[Dev Team] 1.8.3 patch released (checksum b3cd)

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Mar 7, 2017
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Hi all,

1.8.3_beta has been out for a bit and seems to be good. It's time to put it live, with a few additional fixes we added courtesy of player feedback (many thanks for that, btw).

So, here's the changelog:

- Fixed being able to give orders to fleets you did not own in some cases
- Fixed nanite assemblers tech not being available to machine empires due to disabling positronic AI for them
- Fixed busted tooltip for Purifiers, Swarm and Exterminators
- Fixed devouring swarm opinion penalty being broken
- Fixed empires with Evolutionary Mastery being unable to de-assimilate Hive Mind pops
- Fixed the Voight-Kampff achievement not being able to fire due to a missing event

Most users will get the update automatically; if you don't, make sure you're opted out of all beta versions and restart Steam.

The objective of a hotfix is speed, and so don't despair if a hot-button issue for you didn't get fixed this time around; we're never idle over here and really cool changes are on the way. If you've been following that tease @Wiz with his cryptic and not-so-cryptic references to updates in the near future, you'll know.
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