when that was clearly the right choice.
* Fixed some grammar errors in "Wind Back and Proceed" archaeology event.
* Molluscoid Integration event now no longer refers to "tiles" (what on earth is a tile?? :) ). It now also only gives you 6 new pops.
* Fixed an issue where the special project fail event "Smuggler Weapons Trade" would talk about a spaceship rather than a planet.
* Fixed Machine Synchronicity Traditions lacking a line break at the end, causing it to be fairly unreadable.
* Fixed an issue where you could break the Necrophage origin by having your prepatent species as a subspecies of the main species
* Random Spy Network event "An Operative Resurfaces" no longer refers to the empire's leader getting hands-on in extraction of operatives, and preparing security reports.
* Added a missing tooltip from random Operations event "Excess Noise".
* Corrected a missing tooltip from Spy Network event "Hostile Infiltration Detected".
* Leaving federations through events no longer generates opinion penalties unless we deliberately want those penalties set.
* Resolutions to repeal the banning of slave trade now have their correct icons.
* Corrected Fallen Empires in their mistaken assumption that they have 16 building slots instead of 12 on their starting planets.
* Added various government types which were not fully recognized by VIR during the first stage of the tutorial.
* Selecting an Oligarchic authority type with the Death Cult civic is now consistently recognized as a Grim Council government.
* Fixed several cases where Alloy Mega-Forges and other similar buildings providing +X jobs per Y district would sometimes be unspecific or wrong about how many jobs they'd get from you building which district.
* Fixed several fallen empires lacking housing due to having no city districts.
* You can no longer get the “Scandalous Insult” event on yourself.
* Improved tooltip for when a Spy Network has become overextended.
* Subjects that are in a federation with their overlord should now be able to declare a war for independence on them.
* Make diplo action positive/neutral/negative background shown in UI again.
* Reanimated Armies is now fully incompatible with Synthetic Ascension, rather than just quietly doing nothing as before.
* Cosmic Nudge arc site now no longer gives you 10% progress on a habitability tech way beyond what you have researched (essentially useless as it costs so much), but instead gives you progress on the next tech in that line that you can research
* First Contact event "A Terrible Sight to Behold" no longer shows a happy handshake as its event picture
* Guarantee independence now displayed properly in the diplomacy view (them guaranteeing our independence does not make it work the other way around).
* The tooltip for Society Management now correctly mentions the Crisis tab if the player has Nemesis installed.
* Fixed a reference to the "Traditions and Relics" interface in the tutorial (it is now "Society Management").
* Fixed AIs unintentionally spawning Advanced Empires through the Lost Colony origin even when Advanced AI Starts have been disabled by the player.
* Galaxy Generator now uses correct starbase types for marauders and FE when it needs to connect the empire through a non owned system.
* Fixed the AI sometimes having sectors with no planets in them.
* Operation Arm Privateers may only be conducted against the same target once every 3 years. The operation will conclude early if another empire has successfully armed the brigands before you have.
* If the other side finishes the first contact site before you, but you had successfully started a hostile first contact event chain and were merely awaiting the outcome (e.g. completing the vivisection), you will now get the rewards and flavour event anyway.
* Operation event "Smear Campaign Exposed" now makes references to the proper empires in its description.
* Reworked the final step of the Vultaum, Yuht, First League, Irassian, and Cybrex precursor chains. They now provide a one-day Special Project on the discovered homeworld rather than the last event being fired on-survey. This should improve visibility and increase robustness in situations where e.g. the star system changes ownership or is colonized.
* Added bespoke event descriptions for scenarios in which Operation Spark Diplomatic Incident is conducted against a target who, in turn, causes offense to your own empire.
* Fixed some cases of starbases incorrectly respawning on loading a save.
* AI will now give AI full rights in some circumstances.
* Fixed Adaptability Tradition "Survival of the Fittest" not using its own art.
* Fixes a bug in events not creating random outcomes properly in some cases.
* Fixed missing event title when declaring Tiyanki to be galactic pests (frankly uncalled for).
* Clarified some references to target Encryption in events "Contact Lost" and "A Surprise Catch".
* Votes now display as a popup so that they are not as easily missed and auto-declined.
* Empires who receive the event "An Operative Resurfaces" and who maintain a Spy Network on the empire in question are now able to attempt an extraction of said operative, assuming they have a sufficient Infiltration Level.
* "An Operative Resurfaces" events are now part of a more easily trackable event chain.
* Removed various instances of an extra exclamation mark appearing in notification messages.
* Added a prolog step to the tutorial for establishing First Contact. Players will now be directed to the Situation Log in order to begin the process.
* Fixed a case where you sometimes wouldn't get the Does Not Compute achievement if multiple countries' fleets were bombarding the last AI planet.
* Wipe Em Out war goal will now no longer destroy starbases that previously belonged to your vassals, but will instead return them.
* Fixes num_species and num_unique_species triggers. This affected, but is not limited to the Tourist Trap achievement not working.
* Fixed an edge case where The Surveyor relic would rarely fail to spawn a resource deposit.
* Fixed a trigger check in Operation Smear Campaign which may not produce the expected results for campaigns involving xenophilic empires.
* Refined script for Operation Smear Campaign such that it should now be able to handle multiple campaigns targeting the same empire at once.
* Fixed an error in which targets of Operation Smear Campaign who do not have an active Spy Network may fail to receive any event at all, and thus would not have any of their opinions changed.
* Fixed a faulty reference to the country being targeted by Arm Privateers in the notification event, "Privateers Already Engaged".
* Fixed broken Go To buttons in a couple of Caravaneer events.
* Fixed Xenophobes welcoming aliens with open arms in the "Caravaneers: A warm welcome!" event.
* Scripts which may apply reinforcements for the Galactic Defense Force on an annual basis are now only enacted so long as a playable country remains a member of the Galactic Community.
* Improved a tooltip on the Operations panel, explaining when and why Crisis Beacon is subject to a cooldown period.
* Fixed a reference to the Spymaster in localisation, for the finalé event in which Operation Crisis Beacon is set to work on the Unbidden.
* Fixed an error which caused the random Operations event "Snuffed Out" not to fire "Hostile Infiltration Detected", if the empire in question falls foul of their target's Encryption level.
* Auto-upgrade for Federation and GDF ship designs now properly applies the technology of all member empires when choosing components.
* Fixed planetary automation sometimes failing to build anything if there was unemployment but multiple free jobs.
* Fixed several edge cases where precursor systems could spawn outside of your borders.
* Fixed an exploit where you could mod the game to get a button giving 500 minerals for free without changing the checksum.
* Fixed dialog references to the Great Khan's vanquisher in "The Great Khan Meets Defeat", such that even an unknown empire is referred to by its proper name.
* Fixed the tooltip for the event when you Become Emperor showing erroneous information if you did so as a Gestalt of Megacorp empire.
* Updated modifier names when switching ruler since title is depending on ruler and heir roles.
* Fixed a scripted check which is used to ascertain whether or not the empire in question has an active Spy Network.
* Fixed missing modifier name for tradition swap tr_diplomacy_insider_trading_megacorp (Insider Trading as a Megacorp) - made it correctly inherit the parent's modifier name.
* Fixed envoy event "Gone Native" sometimes missing a description entirely.
* Fixed the tooltip for Pop Assembling Capacity (below Pop Assembly in the planet interface) not showing all information and not taking into account organic assembly.
* Fixed a bug where buildings that increased the number of jobs offered by other buildings or districts would do this even if they were ruined or disabled.
* Fixed it being possible to recruit Imperial Legions infinitely (it is now capped to 12).
* Fixed event icons in event for opening communications presenting wrong information when concerning Fallen Empires.
* Fixed Subterranean Refugees event failing to create a pop.
* Fixed information for resource gain from Commercial Pacts while proposing it showing the information the wrong way around, i.e. it would say the other side would get what you would get and vice versa.
* Curbed the Galactic Emperor's extreme paranoia - not everyone is a seditionist (i.e. the Emperor can now only run the Operation Target Seditionists against rivals and countries actually undermining their authority).
* "Leviathan Down" anomaly event now gives the planet a Metal Boneyard deposit if it is inhabited, instead of granting an unlocalised one meant for orbital deposits.
* Made the "Falling Intel" alert more helpful.
* Improved a descriptor for relatively weak encryption/decryption.
* Fixed the Mineral Extraction Operation's mining stations proving an insurmountable obstacle to AI expansion.
* You now no longer gain menace per month while purging, but instead upon a pop finishing being purged.
* Enabled the overlay for assigning envoys in Spy Network view.
* Fixed a Crisis Beacon operation event falling back to the wrong event text in a certain situation.
* Added indicator for recurring menace objectives.
* If you have the "Lost Amoeba" anomaly event, you no longer need to establish communications with space amoebas. That event's options now give you the space amoeba buffs/projects in that case.
* Fixed some cases where you could not interact with a colony because it was occupied by factions such as the CARE Mechanocalibrator.
* Having claims on a subject now means you can use the Claims casus belli on their overlord.
* The "Form Galactic Council" resolution will no longer appear as active after the Galactic Imperium has fallen
* When forming the Galactic Council again after it has been abolished, the time until the next election will be the expected 180 days instead of the longer time that is normally between elections
* Fixed tutorial sometimes opening and closing in rapid succession.
* Fixed an issue where government data of Custodians and Imperium rulers would not be restored when they lose their position.
* The AI and player default for very strong syncretic servile slaves is to have them as Chattel rather than as Battle Thralls.
* Fixed Isolationist faction's first contact policy demands to be for not having a Proactive policy, rather than for explicitly having an Aggressive one.
* Inwards Perfectionists' Materialist faction will no longer demand Research Agreements (since that demand cannot be fulfilled).
* Slaves that are working Specialist jobs now gain Specialist production modifiers rather than Worker production modifiers. (Necrophages will no longer suffer penalties in the Specialist tier as Indentured Servants, and the Authoritarian worker bonuses will no longer apply at the Specialist tier either.)
* Fixed the Shoot to Kill achievement (its logic was flipped, so you had to be the victim to get it!).
* Fixed Sic Semper Tyrannis achievement.
* Forming the Galactic Imperium no longer triggers a government cooldown.
* Script controlling the expansion of Ancient Mining Drone fleets has been reworked so as to no longer create excessive event scope backlogs.
* Mining Drone Expansion Fleet and Aggressive Drone Expansion Fleet have been reworked such that every 10 years, for as long as the Mining Drones persist, 3 fleets will spawn and seek out suitable systems into which they can expand. The fleets favor systems which lie within 1-6 hyperlane jumps from their system of origin.
* Fixed an issue where the government would not reform properly when the Imperium is formed if the government had civics that were incompatible with the "Imperial" authority.
* Recruitable leaders may no longer possess the Psionic or Chosen trait directly alongside either the Synthetic or Cyborg trait.
* Fixed (Become the) Crisis Level 5 sharing one trigger condition with Crisis Level 4.
* Script controlling the expansion of Ancient Mining Drone fleets has been reworked so as to no longer create excessive event scope backlogs.
* Portraits in the empire designer should now animate properly.
* Fixed spawned Star-Eaters having too many shield components instead of armor components, and made sure the owner receives the relevant armor technologies.
* Fixed Mass Extinction Through the Ages breaking sometimes in MP.
* Fixed duplicate colons in espionage operation tooltips.
* A conditional event description for "Final Disavowal", part of the "Disavowed Operative Resurfaces" chain, now displays correctly more often for those who have an active Spy Network, and for those who do not.
* Subjects are no longer able to become presidents of federations through rotation or random succession.
* Fixed Diplomatic Map Mode leaking information you do not have intel on.
* Fixed various error log messages relating to Crisis Objectives, along with several edge cases where the rewards were not granted when they should have been.
* Fixed an issue where the acceptance breakdown for diplomatic actions was available even if you didn't have sufficient intel.
######################### VERSION 3.0.0 ###########################

# Nemesis Expansion Features

# Espionage Operations

* Take advantage of the Spy Networks your envoys build in other Empires and perform covert operations on them to steal their technologies, acquire assets, sabotage starbases, and much more.

# Become the Crisis

* Set your Empire down the path of destruction with a new ascension perk to Become the Crisis. Build up a fleet backed up by the most powerful ship the galaxy has ever seen and let no one stand in your way as you try to breach the veil of reality through any means possible.

# Galactic Custodian / Emperor

* Save the galaxy from the evilness that exists within it. You can now be elected the Custodian of the Galactic Community, with new powers to strengthen you against any crisis the galaxy faces. And once that crisis is taken care of, you can relinquish your powers. Or not.

# Other

* New majestic “Imperial Ship set”.
* 3 new musical tracks.

# Achievements

* Show off your sinister side with 10 new Steam achievements.

# 3.0.0 "Dick" Free Features

# Intel and First Contact Rework

* Intelligence and First contact has been completely redone in the ‘Dick’ patch. Empires will now have to send an Envoy as a diplomat to initiate first contact with another Empire, and from there build relations to increase the knowledge of that Empire.

# Espionage and Spy Networks
* Send Envoys to build Spy Networks in other Empires, gathering information and intelligence.

# Economic and Population Rework

* Building Slots:
* * Building Slots are now unlocked through expanding the infrastructure of a colony by constructing City, Hive, or Nexus Districts, by upgrading the capital building of the planet, or through civilian infrastructure technologies. (Note: Habitation Districts on habitats do not. Building slots can be acquired on habitats through the Voidborne Ascension Perk.) The Functional Architecture civic now also grants 1 building slot.
* * Ecumenopoleis, Ringworlds, Hive Worlds, and Machine Worlds start with all building slots available for development.
* * Branch Office Building Slots are now unlocked by upgrading the capital building on the planet as well as the target empire having the Insider Trading tradition.
* * Several Technologies have been flagged as “Infrastructure” gateway technologies.

* Industrial Districts:
* * Alloys and Consumer Goods are now produced by Industrial Districts instead of Factory and Forge buildings. Specialized districts remain on an ecumenopolis.
* * Factory and Forge buildings now add additional consumer good or alloy producing jobs to Industrial Districts and are both exclusive and planet unique. (Both may be built on an ecumenopolis.)
* * The Forge World and Foundry World designations (and habitat equivalents) will now also shift one job between Consumer Goods to Alloys (or vice-versa) for each Industrial District, if possible.

* Pop Growth and Assembly:
* * Biological population growth now follows a curve based on the number of pops on the planet and the theoretical carrying capacity of the planet. Pops will start at their normal baseline but increase in speed as the population grows, eventually leveling off and slowing down as they fill up planets. The overall carrying capacity of a planet is largely based on the total housing the planet has, plus a value for unbuilt and unblocked districts based on the planet class, and can be seen by examining the Planet Size tooltip.
* * The amount of pop growth or assembly required to create a new pop is now increased by the total number of pops in the empire. Base assembly values have also been adjusted. As a result of these changes, the expected number of pops in the late game are significantly lower than before.
* * New colonies no longer suffer an explicit pop growth penalty. The basic Colony planetary designations now grants stability, amenities, and (in regular empires) happiness.
* * Spawning Pools and Cloning Vats now produce organic pop assembly rather than modifying pop growth.
* * Overpopulated planets will stop generating pops at lower levels of overpopulation.

# Other

* Reworked manual resettlement UI.
* Added auto-research Quality-of-Life feature.
* Added new diplo messages for when an empire is destroyed upon the end of a war.
* Added notifications when a member joins/leaves the Galactic Community/Empire.
* Added game setup option to pick which End-Game Crisis you get.
* Added a filter to the colonisation menu so that you can just view your main species.
* Added Setting for turning off mouse Screen Edge Panning.
* New factions-themed colony event chain, “Manifesti Destiny”, available to non-gestalt empires.
* Added around 10 new envoy-based random events

# Balance

* Homeworlds now normally range from size 18-21 instead of 16-18.
* Empire starting resources and buildings have been adjusted.

* Changes have been made to resettlement:
* * Planets with sapient, unemployed, free pops now have a 10% chance per month for one to automatically migrate to other planets with appropriate jobs, housing, and decent habitability. Migration controls will prevent this auto-resettlement. Having multiple unemployed pops on a planet will increase the chance of one of them moving.
* * Greater Than Ourselves has been changed to significantly increase Automatic Resettlement Chance.
* * Transit Hub starbase building has been added, which increases the chance for auto-resettlement from all planets within its system.
* * Manual resettlement costs have been increased and now also for many pops also have an Influence cost. This Influence cost is waived by the Corvée System civic. The Subsumed Will and OTA Updates civics also waive influence costs for manual resettlement of drones. (Note: OTA Updates also does not waive the influence cost for moving Bio-Trophies, as they are not drones and they tend to resist the necessary OTA receiver upgrades.)
* * Manually resettling the last pop on a planet now has a significant Influence surcharge. (Which is not waived by the resettlement civics.)

* Unemployed Pop Updates:
* * Pop demotion time has been halved, and is now a base of 5 years for ruler strata pops and 2 1/2 years for specialists.
* * Unemployed pops now provide greater emigration push.
* * The Kinship tradition in the Harmony tree now reduces demotion time by 25% instead of 50%. Empires with Shared Burdens receive the 20% leader upkeep reduction effect from Synchronicity instead.

* Ringworld and Shattered Ring Balance Changes:
* * Ringworld segments provide half as many jobs as they used to, and the size of ringworlds has been increased to 10.
* * Commercial Ring World segments now have more Clerk jobs but no Artisan jobs.
* * The Shattered Ring origin now conveys Ringworld Habitability Preference, and begin with more blockers on their homeworld. Shattered Ring blockers now also provide -1 max districts.
* * The Shattered Ring origin is no longer guaranteed nearby habitable planets. They wouldn't want to live on them anyway.
* * Added a warning to the Shattered Ring origin that Lithoids will face mineral scarcity problems.

* Habitat and Void Dweller Balance Changes:
* * Habitat capital buildings now grant a maintenance drone job for machine empires.
* * Changed the adoption effect of Domination Traditions for Void Dwellers to reduce the upkeep cost of habitats from 5 alloys to 4 alloys.
* * Added a new tradition for Void Dwellers, Modular Superstructures which gives +1 building slot per habitat. replacing ‘Public Works Division’.
* * Added the effects of Imperious Architecture to habitat capital buildings.
* * Added the effects of Interstellar Franchising to habitat trade districts.
* * Replaced Planetary Prospecting for Void Dwellers with Adaptability Tradition with Orbital Surveying, which allows construction of one of Reactor Districts, Astro-Mining Bays, or Research Districts to habitats that have none of these.
* * Changed the finishing effect of Expansion Traditions for Void Dwellers to reduce the alloy and influence cost of habitats by 20%

* Simplified the rules regarding what jobs robots of different tiers can work.
* * Simple robots can work all worker tier jobs.
* * Droids can work all worker and specialist jobs. If AI is outlawed, certain complex specialist jobs (such as researchers, bureaucrats, and culture workers) are unavailable to them.
* * Synthetics follow the same rules as droids, but if AI have full rights, they can also work in ruler jobs.

* Updates have been made to some Authorities and Ethics:
* * The Democratic Authority now increases the Automatic Resettlement Chance by 50%. (To a base of 15%)
* * The Oligarchic Authority now increases Influence from factions by 15%.
* * The Dictatorial Authority now reduces Empire Sprawl penalties by 10%.
* * The Imperial Authority retains its current +1 Edict Cap bonus.
* * The Machine Intelligence Authority now grants +1 monthly Pop Assembly
* * The Gestalt Consciousness Ethic now also grants +2 Encryption, applying to both Machine Intelligences and Hive Minds.

* Envoys, Diplomacy, and Espionage
* * Base number of starting envoys is now 2.
* * Enigmatic Engineering now grants +2 Encryption and causes Steal Technology operations used against you to fail after the first stage is complete. It will still prevent reverse-engineering technologies from ship debris.
* * Transcendence now also grants +10 Base Intel on all Empires, +2 Encryption and +2 Codebreaking.
* * Shadow Council and Ruthless Competition now also increase the maximum infiltration level of your Spy Networks
* * Criminal Syndicates now also gain +20% Spy Network Growth Speed.
* * Judgment Corps and Public Trust Officers tradition now also grants the Enhanced Surveillance edict.
* * Delegated Functions machine intelligence civic now also grants +1 Envoy.
* * The Shared Destiny Ascension Perk now also grants 2 additional Envoys.
* * The Universal Compatibility tradition now also grants 1 additional Envoy.
* * The Influence cost for using Favors in the Galactic Community has been reduced from 25 to 10.
* * The Autonomous Agents and Embodied Dynamism technologies now also grants 1 additional Envoy.
* * Improve Relations now caps out at +100 and is changed at a rate of +0.25 per month. Harm Relations now caps out at -100 and is changed at a rate of -0.5 per month.
* * The Establish Embassy diplomatic action exists once again, and increases Intel between the two empires and triples the effectiveness of Improve Relations.
* * Colonial Bureaucracy and Galactic Bureaucracy now grant +10 Base Intel.
* * The Sentry Array Megastructure now also increases Base Intel.
* * Several Espionage related Edicts have been added.
* * Several Technologies have been flagged as “Espionage” gateway technologies.

* Additional Economic Balance:
* * Added 3 new Society techs that give upgraded capital buildings progressively larger bonuses to production (while also increasing job upkeep).
* * Rural, Farming, Mining, and Generator colony designation bonuses increased, as well as the bonuses from Five Year Plans. Urban Worlds now get a trade bonus.
* * Mining, Capacity, and Farming Subsidy Edicts now grant +50% production.
* * Prosperity Adoption tradition's Mining Station Output bonus increased to 20%.
* * Technologies that boost space based resource gathering and research now become significantly stronger as they advance in tier.
* * The energy output of technicians and tech drones have been significantly increased.
* * The Trade Value generated by pops with decent or better living standards has been increased by 25-33%.
* * Effect on trade from most jobs (including Criminals) has been increased.
* * The Food Processing Center, Mineral Purification Hub, and Energy Nexus buildings now also increase the number of jobs added by the districts they affect. Food Processing Centers also increase the jobs produced by Hydroponic Farms.
* * Reduced the special resource upkeep of Ecumenopolis Arcologies to 1 unit per month from 2.
* * Databank Uplinks from the Discovery tradition tree now grants a greater bonus to station based research.
* * Starbase Hydroponics now produces a base of 10 food.
* * Starbase Nebula Refineries now produce a base of 10 minerals, and 1 exotic gas if Exotic Gas Extraction has been researched.
* * Starbase Solar Power Networks now produce a base of 6 energy.
* * Starbase Black Hole Observatories now produce a base of 15 physics research, and 1 volatile mote if Mote Stabilization has been researched.
* * Database Uplinks also applies to research producing starbase buildings or modules.
* * Technologies that boost technician, farmer, or miner output now also apply to energy, food, or mineral producing starbase buildings and modules.
* * Insider Trading tradition now gives Megacorps +5% branch office value instead of +1 branch office building on their own planets (which was useless to them).

* It is now possible for the endgame crisis to happen in the first 50 years of the endgame in certain circumstances. These are:
* * No living fallen empires / awakened fallen empires;
* * War in Heaven not happening, concluded, or started 15 years ago;
* * A country has researched jump drives or psi jump drives (only the Unbidden can happen in the first 50 years in this case)
* Nuked old script to randomize which crisis shows up. Now it is simply purely a random choice that is random (with the chance of any crisis happening increasing the more years pass in the endgame).

* Buffed member perks for galactic union level 3 and 5
* * The Galactic Union Lvl 3 perk (Federal Attache) now gives +2 union and +5% Trust Growth per envoy.
* * The Galactic Union Lvl 5 perk (Federal Unity) now gives +2 union and +5 Trust Cap per envoy.

* Gestalt capital buildings now provide more amenities and/or maintenance or synapse drone jobs.
* Increased base colonization growth to 3.
* Bureaucrat upkeep raised to 2 Consumer Goods. Coordinator upkeep raised to 6 Energy.
* Medical Workers now increase planet habitability by 1% each.
* Greatly increased the amount of research points you are rewarded in events.
* The Wenkwort Custodian planet modifier now restricts output from industrial, mining and refining jobs. Instead its gardens provide a boost to the output of cultural workers and researchers.
* The science federation election challenge now takes each participating country's level of scientific progress into account to a far greater degree than previously.
* Buffed Enclave stations a bit so they can no longer be wiped out by passing Amoebas.
* Base speed of purge is now set in the purge type on species rights.
* It is now possible for pop growth, assembly and purge to 'overflow', adding or removing multiple pops per month.
* Changed timing for Caravaneers.
* Outposts and other starbases now grant 1 sensor range. (Occupying starbases during a war will therefore allow you to attack adjacent systems if you have visibility into them. You may need a science vessel to escort military vessels into nebulas the first time!).
* The hyperlane detection range of sensors and science ships has been reduced. The Map the Stars edict now also increases hyperlane detection range by 1.
* Subjects of the Khan or Fallen Empires no longer gain their vast knowledge of geography.
* Clone Vats now cost 500 minerals and food to build, and have minor energy but significant food upkeep.
* Necrophages now have an assembly speed penalty so you can't just build them out of spare body parts, as cool as that is.
* Lithoids now also have -25% organic pop assembly, the clone vat and spawning pool processes lose efficiency turning food into rock.
* Planets that have been reduced to zero districts by Terravores will now shatter, with drones automatically resettled to their homeworld.
* The Corporate Embassy now requires a major capital building instead of 50 pops on the planet, and gives 5% Economic Diplomatic Weight instead of 10%.
* The Disinformation Center now requires a major capital building instead of 50 pops on the planet, reduces ethics attraction by 25% instead of 50%, and increases the maximum infiltration level your spy networks can reach rather than providing an Economic Diplomatic Weight bonus.
* Organic Paradise building now has both Artisan and Maintenance Drone jobs.
* Necrophage Centers of Elevation now produce 1, 2 or 3 Necrophyte jobs depending on how many organic pops grow in ten years, so that you are unlikely to run out of Necrophyte pops even with the new pop system. The upgraded House of Apotheosis now gives a flat 6 Necrophyte jobs.

# Automation

* Significant updates have been made to planetary and sector automation.
* * Planetary Automation build lists and behavior have been heavily revised.
* * Planetary Automation will now only upgrade non-capital buildings if it will not cause a monthly deficit and if at least one job in the upgraded building would be filled.
* * Sector AI now prioritises districts->buildings->upgrades rather than vice-versa
* * Sector AI now knows when to stop building (i.e. will not build when the planet's employment and housing situations are perfectly fine)
* * Sector AI now knows how empire sprawl actually works
* * Sector AI now knows that the Crime Lord Deal makes anti-crime buildings superfluous
* * Fixed a bug where the Sector AI would not really care about its designated speciality - e.g. Research Sector AI now prioritises research a bit more
* * Sector Automation will now routinely build Organic Sanctuaries when needed.
* Renamed automatic exploration to automatic survey.

# Performance and Stability

* Fixed many inefficiencies in the scripts deciding which species rights you could pick. As a bonus, the scripts are also infinitely more readable now.
* A hotjoin.oos save is created on gamestart too now.
* Added a new checksum (systems flags), only used in hardoos.
* Fixed an OOS happening when modifying a species.
* Fixed an OOS due to robotic pops getting happiness
* Fixed OOS issue arising due to incorrect order of updating caches.
* Fix desync that could happen if two empires picked the same start.

# UI

* MP games now show an icon in front of the player that paused.
* New loc text for the Golden Rule federation challenge.
* Improvement to Golden Rule challenge outcome message.
* Added a "menace" console command that grants Menace.
* Added console command "menace_perk" that lists the player's perks and their status when there are no arguments.
* fixed machine names, species_00 chinese files, and species_01_SC.txt to match the english version (more content for chinese loc)
* Galactic community button appearance is improved.
* Windows-Only: Makes console more gracefully handle dead keys. On many keyboard layouts the console hotkey is also a deadkey, which ends up corrupting console text input.
* The icon for a resolution is now shown in the popup window for proposing it
* Added Outliner option for showing Colony Designation instead of Planet Class icons.
* Can now sort and reorder planets in the outliner.
* It's now possible to Cycle viewed Planets with Tab and Shift+Tab (or Ctrl+Tab), same as pressing Next/Prev buttons.
* Outliner now correctly Highlights open planet when cycling planets with Next/Prev buttons.
* Remove unhelpful tooltip text from some "Ok" buttons.
* Contacts view now shows relation instead of opinion.
* Added timer to the next pop being grown/assembled if you hover over the species being grown
* The "current population" pie chart tooltip now lists the 10 species with the most pops on the planet, rather than just one, which is randomly picked.

# AI

* The AI should now better understand what a building that gives a % bonus for a resource does.
* Fixed cases where a weakened fleet would get stuck trying to return to its homebase, which is unreachable.
* Made the AI use the caravaneer to buy loot boxes and play the slots.
* Cost is now properly withdrawn from the AI budget when proposing a resolution.
* Genocidal AIs will now attack any unknown science ships that enter their systems.
* The AI will now take better consideration of which ships already exist in Federation fleets before building new ones.
* The AI will now build better distributions of different ship types for Federation fleets.
* Fixed a bug that stopped the AI from ever proposing federation laws; also made AI-only federations more active in setting laws as they would like (especially centralisation).
* Fixed AI not starting fresh research while currently researching a special project with no science cost.
* AI will now prioritise spending on fleets a bit better if it recently lost a war.
* Reduced the AI's need for passing sanctions upon sanctions in the galcom.

# Modding

* Added OUTLINER_UPDATE_EVERY_N_FRAMES define (optimization mainly for late game).
* Buildings now use a position priority system instead of the simple "add first" that they used to have.
* Planet classes can now have adjectives e.g. "tropical", referred to via [<planet>.GetPlanetClassAdj].
* Using orbit = { } on a moon will now return the planet the moon is orbiting.
* Added ship localisation commands GetShipSizeName, GetShipSizeNamePlural and GetDesignName.
* Added solar system localisation command GetClassName.
* Added country localisation command GetRealName (to get a country's real name even if your current country doesn't know it yet).
* Added species localisation commands GetOrganNamePlural, GetHandNamePlural, GetEarName and GetEarNamePlural.
* The species parameter in create_army_transport now works as expected.
* Standardised country, planet, species leader and location target calls for effects and triggers (e.g. set_owner = <country>), so that they all allow the same set of scopes and will reliably raise error log messages if the required scope cannot be found. The following is now allowed:
* * Country: country, planet, fleet, system, ship, pop, army, leader, faction, megastructure, starbase, deposit, sector, arc site, first contact, spy network and espionage operation / asset. In all cases, it refers to the owner of the object (e.g. deposit: owner of the planet where the deposit is)
* * Species: species, country (founder species), pop, leader, army, fleet/ship (species on board if colonist ship, else owner’s founder species), planet (owner’s founder species), first contact (target country’s species)
* * Planet: planet, pop, deposit, arc site (if on a planet), megastructure (if built on a planet), fleet/ship (if in orbit), army (if on a planet)
* * Leader: leader, country (ruler), fleet/ship (admiral/scientist), faction (faction’s leader), army (general), sector (governor), arc site (researcher), first contact (envoy)
* * Location - spatial object (i.e. object that you can find on a solar system map): planet, ship, fleet, system, ambient object, megastructure, starbase, arc site, first contact
* * Location - celestial coordinate (i.e. object with a coordinate in space): planet, deposit, fleet, ship, pop, army, country (capital), system (returns centre of system), leader, ambient object, megastructure, starbase, arc site, first contact (returns centre of system)
* Added set_colonization_controls effect.
* Added per-species namelist entries for ears (singular & plural), and plural forms for organs and hands.
* Error log entries for wrong localisation [ ] entries now give more context.
* Added clear_variable effect, because setting to 0 is confusing.
* Added first_contact_speed_mult modifier.
* Added first_contact_clues_add modifier.
* Added first_contact_defense_add modifier
* Added trigger for has_active_first_contact_with, scope change reverse_first_contact and scope lists random/every_first_contact and _active_first_contact.
* GetFirstName now returns the very first word in leaders' names, i.e. "Stalk" instead of "Stalk of" in a Plantoid namelist. If for some reason you really want "Stalk of", you can now use GetFirstNameFull. It also cuts off commas at the start of the first name.
* Added effect copy_random_tech_from (with optional parameters for tech area, category and the amount of progress that should be added) to steal technology from another empire. Also added trigger can_copy_random_tech_from, to see if such a tech exists.
* Added trigger can_research_technology, to check whether a country is able to research a given technology (recommended for use with give_technology or add_research_option effects).
* Added compare_distance trigger to see if object A is closer to object B or object C in the same solar system.
* Distance trigger now has a same_system parameter, to check objects in the same system. It also now checks the distances of more object types.
* Added effect unlock_menace_perk.
* Added has_menace_perk trigger.
* Invalid context switch error log messages in triggers now correctly show scope details.
* is_owned_by now works in most scopes, rather than just a select few.
* Rationalised first contact rules in country type. Replaced script_only with on_action_only, which means only the on_action will be fired, not the first contact site.
* Added "on_pop_bombed_to_death" on_action, with current scope being the planet where this happened, and from being the country that is bombing.
* Added a "pop_purge_mult" modifier that affects the speed of purging pops.
* Added planet trigger is_artificial = yes/no.
* In special projects, the "prev" of the original scope is now the owner country of the project.
* Add war scope as FromFrom to on_accept, on_war_goal_set and on_status_quo in war goals.
* If you accidentally use the same key for two triggered descriptions (e.g. in event descriptions), it'll now raise an error.
* Added check_variable_arithmetic trigger, which checks the value of a variable if you add/subtract/multiply/divide/modulo another value with it).
* Added modulo_variable effect.
* You can now use "value = { scope = x variable = y }" in variable effects and triggers, making it possible to compare variable A on scope B with variable C on scope D.
* Added effect fire_on_action = { on_action = <string> scopes = { from = X fromfrom = Y } }, so that you can define your own on_actions in script.
* is_within_borders_of now works in ship and fleet scope as well as planet and system.
* Added is_civilian trigger for ships and fleets.
* Added set_mia effect for fleets.
* Added on_vassal_released on_action.
* Added set_emperor_can_change_council_members (= yes/no) effect.
* Added is_capital_system trigger.
* Added set_star_class effect.
* Added on_add_to_imperial_council/on_remove_from_imperial_council on_actions for when the Emperor changes Imperial Council members
* Added pop_purge_speed modifier, which is applied instead of pop_decline_speed to pops that are declining because of purge.
* subject_can_diplomacy trigger is now a boolean, as it didn't work anything like as expected before!
* member_of_faction trigger now works with explicit pop faction keys i.e. member_of_faction = isolationist.
* Added destroy_and_spawn_debris_for = <country> effect.
* Added set_policy_cooldown effect.
* The "from" scope now works consistently in casus belli potential checks.
* Add trigger galactic_defense_force_exists and effect set_galactic_defense_force
* closest_system now has a use_bypasses parameter (default: no).
* is_war_participant = war now works in country scope.
* Add ship_community_territory_speed_mult modifier, affecting ship speed in systems belonging to Galactic Community members (if you are also a member).
* Fixed the destroying country not being in the "from" in on_country_destroyed.
* Fixed the country "on_destroy" not being called correctly when the last planet is removed from a country.
* Added num_unemployed planet trigger.
* Added galactic_emperor and galactic_custodian static modifiers, affecting veto cost/cooldown and emergency measures cooldown.
* Event desc texts are now randomized if more than one text entry is provided
* Made a bunch of useful triggers such as num_pops and controlled_systems work in sector scope.
* pop_maintenance_cost now works with "= { value > X resource = Y }" rather than defaulting to mineral upkeep.
* Added join_war_on_side effect.
* Added galactic_community_actions database for data about specific actions related to the Galactic Community.
* Added "use_shipnames_from" to ship_sizes that will allow a size to use the ship name from another size.
* Resettlement Cost now supports triggered modifiers, see 00_social_classes.txt for examples.
* Removed every/random_war_attacker/defender and instead made random/every/any/count versions of _attacker/defender.
* Rename every/random/any_planet to _galaxy_planet, to avoid confusion (modders take note - you may need to batch-replace stuff!).
* Added count_owned_planet, count_controlled_planet and count_galaxy_planet triggers.
* Added would_work_job trigger, which checks whether a pop a) is allowed to work a job, and b) would choose to (i.e. has higher weights for that one than its current one).
* Added a market_resource_price trigger.
* added modifier "ship_damage_against_starbases_mult" to affect damage ships do to starbases.
* Consolidated owned/recruited_leader checks to one (owned_leader) as they did the same thing with parallel coding
* Renamed any/every_sector script list to galaxy_sector to avoid confusion.
* Added count_subject trigger.
* Added every/random/count_ship_in_system and fixed the tooltip for the “any version”. Note: count_system_ships is now deprecated
* Replaced every/random/any/count_ship with galaxy_fleet, because checking every ship in the game is a bad idea (and was used wrong in 100% of cases in the game scripts).
* Added Get(Species)ToothName(Plural) loc command.
* Made ‘target country’ of targeted resolutions accessible as 'from' scope in targeted resolutions.
* Added on_branch_office_established and on_branch_office_closed on actions.
* Added "on_starbase_destroyed" on action, and added "starbase_event" event type.
* Added "on_system_occupied" on action that is called when a system is fully occupied (all planets and the starbase). Scope (this = system, from = occupant, fromfrom = original owner)
* Added "system_event" type of event that ensures events are fired in a galactic object scope.
* Megastructures can now have a victory score value.
* Added "add_victory_score" effect, add_victory_score={ reason=<loc_key> score=<value> }.
* You can now hide static modifiers from the country government list of modifiers by adding "hide_from_country_list = yes" to them.
* owned_pop script list (e.g. any_owned_pop) now works in sector scope
* Added every/random/any/count_species_pop which scopes from species to all pops in the galaxy of that species, but use with care because performance on that one ain't gonna be great.
* Deprecated random_pop, any_pop, count_pops and count_owned_pops.
* Made system_within_borders script list work in sector scope too.
* Added "add_victory_score" effect that adds score to a country.
* Added a new trigger has_ship_owner_type to check what type of entity a ship, fleet or ship design is owned by.
* Added "system_event" effect that fires an event in a galactic_object.
* Added "starbase_event" effect to fire events in a starbase scope.
* create_ambient_object can now use effect = { } inside it.
* Added effect fields to a bunch of further create effects that were missing them: create_army, modify_army, create_army_transport, create_pop, create_mining_station, create_research_station, create_half_species.
* The debugtooltip of the planet building queue now shows the sector AI's priorities.
* Now each ship size has their own version of the following modifier shipsize_<shipsize>_evasion_mult, shipsize_<shipsize>_disengage_chance_mult, shipsize_<shipsize>_tracking_mult. For example: shipsize_crisis_corvette_evasion_mult, shipsize_crisis_corvette_disengage_chance_mult, shipsize_crisis_destroyer_tracking_mult.
* added a "Star Destroyed" message sent when a star gets destroyed (instead of planet destroyed).
* Added a room_name_override effect to set a specific room background to an empire.
* Add effect transfer_galactic_defense_force_fleets = <target>.
* Renamed has_completed/failed_special_project to have _in_log at the end, to avoid confusion as to what exactly they do.
* color entries in scripted map modes now take a type = borders, country or country_and_borders (default).
* Add "zoom" value to scripted map mode colors. The color will only be applied when zoomed out more than this value (default is 0).
* Add "filter" support for scripted map mode colors. The color will then only be applied if the selected map filter is active.
* Made message_types have their own directory, so that modders can add new ones in a new file without overwriting the Vanilla file.
* Mod-made juggernauts which aren't specifically the "juggernaut" ship size will no longer suffer from a variety of deal-breaking issues.
* You can now use [] commands in district descriptions.
* AI weights are now used in the calculations for all component templates (not just the required ones for a ship).
* Added on_pre_government_changed and on_post_government_changed on_actions.
* Added a bunch of triggers to get the number of X sort of diplomatic relations a country has (e.g. num_defensive_pacts, num_rivals, num_truces)
* Added associated_federation and federation_leader scope changes.
* Added effects to add/remove_associate_member of a federation.
* join_alliance effect can now target a federation.
* Added any/every/random/count_associate scopes for getting the associates of a federation.
* Added num_members and num_associates triggers for federation scope.
* Country scope special projects are now possible.
* "allow" fields now work as expected in archaeology sites (and first contact and espionage operations) - previously it was treated as "potential".
* Add support for reading multiple_active_resolutions = yes/no in Resolution categories.
* Added a "set_ai_personality" effect, which lets script force a personality on a country. ex: set_ai_personality = became_the_crisis.
* create_fleet_from_naval_cap effect can now take an optional ship_owner_type parameter, for using Federation or Galactic Defense Force ship designs.
* provided a way for personality to override country type AI Modules.
* Added trigger can_set_policy (to be used in conjunction with set_policy)
* Fixed pop_citizen_happiness so that it works as intended, rather than as just pop_happiness.
* Added effect cancel_resolution = <resolution_type>. Cancels/removes the last active/passed/proposed/voting for/failed resolution of <resolution_type>.
* Fixed start_colony effect.
* Added export_modifier_to_variable effect and check_modifier_value trigger to be able to get the values of modifiers on the current scope in script
* You can now define "icon = { icon = <sprite> text = <localisation> }" in event options, and define a custom icon (and the tooltip for it) there.
* Portrait category is now hidden in the empire creation GUI for graphical cultures and species classes that don't contain any portraits.
* Added new has_city_graphics attribute to graphical cultures for hiding city GUI element in the empire creation menu.
* Global event targets now work on every scope type, instead of quietly failing on a bunch (e.g. Megastructures, Federations) as previously.
* You can now use [X.GetName] and so on in sector, megastructure and deposit scope.
* Variables are no longer cleared if set to 0, use the clear_variable effect instead.
* Added is_variable_set trigger to check whether a variable has been set (to avoid missing variable errors).
* Add support for display_espionage_operations to scriptable map modes.
* Fixed various irregularities with scope change tooltips e.g. "from" being shown on triggers, or the scope change being hidden on effects sometimes.
* scripted_trigger = { PARAM = whatever } will now check if the specified scripted trigger evaluates to TRUE as one would expect, not to FALSE! (Modders take note - manual hacks to avoid this bug need to be reversed)
* Added trigger can_buy_on_market = resource, to check if the current country is able to buy the specified resource on the market they have access to.
* Added add_custodian_term_days effect for increasing or decreasing the remaining term of the current Galactic Custodian.
* Added set_custodian_term_days for setting the remaining time of the current Galactic Custodian's term limit, or setting it to be permanent.
* Added on_federation_new_leader.
* Added support for nested OR/AND in the outer scope of government restrictions scripts. This allows one to e.g. require either an authority or a civic.
* Added is_defensive_army trigger.
* Added pass_resolution_no_cooldown effect to pass a resolution without triggering a cooldown for the relevant category.
* Added leader_events.
* Added trigger is_idle for leaders.
* Introduce add_spy_network_level effect.
* Split trigger_docs into its own log file and added information on scope changes and localisation commands there
* Added new galactic_community_patrol_military_minister_module AI module, that will patrol all capitals of Galactic Community members when not at war.
* Events can now have triggered sounds like pictures: show_sound = { sound = X trigger = { <triggers> } }
* button_effects now take their scope from the context they are in, so long as that scope is one of the following (with player country as fallback): planet, ship, fleet, system, ambient object, megastructure, espionage operation, arc site or first contact.
* Added ground_combat_attacker/defender script lists.
* Added exclude = {} trigger in pop_percentage and fixed that trigger's scopes (specifically prev).
* Added check_galaxy_setup_value trigger counterpart to get_galaxy_setup_value effect.
* add_resource, add_modifier and resource_stockpile_compare now accept mult = variable.
* Added effect round_variable.
* Added effect export_resource_value_to_variable (exports current stockpile of X resource to a specified variable).
* Added on_save_game_load on_action.
* Added on_ground_combat_started on_action.
* Added growing/assembling/declining_species scope changes.
* leader skill level modifiers are now calculated in leader scope (so e.g. a leader trait affecting max skill level will now work).
* Fixed a bug where setting the adjective in create_country would also set the ruler's name.
* Added on_actions on_leader_fired, on_leader_assigned and on_leader_unassigned; kill_leader effect can now have a "fire = yes" parameter to use this on_action instead.
* Added is_mobile trigger for fleets.
* Renamed effect "surveyed = { set_surveyed = yes/no }" to "set_surveyed = { surveyed = yes/no }", because that just made no sense. Also made it work in system scope.
* Added defines for relative encryption levels and bonuses.
* Added effect "win = yes". I'm sure no one will misuse this.
* Added on_subject_integrated on_action.
* Added num_organic/artificial_pops_per_year triggers, which return the amount of organic/artificial pops you'd expect to get per year (i.e. ( monthly growth / required growth ) * 12 )).
* Scripted localization can now be used in Galactic Community greeting phrases.
* Added pass_targeted_resolution effect.
* Graphical modifier descriptions now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* Planet modifier descriptions now support scripted localization.
* The create_message effect now supports scripted localization.
* Alert tooltips now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* Notification titles now support global event targets in scripted localization.
* It is now possible to escape opening square brackets in localization text to bypass scripted localization, by using two opening square brackets in succession.
* You can now optionally not localise tradition descriptions, and it'll generate one from the modifiers in the txt file.
* has_communications now returns false if you check it against yourself.
* Added has_been_declared_crisis scripted trigger for use in cases where a BtC Level 5 empire might manage to dodge the declared_crisis flag check.
* Added script effect log_error, because we all love logging our errors!

# Bugfixes

* The purge type tooltip for Processing a Lithoids species now correctly states that this will produce you minerals.
* Many improvements to tooltips giving reasons why a certain species right is unavailable to you.
* Purifier, Terminator and Devourer player empires will no longer be invited into the Non-Aligned League. Those guys are too dangerous to be trusted, even if the fate of the galaxy depends on it!
* Fixed many cases where buildings would show extensive and barely-readable AI-only requirements for constructing a building if you lacked the resources to do so.
* Galactic Storms may now no longer be called "Storm Stalk of", instead they will be called the rather more menacing "Storm Stalk"
* Awakened Empires are now properly destroyed when they lose their last planet.
* Self-modified Pops can no longer be resettled on other planets.
* Added event for if Horde is destroyed before Khan returns with their second fleet.
* Oracle event dialogue now correctly refers to your capital instead of your species' homeworld.
* Sensor Array Power Surge event can no longer target Habitats or Ring Worlds.
* Zone A no longer spawns on planets before you actually research its anomaly.
* Pops can now only take soldier jobs if they belong to a species that is allowed to serve in the military.
* Nerve Stapled pops can no longer have full military service, as they lack the mental capacity to be generals or admirals.
* Now you can only ask the President of a Hegemony whether you may join it, since only they are allowed to say yes.
* Planet nominations can now be boosted when the Galactic Market is relocated, not just when it is founded.
* Removed empty modifier from tooltip in Ancient Drones event.
* Empires destroyed from Doomsday origin no longer trigger the default empire destroyed notification event.
* Purchased Caravaneer Pops can no longer be pre-sapient.
* Lithoid Ecumenopolis emissive fix.
* Enabled a better event text for the start of the War in Heaven if someone else leads the Non-Aligned League and is converting their federation into it. It had previously accidentally been unused.
* Hidden Worlds event will no longer say you were clearing kelp when you cleared a sinkhole.
* Released vassals will no longer not have an origin.
* In the Wenkwort chain, the Keeper country was sometimes deleted between events, causing errors. Now it's remade if it doesn't exist.
* Added fallbacks to Dismembered Cloud federation chain if countries lacked starbases in their capital system.
* The Great Khan will no longer try and fail to form a Democratic Federation of Khandom if they lack inhabited planets.
* Fixed a Caravaneers pathfinding script that led to them going home rather than to the next capital every time.
* Fixed a few cases where the Research Cooperative federation election challenge would not correctly show the title of the winning thesis.
* Scripted federation election challenges will no longer elect subjects as president.
* If you turn your capital system into a Black Hole with Horizon Signal, the game will properly treat it as a Black Hole for the purpose of galactic map graphics and starbase buildings and the like.
* Fixed some cases where it was possible to complete the Colossus Project and not get a tech for a planet cracker weapon.
* Synthetically Ascended empires can now successfully block the Ghost Signal.
* Subjects can no longer violate the Military Readiness Act galactic resolution, as the tooltip already stated.
* Fixed a bug where certain Casus Belli e.g. Ideology would tick between available and not available every day when you were a member of a federation.
* Fixed a country/federation check in script for the Ideology CB.
* Fixed some irregularities with having the Scion start and not getting first contact projects.
* Fixed Caravaneer respawning generating the trade station.
* Habitat capitals will now retain the capital designation instead of being shifted to other colony designation types.
* Fixed an issue where it was possible for one country in a federation to establish communications with other countries (esp non-standard ones like Tiyanki) but not pass this knowledge on to its federation allies.
* Fixed a country/federation check in script for the Ideology CB.
* Fixed bug where tooltip for "Every X" would lack a ": " and jump straight into the effects; also the missing tabspace for count_x tooltips.
* Fixed hivemind chinese file to only show up if playing in chinese.
* Fixed Successor Khanates of the Great Khan spawning with no planets (again, for real this time!).
* Fixed a bunch of cases that were checking every ship in the galaxy rather than the system or the fleet. Clash of the Titans achievement just got a lot harder to fulfil!
* Shattered Ring Driven Assimilators and Rogue Servitors with a lithoid subspecies will no longer have their farming segment vaporize.
* Fixed terraformation leaving a giant planet on the galaxy map if you left system view too quickly
* Fixed an issue with the effect of blocked districts sometimes being counted twice.
* Fixed an issue with districts not always being counted as occupied when queued in the build queue
* Fixed memory leak when using -randomlog.
* Disallowed duplicate traits on species to prevent it being exploitable.
* Only allow predefined sets of starting planet classes. This prevents any kind of exploits where planet classes are manually entered that are not part of this set.
* Fixed the reinforce fleet button being greyed out without reason.
* Simplified an option tooltip for an event heralding the completion of a Ring World nearby. The tooltip will no longer try to list every single pop being given the 'Megastructure Demands Rejected' modifier.
* Earth is now consistently size 18.
* Rivaling someone now incurs a truce for breaking non aggression pacts and defensive pacts. Research agreements will now also be broken.
* One-way truces no longer allow you to traverse a nation's space that has closed its borders to you.
* Curator stations will no longer pretend not to understand you and actually pick up when you bother them on the galactic map.
* Crossbreeding events will no longer happen if Xenocompatibility is disabled
* Fixed a case where caravaneer crossbreeding events would badly fail to create a new species.
* Fixed pleased fallen empires sometimes trying to give you a technology you were not allowed to have
* Uplift button now works instead of just giving you the sad button noise.
* Fixed one of the tracked locations in the Cultists/Church of the Light chain being the centre of the galaxy
* Fixed the tooltips and fancy icon frames of the species in the colony ship construction interface being mismatched (saying that every species but your founder species was the founder species)
* Fixed a bug where the tooltip of the "Upgrade all defense platforms" button would always show that 1 platform would be upgraded
* The tooltip of the "Upgrade all defense platforms" button now correctly shows the cost of the upgrades
* The Curator option to "Tell us something we don't know" and find out the location of a Leviathan is back, and the list of Leviathans it can tell you about has been updated.
* Added missing Unbidden Starbase name text.
* Federation election challenges are no longer broken by the leader leaving.
* Fixed a bunch of typos in Colony Type assignments that led to the wrong one being assigned in certain circumstances.
* Punctuation fixes to Greater Than Ourselves event responses.
* Corrected tech costs for technologies that boosted artisan and metallurgist output.
* Fixed a bug that stopped the resource upkeep of various jobs (e.g. Hive Spawning Drones) showing in the building and district tooltips
* Disallow harming and improving relationship via envoys with the same empire simultaneously.
* Removed notification spam from joining the Galactic Community when it is first formed.
* Passed resolutions now shows "Passed" instead of support string.
* Make a new fleet savable even if you are upgrading a fleet of the same type (but other design).
* Fixed an exploit where you could get unity benefits for not changing a policy in response to Galcom resolutions and then immediately afterwards change the policy
* Gateways in enemy systems cannot be used by the occupying side.
* Use correct offset for claim icons next to sector capitals.
* Fixed a game breaking audio script typo that made the game literally unplayable!
* Empire sprawl now always increases rare edict costs.
* Assorted, minor grammar fixes to "Shroud Covenant" and "A Strongly Worded Letter".
* Fixed an issue where the wrong empire name was shown in descriptions of targeted Galactic Community resolutions
* Fix add_resource effect for adding tech.
* Remove subterranean contact zone planetary feature, after the invasion event.
* Fixed an issue in the Fleet Manager where Federation ship designs can be added to regular fleets and regular designs can be added to Federation fleets.
* Refund resource cost when a fleet order was aborted by the game.
* Fixed a case where the game would crash if the resettlement view was open while a pop was purged.
* Made excavation UI more consistent.
* Stop excavation progress when leaving the site.
* Fixed a bug where federation ship designs would not automatically upgrade when new technology was researched.
* The Fleet Manager no longer loses track of ships with pending design upgrades after the ships complete another upgrade.
* Federation ship designs now show up in the retrofit menu for Federation ships in the Fleet Manager.
* Gateways in enemy systems cannot be used by the occupying side.
* Show alert for food shortage.
* Stations in occupied systems will no longer build or upgrade Ships.
* Fixed cases where the auto ship upgrader was a bit overzealous in protecting the player and to a lesser degree the AI from deficits.
* Added a notification for when your federation's leader changes.
* Fixed an omission which meant that the AI did not actually even want to build a juggernaut.
* Fleets that can't be modified (event fleets) won't have the option to add designs in the fleet manager.
* The first ruler, when losing elections, becomes a governor.
* Fixed an issue where the Fleet Manager would lose track of ships that had pending upgrades after merging two or more fleets.
* Make lens flare setting toggle off if bloom is turned off.
* Now every tooltip showing a truce with an empire will tell you when that truce ends.
* Fixed broken denunciation of Fallen Empire resolution name in proposal list.
* Various types of ships (notably Space Monsters) will no longer produce ugly placeholder “?” icons in fleet breakdown tooltips.
* Fixed an issue where former federation ships could not be merged into normal fleets.
* Council election alert and notification should now show more correct information.
* Fixed an error message from killing too many Tiyanki at once.
* Non-federated AI empires will no longer force the player into offensive wars. Missing the invitation vote will now properly auto decline.
* Empires that do not use Consumer Goods can now access the Global Production Strategy technology without needing to research Nano-Circuit Assembly (which is not available to them).
* You are no longer prevented from proposing a targeted Galactic Community resolution if a similar resolution for a different target has already been proposed.
* Fixed a bug that stopped you from being able to bombard the Great Khan's planets.
* Fixed bug where the cost for starbases would be drawn twice when queuing something in front of the build order.
* Fixed certain ships being counted twice in the navy tooltip if upgrades were occuring.
* Added tooltip to disabled and ruined icon.
* The "Queening" achievement for capturing a Prethoryn Brood-Queen is now unlocked upon seizing the Brood-Queen relic in battle.
* Fixed some confusing triggers that could appear on the Supremacist Diplomatic Stance.
* Fixed the ship name for the Shard Dragon being $NAME_Grand_Dragon$.
* Primitives no longer prefer hard labor in the fields to cushy specialist jobs.
* Requesting federation association status now correctly triggers a vote if accepted.
* Fixed a bug where a country would not be able to establish comms with newly created or teleported fleets.
* Fixed issues where empire names starting with "The" would have "the The <name>" in many event texts.
* You will no longer hear about Marauders being destroyed if you have never met said Marauders.
* Fixed an edge case where the final event in the Galactic Doorstep origin chain would fail to fire.
* Fixed a bug where you could build another megastructure if you had a Megashipyard in the system (but not vice versa).
* Federation ship designs should no longer be auto generated if the option is turned off in the federation ship designer.
* We now no longer try to resuscitate the Great Khan twice after he gets blown up once.
* Fixed some cases where high war exhaustion tooltip claimed that peace could be forced despite the war goal not allowing a forced peace.
* Fixed the Enigmatic Fortress continually repowering itself every 10 days (again, for real this time).
* Fixed the tooltip for NOR triggers being logically wrong.
* Fixed too-small icons for Zro and Living Metal in the Market interface.
* Federation fleet reinforcement ships will now always be owned by the federation leader even if the shipyard is owned by another member.
* Newly built federation ships will now always have the appearance of the federation owner, even if they were built as fleet reinforcements.
* Fixed an issue where ships remained in the build queue of shipyards after the starbase was taken back from an occupier.
* Fixed erratic camera panning that could occur when cycling systems with Tab.
* Keyboard Shortcuts ('e' and 'm') for toggling between the System/Galactic map should be more responsive if the camera happens to be panning.

Save games shouldn't be adversely affected by the switch from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3, but just in case you do encounter issues, you can roll back to a prior version via right click on Stellaris in library -> properties -> betas -> choose the desired version.
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Productivity tech still bad :(
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Thanks for update. Can you add option to customize leader's cloth midgame? At the moment this option is only for main ruler before start of game.
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My game auto-updated now crashes on load, I've verified game files and can't roll it back. Just opted in to 3.0.3 beta, still crashes

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Still no version to roll back too. I don't see 3.02 to roll back too continue my game.

So you know game crashes with mods on new version but worked on 3.02 so I would like to roll back to that version but its not available. Can you fix please.
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If the AI is still Pathetic on tech on anything like the timescale people were reporting in 3.0.3's beta phase, y'all have.

Yet again.

Done a half-baked job of fixing your messes.
The AI struggling with research is a highlighted issue we're still working on. So we're shoring up it's ability to maintain its basic economy so it's got a firmer base to work with when it comes to research.

Work continues, we just didn't find a robust solution to boost its research in time for this patch.

You can be frustrated, but the job isn't half baked. AI work is just incremental by nature.
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The AI struggling with research is a highlighted issue we're still working on. So we're shoring up it's ability to maintain its basic economy so it's got a firmer base to work with when it comes to research.

Work continues, we just didn't find a robust solution to boost its research in time for this patch.

You can be frustrated, but the job isn't half baked. AI work is just incremental by nature.

Could you please address/update us on the crashing issue some people are having?
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Once again, thank you for the hard work and providing the notes. I do have to point to some things and I hope you're willing to address them as I fear I'm not alone.

I could be wrong, with this perception, but I have to question whether this was a Publisher/Stockholder decision that the developers don't agree with or not. After all, there is a key decision maker in any business.
"Action walks, BS talks." - David Mamet's American Buffalo (I highly recommend the play)
It'll be actions taken that address this concern, I consider quite reasonable. C'est la vie, no? Just having flashbacks to when I worked with TurtleRock Studios and other developers/publishers before. RIP Evolve.

The 3.0.3 has now been in beta for quite a while and we finally feel like it's ready to push live on all platforms.

You do? Just focusing on the one thing you mainly aimed for with this, a better AI, do you think the AI can keep up from the early years to the mid game? Or are we still going to have buildings not being built, AI suiciding fleets into Starbases, etc., AI severely out teched by people who don't even tech rush, etc.? AI Allies not following player fleets when there are zero threats to them (either peace with or no nearby empires that are rivals). I could go on.

The Superconductive robot trait no longer requires Droid technology since Robots can now work Technician jobs.

So, while I agree that Robots should be able to have this trait as soon as they can add traits, this further pushes Synths in a far superior tier to anything else. Especially because Robot Workers are far, far, far easier to unlock than, Cloning Vats. I don't know, Cloning Vats no longer require super duper high upkeep? Cloning Vats unlocked with Gene Clinics. Something.

This will most likely be the last patch we release for 3.0

When pray tell can we expect the next patch? A few weeks, a month, the next DLC? I'd argue there's still a lot of unresolved features/changes in the notes (See Discussion Thread). And with the changes, new bugs could be unveiled or the current unresolved bugs that I think more than just myself consider significant enough. For example, the bug about Specialists becoming unemployed (under certain conditions) immediately demoting to Worker Stratum. Or certain indentured servant living conditions preventing them from working specialist jobs, etc.

I remain, less now, but still hopeful for Stellaris.
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Could you please address/update us on the crashing issue some people are having?
Seems to be mod related, keeping an eye on it however.

You do? Just focusing on the one thing you mainly aimed for with this, a better AI, do you think the AI can keep up from the early years to the mid game? Or are we still going to have buildings not being built, AI suiciding fleets into Starbases, etc., AI severely out teched by people who don't even tech rush, etc.? AI Allies not following player fleets when there are zero threats to them (either peace with or no nearby empires that are rivals). I could go on.
The plan wasn't to keep iterating until the AI was fixed with 3.x patches. But to use the higher playercount and time we had set aside for post release support to focus on gathering information to help us with our own testing for the future :) Things aren't perfect right now but to really move the needle will take some serious heads down work on our end that's not going to benefit from open betas.

Rest assured though my schedule has plenty of notes on keeping up the work on AI ;)

When pray tell can we expect the next patch? A few weeks, a month, the next DLC? I'd argue there's still a lot of unresolved features/changes in the notes (See Discussion Thread). And with the changes, new bugs could be unveiled or the current unresolved bugs that I think more than just myself consider significant enough. For example, the bug about Specialists becoming unemployed (under certain conditions) immediately demoting to Worker Stratum. Or certain indentured servant living conditions preventing them from working specialist jobs, etc.
Can't really say, we have plans but they aren't quite ready to communicate just yet. But we've learned a lot from this run of patches and the release of Nemesis as a whole :) The future is looking bright. Myself and the rest of the QA team will also be doing our level best to maintain consistent presence here on the forums so things don't feel as quiet.
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  • Stellaris
Seems to be mod related, keeping an eye on it however.

The plan wasn't to keep iterating until the AI was fixed with 3.x patches. But to use the higher playercount and time we had set aside for post release support to focus on gathering information to help us with our own testing for the future :) Things aren't perfect right now but to really move the needle will take some serious heads down work on our end that's not going to benefit from open betas.

Rest assured though my schedule has plenty of notes on keeping up the work on AI ;)

Can't really say, we have plans but they aren't quite ready to communicate just yet. But we've learned a lot from this run of patches and the release of Nemesis as a whole :) The future is looking bright. Myself and the rest of the QA team will also be doing our level best to maintain consistent presence here on the forums so things don't feel as quiet.
I'm running achievement mode, the only mods I have are QoL like music and UI


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May 5, 2021
The AI struggling with research is a highlighted issue we're still working on. So we're shoring up it's ability to maintain its basic economy so it's got a firmer base to work with when it comes to research.

Work continues, we just didn't find a robust solution to boost its research in time for this patch.

You can be frustrated, but the job isn't half baked. AI work is just incremental by nature.

Any chance us lower beings can get some insight into what you're working on/prioritizing so we can have clearer expectations? If we don't how are we supposed to know if the AI is still being worked on, economy buildings are still being looked into (if they are), or as I really hope, custom name lists are actually being figured out so they don't mess with Checksum.

So there was a deadline. I wonder if this was pushed to console players as well. If so, then that explains why there was a deadline.

Yes, AI improvements certainly are incremental, and it will be impossible to fully address all of it in one go. Just look at StarNet AI. I'd say, I think that is more of a realistic experience to AI than what I've witnessed in vanilla, but there are still tweaks/changes frequently done.
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My game auto-updated now crashes on load, I've verified game files and can't roll it back. Just opted in to 3.0.3 beta, still crashes

So you know game crashes with mods on new version but worked on 3.02 so I would like to roll back to that version but its not available. Can you fix please.

If you are crashing DISABLE MODS until they are updated. User interface mods like UI Overhaul Dynamic are likely to cause crashes because of the new sliders in the new game screens.

UI Overhaul Dynamic has been updated for 3.0.3 so if you are still crashing with it try to unsubscribe and subscribe again to it to force Steam to update it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1623423360

For UI Overhaul Dynamic until updated you can install the beta fix (it requires the original mod as well): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1665106451
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