[Dev Team] 2.0.2 Patch Released [checksum 100c]

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Mar 7, 2017
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Hi all, Jamor here with some good news: 2.0.2 is done and should be updating on your systems right now. It contains a bevy of balance tweaks and bug fixes, as well as improvements to multiplayer stability. Full details under the cut.

# Gamebalance

# Economy
  • Fort maintenance reduced to 0.4
  • Foundries no longer grant any local start experience; population output modifier replaced by 25% tax and research points modifiers
  • Population Capacity modifier from Desert terrain type adjusted to -25% from -30%
  • Population Capacity and Pop Growth from Great Wonders modifiers reduced by roughly 25%
  • Build Cost modifier from Stone surplus in capital reduced to -5% from -10%
  • Build Cost modifier from ruler finesse reduced to -1% per point
  • Several sources of build cost in invention trees reduced to -2.5% from -5%
  • Standardized Construction national idea now reduces build cost by 10%, but reduces build time by 25%

# Governments
  • Satellite Status now increases max mercenary stacks by 1 in addition to current modifiers

# Religion
  • Stability cost increase per stack of stabbed pig is now 100% from 65%

# Units
  • Mercenaries and Pirates no longer have a lump-sum payoff cost. Legion subunit payoff cost is now 50% higher
  • Most sources of reduced mercenary maintenance cost modifier have been reduced in magnitude by between 25-50%
  • Maximum mercenary stacks are now capped. This value can be increased by rank, and from inventions
  • Auxiliary Recruitment invention in the religious tree is now a keystone and grants 5% manpower, 2% levy size multiplier, and 1 max mercenary stack
  • Professional Sailors invention in the naval sub-tree now increases max mercenary stacks by 1
  • Mercenary Reliance modifier is now a keystone invention, increasing max merc stacks by 2, reducing merc maintenance by 5%, but reducing global manpower by 20%
  • Light Infantry now take slightly reduced morale damage, and deal marginally more damage to heavy infantry and war elephants
  • Light infantry plains combat bonus added to Celtic Britannic tradition path
  • Archers now have 2 maneuver, and take 30% more morale damage (from 25)
  • Take Up Arms now grants -15% Archers cost, from -10%

# War & Peace
  • High AE threshold now infers a penalty on increase stability cost, at 1.5% per point
  • Warscore cost for defender and attacker in independence wars is now half of base
  • Levies now grant 25% less military experience when disbanded
  • Levies will start contributing to war exhaustion after 6 months raised. Levies now need to be raised for at least 8 months in order to contribute to military experience gain
  • Most sources of cohort starting experience reduced
  • Military Experience gain from War Exhaustion reduced by 50%

# Other
  • Growing Up ambition has a slightly increased chance of generating additional attribute points
  • Mauryas become less aggressive once the initial members of the ruling dynasty have perished
  • Carthaginian heritage now increases max mercenary stacks by 1
  • Legion commanders are now counted toward family jobs
  • Isolated province modifier has been removed [The AI no longer conquers in a way that makes this an efficient solution]

# Interface

# Country
  • Government View in republics now shows an icon for the ruler and co-ruler's faction
  • Benefits of staffed Offices are now displayed even when the position is empty and candidates can now be sorted by stats
  • Nation province overview can now be sorted by integrated pops and religious unity
  • National cohort count removed from ledger

# Icons/Art
  • Character portrait family color corner indicators made clearer
  • Changed color of minimap viewport quadrangle from white to black

# Mapmodes
  • Great Wonders are now displayed in atlas map mode, provided other conditions are not fulfilled. Capital City widget is now centered at the location of the city, and will not appear to move as you zoom out
  • Added shortcut to Levies Mapmode in military view

# Tooltips
  • Macro builder modification display now shows result values for % modifiers rather than change. 3 values are now displayed, from 2. Several new result value categories added, which should make it somewhat easier to see the effect of constructing some buildings.
  • Added a tooltip for character titles in the character tooltip, indicating the effects of possessing that title

# Tutorial
  • Tutorial objective tooltips now have icons in them that match the sidebar UIs, to aid players in finding the right ones
  • Tutorial icons for completed objectives updated to match new UI style

# Other
  • Can now drag Technology view and Missions view using both left and middle mouse button
  • Reintroduced Territory List in the Province view, displaying rank, population, and trade goods of all Territories in the Area
  • Reworked Trade import view, which now displays number of currently possible sources for each trade good and quickly shows which countries will export and why
  • Added masking for character health values, with several steps, e.g. Ailing
  • Decisions alert toggle repositioned to move it out of the way of the decision's nested tooltip
  • The alert bar now potentially extends to the outliner - while rare to have this many, it is possible and they will now be clickable
  • Ongoing combat view on map improved: no longer prevented from 'clicking through' to the map by an invisible square, General’s portraits no longer create tooltips, clicking either of the unit number cards will now select and cycle through any of your own armies present in the combat (you no longer have to drag select to be able to retreat)
  • Trade offers rejected from offers sent by automatic trade will now no longer send a player pop-up
  • Culture view sort elements are now fully clickable

# AI

# Economy
  • AI is more keen to build during wars
  • AI will build more temples and grand theaters, if they have researched the correct invention

# War
  • AI vassals more likely to attach to overlord units

# Other
  • Reduced magnitude of AI rebellion offset
  • AI should be more likely to construct the Colossus of Rhodes shortly after the game begins
  • AI Rome should now be somewhat less likely to target Dictatorship. Dictatorship inventions now have AI weights for all republics, not just Rome

# Usermodding

# Triggers
  • Add triggers for checking that unit builds roads

# Script

# Events
  • Political Influence Price for preparing the recurrent Ptolemia reduced to 25 from 50

# Missions
  • Missions are no longer available in the tutorial

# Other
  • Several concepts now have menu icons to make navigation easier

# Bugfixes

# Code
  • Fixed single-governorship legions not moving region when a new capital is selected
  • Linux, Mac no longer gets stuck in single-unit recruitment to levies
  • Fixed disloyal commander taking foreign provinces they are stationed in when starting a revolt
  • Fixed treasures being deleted on diplomatic annexation - they are now inherited by overlord
  • Fixed crash when hovering over Call to Arms diplomatic interaction
  • Fixed rare case where some civil wars would exist for all eternity, blocking declaration of new wars
  • Fixed being able to edit foreign Great Wonders when their construction was halted
  • Female characters can now be civil war leaders if the country has gender equality
  • Fixed civil war end causing white peace for all parties in the war
  • Naval range now updates when building/destroying a port
  • Legion distinctions now apply properly
  • Mercenaries can now be disbanded again even after they get cohorts from events
  • Holy sites now can be colonized
  • Pops can now be moved freely from/to holy sites
  • Allow retreat units move back when they lost a battle
  • Levy stacks controlled by clan chiefs are created with food supplies
  • Players can no longer cancel other nations building buildings

# Script
  • Fixed lvl 4 Military Training Traditions on GW to be 10% instead of 1%
  • Fixed cases where scripted legions would be assigned rulers as commanders
  • Tweaked A Plea for Asylum event target country weights
  • Fixed Co-Rulers complaining about being unemployed if they asked for a job before their term began
  • Fixed Eastern Capital: Price of Victory event firing multiple times for the Antigonids
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of inheritance cash and rulers not passing it to their children
  • Fixed some triggers inconsistently referring to Provinces as States
  • Family Politics event will no longer fire if parties already have less than 10 approval
  • Fixed Antigonid Cause Wavers event firing multiple times
  • Fixed Argead Unification not renaming the country if the ruler was an Argead
  • Fixed League of Korinthos mission tasks deleting treasures of annexed subjects, causing issues with anthology treasures
  • Fixed claim rewards not being given in the Macedonian Adriatic mission tree
  • Fixed fallback Pleistarchus character in Macedonian Caria event being the current ruler
  • Fixed forming Mithridatic Pontus by events not unlocking the Ktistes achievement
  • Forming Pontus now gives claims on Cappadocia Pontica region, and the events that do the same now also give the claims the decision gives
  • Pontic decisions can now be taken however it was formed
  • Fixed highlighting slowdowns in League of Korinthos mission tasks
  • Fixed missing cooldown on aborting Hellenistic Empire mission
  • Fixed missing tooltip in the ping events of Encourage Greek Colonists
  • Fixed parties forcing construction of buildings in territories with construction already queued
  • Fixed cases where no missions would be available despite not owning most of a capital or neighbouring region
  • Fixed some broken release subject tooltips
  • Fixed the family in generic Greek missions breaking sometimes
  • Hid party impact tooltips when not a republic for some character interactions
  • Library building tooltip now correctly displays Research change
  • Relaxed conditions for Gazophylax This! achievement to make it more easily achievable, task now works if any former Antigonid ruler is imprisoned
  • Simplified requirements tooltip of Port Markets task in generic infra mission
  • Fixed the land tithe invention giving you local speed instead of global
  • Removed superfluous loc in the Zeus Belos description
  • Removed unnecessary bypass in the 'Amphipolian Goods' mission task (Athenian mission)
  • Stopped the easter egg Stonehenge events from happening randomly
  • Civil war annexation no longer casts treasures into the void, and instead correctly transfers them to the winner of the civil war
  • Prevented the 'Demands Office' event from firing for corulers and tribunes
  • Removed unnecessary extra law category that caused two versions of the same law to be applied for monarchies. This should result in a drop in freeman happiness, as well as the ability to correctly start with the nominate heir law selected
  • Local Building Slots modifier has been renamed to Local City Building Slots to match the global version
  • Fixed numerous literally unplayable typos in mission, treasure, and event loc

# Setup
  • Fixed holy site of Demeter in Eleusis
  • Made sure that the tech 1 nations start with correct amount of innovations

# UI
  • Fixed Siege Engineers icon in the siege window
  • Fixed on-map Ship construction progressbar to match new UI
  • Fixed alignment of some icons and UI elements
  • Fixed lists where teal background clashed with icons or colored text
  • You can once again click to drag the macro builder scrollbar
  • Macro Builder province modification tooltip hitbox adjusted to be easier to mouse-over
  • Fixed redundant empty paragraphs in law tooltips
  • Cohort loyalty gain chance is now correctly displayed when in combat
  • Enact Holy Site button no longer has a false positive enabled state
  • Tweaked country flag in ProvinceWindow to correctly intercept user clicks
  • Improved building info tooltip
  • Tooltip lock indicator bar tweaked to be less intrusive before the tooltip is locked
  • Improved responsiveness of locked tooltips, and prevented being able to click through tooltips in many cases
  • Tweaked many instances of tooltip and text elision to improve look and feel of UI
  • Now shows all pop assimilation modifiers in the appropriate tooltip
  • Pantheon deities can be changed properly again
  • Great Wonders can be destroyed now, you monster
  • Battles indicators with barbarians and Rebels are now visible

# Multiplayer
  • Server side connectivity improvements
  • Fixed OOS caused by playing multiplayer in different languages
  • Fixed OOS caused by legions
  • Players are no longer removed from Player Countries list after leaving a game
  • You now enter a lobby again when hosting Multiplayer savegame
  • Linux, Mac users can now play alongside Windows users without encountering server errors

# Other
  • Fixed Heirs of Alexander music tracks not playing in game

2.0.2 should be compatible with prior version 2.0.x saves, but in case you have any problems, you can always roll back your version via right click on Imperator in library -> properties -> betas -> choose the desired version.

We hope you enjoy this latest improved version, and want to thank you for all your support and feedback. Have fun everyone.
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Thank you! Not being able to colonize Holy Sites was killing me. However, we still cannot move people in and out from holy sites? Why was this designed this way?
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Rulers still can't command legions? this makes me really sad.

But great patch otherwise, love that children get more points while growing up
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Could you confirm that ancient wonders now count for the Great Destroyer achievement?
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